Review of MILFED: Great for Mature Content!

MILF porn has always been popular, and tons of sites are dedicated to this specific niche in porn. However, not all of them offer quality content like MILFED does. This site has been around for several years. While many porn sites try to go mainstream and fail, MILFED is one of the few ongoing sites despite the current rough competition.

MILFED is part of a network that includes two other sites, DILFED and GILFED, each containing father/stepfather and “grandma” porn.

MILFED has over 1,131 videos, adding new ones to the platform weekly. Although some of the videos are also featured in Sweetheart Video or Sweet Sinner, keep in mind that these websites belong to the same people and are still considered exclusive content.

Either way, this website is one of the most active porn networks we currently have access to. We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of this site and whether it is worth subscribing to it or not!


What is MILFED?

MILFED is a website dedicated to MILF porn. Hence, it can be considered “reality porn,” as it features several “stories” with different contexts. The website is quite contemporary and well-developed, allowing you to find exactly what you want without hassle.

MILFED includes interracial, straight, lesbian, and group porn. The collection gets bigger weekly as the network includes a brand-new scene in its listings. The quality is quite good, with most of the content available in 1080p. Older videos might be available in lower resolutions, but most look good enough to be enjoyable.

The site has an excellent user interface and options you can use to make finding specific videos easier, like search filters, categories, and a model index.

You can find fauxcest scenes and other types of reality porn on this site. The performers are quite diverse, so you’ll be able to encounter porn stars who appeal to your preferences. It’s also possible to find all-time favorites like Julia Ann or Regan Foxx. Generally speaking, one of the reasons why this site is still up is because it is doing several things right.

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Pros and cons of MILFED

MILFED is an excellent website for those who enjoy MILF porn. It mostly features MILFs, but it’s also possible to find girl-on-girl scenes with teens and women of different ages. The quality of the content is excellent, but some aspects could be better, such as the model index, which has no information about the models and only allows you to see the scenes where they are featured.

Here are the pros and cons of MILFED:

Find hardcore and lesbian MILF porn. This site features some well-known faces within the porn industry, like Lexi Luna or Julia Ann, as well as newcomers. There’s a lot of stuff to watch here, from DP videos to gangbangs. You surely can find something that appeals to your deepest fantasies

Most of the content is available in 1080p. Although older videos are only available in lower resolutions (content from 2011, for instance), most new releases are in Full HD. You’ll have no problem with the quality, generally speaking

Всяка седмица има ново съдържание. The site is active despite new porn sites arising and people creating content themselves. You can enjoy at least one new scene, although MILFED is known for uploading at least two or three weekly. Some of these scenes may be videos for Sweet Sinner or Sweetheart Video, though

It has an excellent UI. The user interface is wonderfully developed. It’s intuitive – you’ll get the hang of it from your first visit. You can take advantage of the search filters, explore the categories, find your favorite performers in the model index, and so on. You can also rate videos and add them to your favorites or watch later list. The site is mobile-responsive, too

It includes access to 2 bonus sites. You can visit DILFED and GILFED with your subscription to MILFED  
Downloads are only available for an extra fee. You can’t download anything from the site if you don’t pay the additional fee, which costs 14.99 USD per month. The website does not disclose this information until you attempt to download something from the site

Older videos are only available in lower resolutions. This is understandable, as the website has scenes from 2011, for instance

The model index is not well-developed. You can only find the scenes where that model is featured in. It doesn’t provide stats or fun facts about the performer

It may not be the best site for android users. Some people have reported experiencing slow load times when using an Android device

Generally speaking, we can say that this website is relatively good. Although it has a few issues, they’re not very serious if you’re only here to watch some good content. Thus, it may be worth it for you to allow the site.

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Cost and payment options for MILFED

MILFED follows the standard ценообразуване for most porn sites and offers the same membership or subscription options. No videos are available for download or stream without a subscription, so you’ll have to pay for them to be able to access the content on the site.

The pricing on MILFED is as follows:

  • 2-дневно членство: 1.00 USD per day
  • 30-дневно членство: 29.99 USD
  • 12-месечно членство: 8.33 per month (billed in one payment of 99.99 USD)
  • 5-годишно членство: 99.99 USD per year (billed in one payment of 499.99 USD) – Only available for cryptocurrency clients

The site is compatible with credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, among other companies) and cryptocurrency (it only accepts bitcoin now).

Дизайн и функции на сайта

The site looks quite good and is easy to explore. You can find a list with all of the videos in the “scenes” tab, where you can also take advantage of the filters to find videos based on their ratings, views, titles, and even date ranges. You can also choose to filter the videos based on the category.

You can find a model index, which has no information about the porn stars but shows all the videos they’re featured in at the moment. Other than this, the site doesn’t try to be anything else – it’s a site dedicated to porn, and that’s all you can find.

It’s also worth noting that the site is very mobile-friendly. It works better on iPhones than on Androids, for some reason. Still, the mobile responsiveness remains quite similar and makes navigating the site quite pleasant.

The website features more than 1,000 scenes at the moment, so it may be worth it to give it a chance. Although it has content from other porn sites under the same network, MILFED still produces original content and uploads at least one new scene weekly. Again, it can be a good idea to subscribe to this site if you want access to tons of content and continue to receive updates about the same niche for a while.

Често задавани въпроси

Does MILFED have a download limit?

No – but you can’t download anything without paying an additional fee of 14.99 USD per month.

How often does MILFED upload?

You can expect at least one or two scenes per week. If you’re lucky, you may even get three!

What quality are the videos on MILFED?

Most videos are available in Full HD 1080p, although older ones may only be in lower resolutions.

Предлага ли моето членство бонусни сайтове?

Yes – your membership comes with access to DILFED and GILFED. Each site is about father/stepfather porn and grandmother porn, respectively.

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