Преглед на Woodman Casting X: Всичко, което трябва да знаете

Woodman Casting X is one of the most popular porn series in history. If you’ve been watching porn for a while, you’ve probably heard about Pierre Woodman. This man has been making “casting” porn for several decades, and this site has been reserved for all of Woodman’s porn scenes over the years.

If you like reality porn and want to get a real taste of real casting scenes, then Woodman Casting X can be a good site to subscribe to. It has more than 30 years of scenes accumulated as of now. Hence, there’s a lot to watch and to catch up with for a while!

Before we start diving deep into what Woodman Casting X has to offer, keep in mind that this website is expensive. It has several subscription options, all of which are costlier than your regular porn site. Either way, we believe it’s a good deal due to all the content you’ll have access to upon purchasing the available packages.

What is Woodman Casting X?

Woodman Casting X is the website for the popular “Casting X” series by famous porn director Paul Woodman. Although he says that he first started recording this series in 1992, the scenes started being released in 1997. After being distributed by different companies for a long time, Woodman decided to open a website for his work, which is the site we have at hand.

This website contains almost thirty years of porn casting scenes, most of them of excellent quality. There are videos for all tastes and preferences, from softcore scenes to very hardcore scenes featuring any type of girl you can think of. We believe that this website has something for every person out there!

Besides videos, Woodman Casting X also features over 1,700 photo sets. You will be able to download them at any time. Each photo set contains at least 25 pictures, but sometimes, the number may increase. It’s also worth noting that the website offers original content at most, but it’s not safe to say that it isn’t 100% exclusive.

Woodman Casting X features over 3,300 models. Plus, the site is constantly updated with new content, so you’ll never run out of things to watch while you are subscribed to Woodman Casting X.

Woodman also frequently updates his other sites, so they may be worth checking out.

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Pros and cons of Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X is one of the most popular porn sites of all time, even if the content is only available via subscription. If you visit the site’s forum (yes, there is one available, and it receives regular updates), you’ll see that many people engage with Woodman’s content.

Despite being quite popular and offering high-quality content, Woodman Casting X is not a perfect site and has many things that could be improved. Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about this site:

You’ll get access to over 30 years of porn auditions – all of them as authentic as they can be. The premise is quite clear, and the girls know what they’re getting into, which makes it all more realistic

This website features 4K and even 8K videos! Some older videos are available in 1080p Full HD. It has the best quality possible

Although the website has more than 5,000 videos available, it’s easy to find what you like due to the many categories available

Thousands of photo sets are available for download. Some newer, some older – but most of them of excellent quality

It has tons of original content available, making it one of the largest casting porn collections in the world
Some of the updates may not be brand-new videos. Many of the videos available on this site are not exclusive and are available on other of Woodman’s sites

It’s unclear how the website ranks the popular videos. Maybe the criteria are either how many times it has been added to favorites or the total number of times people have watched the video

The subscription цена is quite expensive compared to your average porn site

No VPNs are allowed. Users have reported being banned and not being able to recover accounts upon accessing the website using a VPN

No bonus sites are included in the subscription  

While the website has many things that could be improved, it has one of the most extensive porn catalogs you’ll ever come across. That makes it one of the best deals you’ll get from porn sites, as there is a ton of “exclusive” content, and you will also get frequent updates, both new and older scenes. While you get no bonus sites, you’ll get access to a ton of content around here.

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Cost and payment options for Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X has different subscription options. It doesn’t have any limited or free trial available right now, and all the subscription packages are billed in euros, not US Dollars. Keep this in mind if you are from outside the European Union and wish to take part on this website.

The subscription packages available are the following:

  • Monthly subscription (no pics): €29.90
  • Monthly subscription (pics + videos): €34.90
  • Woodman PASS (6 months, includes WakeUpnFuck access): €35.90 per month
  • Woodman PASS (one month, includes WakeUpnFuck access): €49.90

In addition to the subscription options mentioned above, Woodman Casting X is currently offering a six-months membership for €24.90 per month. It grants you access to the website for 180 days, although the site does not disclose whether you’ll have access to photosets or not.

You can pay for your subscription using PayPal or debit and credit cards. It accepts Diner, Discover, and traditional options like Mastercard, VISA, and JCB. It also has pay-per-view offers.

Дизайн и функции на сайта

Although the site looks relatively outdated, it is still quite efficient and does its job perfectly. It loads pretty quickly and shows all the filters to the left side of the screens, including extra sites and categories. The site remains partially safe for work if you are logged off, too.

Besides the categories and usual porn-related stuff, the site also features a forum. It is quite active; you’ll see Woodman himself posting new weekly content and updates.

You can see a model index, and other of Woodman’s sites, among many other interesting things. The website has evolved a lot and has a ton of content available.

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Is Woodman Casting real?

Supporters argue that Woodman Casting is real, insisting that the intense scenarios actresses experience during auditions are authentic. They claim that these auditions are important for filmmakers like Woodman to identify exceptional talent capable of delivering compelling performances on screen.

According to this perspective, these auditions act as an opportunity for actors or actresses to prove their dedication and ability within a highly competitive industry.

On the other hand, critics contend that evidence suggests some degree of staging involved in Woodman Casting sessions. They point out instances where certain scenes seem contrived or scripted, leading them to believe that participants may be aware beforehand of what they will be asked or expected to do during their audition.

These skeptics argue that such knowledge inherently compromises authenticity and raises questions about whether performers are genuinely reacting or simply playing a role.

To better understand both perspectives surrounding Woodman Casting’s authenticity debate, it is crucial to consider ethical concerns from those critical of its practices. Critics argue that subjecting aspiring talents – often young individuals seeking opportunities -to potentially uncomfortable situations purely for entertainment crosses ethical boundaries. They assert that true consent cannot exist when power dynamics between filmmaker and candidate heavily influence decision-making processes.

Regardless of where one stands on the matter, it is undeniable that Woodman Casting has significantly impacted the adult film industry. It challenged conventional casting techniques and sparked discussions about authenticity versus manipulation in a realm where storytelling often blurs with reality. Whether real or staged, Woodman Casting continues to fascinate and divide opinions within an industry perpetually scrutinized for its ethical practices.

As debates rage on, only those intimately involved in Woodman Casting truly know what transpires behind closed doors during these auditions. The mystery surrounding their authenticity persists, leaving room for speculation and intrigue among supporters and opponents of this controversial casting approach.


Does Woodman Casting X have a download limit?

No. Woodman Casting X does not have a download limit. You can download as many videos as you’d like. The same прилага се to the photo sets.

How often does Woodman Casting X upload?

New scenes are available every week, although it’s never guaranteed that it’ll be a brand-new video. Sometimes, Woodman uploads older scenes to fill in gaps.

Is Woodman Casting X worth it?

It is worth it, depending on your perspective. While it may be pricey, it includes more than 5,000 porn movies from one of the most renowned directors in the industry. So, even if the website has flaws, it is still a nice deal for a ton of content (and most of it has excellent quality).

What quality are the videos on Woodman Casting X?

Сайтът videos on Woodman Casting X are available between 720p and 8K!

Предлага ли моето членство бонусни сайтове?

Some memberships include a bonus site, “WakeUpnFuck”. However, these options are more expensive than the average subscription, so you may think twice before paying the full subscription price.

Click here to start watching one of the oldest and biggest series ever!

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