9 Best Penis Pumps

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Who says it can’t be bigger?

There are many ways you can use to make your make the size of your penis increase without recurring to painful or tricky methods. A penis enlarger should be enough for that task!

If you’re not familiar with them, you should know the different ways you can easily enlarge your penis:

  • The first one, using a penis pump. They come in three different options: classic, water-based, and vibrating.
  • Or a penis sleeve, which doesn’t directly modify your penis but still lets you enjoy all the perks that come with it.

Enlarging your penis is not the only thing these tools can do. They actually make your erections last longer. Hence, you can improve your sexual life (and stamina) by sticking to a routine just like you would if you were going to the gym.

The science behind penis pumps is improving the blood flow to your member, which ensures your erections will last longer.

It’s like leveling up before getting into a new dungeon while you’re playing a game. You will be prepared for a more fun time with an enhanced penis.

Let’s get to know the best options you have!

As you’re reading, click on any image to be taken to its product page.

Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump

This automatic penis pump is an excellent option to start if you haven’t used one before. It does all the work for you. You just have to relax and feel how your penis gets bigger little by little as time passes.

The pump is easy-to-use, and you’ll find out how it works efficiently. It contains a release button, and you have two different attachments, each one made for a specific purpose.

Inside the box, you will find all the instructions for its use, to make your life easier. It is recommended only to use it for 30 minutes a day, taking breaks during the 10-minute gaps.

Master Gauge Trigger Controlled Penis Pump

If you’re one of those that are more into classic stuff, then this regular penis pump may be the one you’re looking for.

It’s not hard to use, and you will only need a hand for that. Just start pulling the pressure gauge to start feeling it working. However, it may take little time to reach the highest point, so be aware of that.

The set-up is straightforward, so don’t worry about getting lost. You can see your progress, thanks to the ruler you can see in the cylinder!

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches

Water-based penis pumps are a great alternative to classical ones. Instead of using air pressure, they use a hydraulic system that takes advantage of water to do its wonders.

Of course, the results will vary from a person to another.

Using the HYDROMAX7 for two months is enough to start seeing positive changes in your body. If you’re going to use it regularly, make sure to moisturize the pump every once in a while to avoid dryness.

There are lots of new perks that come with HYDROMAX7. Some of them are a comfort pad; you can either insert or remove with no problems to ensure everything will go smoothly during the process.

Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump

If you want to start arousal sooner, then you can opt for a vibrating penis pump. At least 30 minutes of use a day will make the difference in the long run.

Of course, this vibrating penis pump comes with all the regular perks that a regular one would have, with the main difference of having the different vibration patterns available for you to have a better time while enlarging your penis. Almost everyone can use it.

You can stop at any time thanks to the quick-release button. Why don’t you start discovering the wonders hidden within your body? You’re not far away from starting to seeing the results!

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 2 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

A penis sleeve is an excellent alternative to a penis pump for some people. But like everything, it’s all a matter of taste.

This time, we present you with the Mega Mighty penis extender. The two extra inches it is going to add to your penis are not the only perk they come with. You can also give more pleasure to your partner thanks to the realistic texture it has integrated.

Why don’t you make things a bit spicier? You can have more durable erections, which will end up in you having better sexual stamina in little time. Use water-based lube for better results!

Get Hard Automatic Penis Pump

Achieve the enormous erection of your dreams by using this penis pump. Why bother using too many complicated procedures when you can get the Get Hard to do all the work for you?

All you have to do is set yourself up, press a button, and wait for the results to start appearing. You can choose from three suction intensities for better results.

This penis pump comes with a quick-release valve you can use at anytime if you feel something’s not going well. However, problems will minimize after you start using the Get Hard. It’s effortless!

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vagina Automatic Pump

Combine everything that’s thrilling of a fleshlight with a good penis pump to improve your sexual stamina. Who says you can’t get more powerful erections?

That person probably doesn’t know about the THRUST Pro’s existence. Insert your penis through the realistic sleeve it has integrated and let the action start. Just as in previous options, you can choose from 3 different suction levels so you can pick the one you feel more comfortable with.

Thanks to the cylinder’s transparency, you’re able to see how everything is going and stop any time you feel it is necessary. Recharge it using the USB for later use!

Optimum Series Big Man’s Extra Large Penis Pump 9-12 Inches

This is a good option for those that are more into classics. It comes with three donuts you can choose from, each one specially made for different sizes.

The use of this penis pump is just as easy as counting from one to three. The main feature it contains is that it can be used by men from a wide range of sizes. If you don’t know what penis pump to start using, then you can choose this one and start seeing results already.

It’s strange to see a penis pump with a total measurement of 12 inches. Men that struggle with finding something that suits them will never have that problem again!

BASICS Classic Penis Pump 7.5 inches

Start adding a few inches to your member with this classic penis pump. It isn’t complicated to use, and you’ll be thankful after seeing all the positive results it will bring you in the long run.

Before using, get yourself some water-based lube. Proceed to insert your penis and then start pumping. Track your progress, thanks to the transparent cylinder.

This pump is one of the best options you can choose. Its classic use and lack of “innovative” yet complicated features make it perfect for those who don’t want to overwhelm themselves with too much stuff and start seeing the results already.

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Originally posted 2020-07-13 19:34:04.