Cam4 vs. Comparing Sites for Models, Fans, and Affiliates

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Cam4 and are two of the largest sites for webcam models and fans. They are both very different sites with their pros and cons, but which one is better? In this post, we will compare Cam4 vs. in several categories to determine who comes out on top as the best site for cam performers, viewers, and affiliates!

First, we’ll look at how much traffic the two sites get and how much it costs to view models. Then we’ll go into details for performers like how often you get paid and additional ways the platform helps you make money. Lastly, we’ll talk about the affiliate programs for each site and see how they stack up.

Let’s begin!

A brief introduction of Cam4 and

Cam4: All-time Favorite is one of the most popular cam sites among amateur users. It has been active since June 2007. The website is dominated by female models, although it is possible to find male, trans, and even couples performing on the website now and then.

Unlike other websites of the same nature, CAM4’s content is more varied. Hence, the clients can look for specific things or fetishes based on their preferences.

CAM4 has earned a good reputation among the users due to its free nature. Although you can pay models via tokens, the website is filled with models that live stream their shows just for fun.

If you’re a new model, it is possible to get started with Nikki Night’s advice. Therefore, models have multiple ways to start successfully and start making money out of their shows. Everyone is valid here – and you can start your journey right now as a webcam model.

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Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. Amateur Webcam Models is a camming site that features amateur webcam models. The website is available in three languages, Spanish, English, and French. Despite being relatively new, it already has relatively good traffic and several ways for models to earn money. As with every camming site out there, it also has an affiliate program available.

VTS Media Inc is the company behind This company was first established in 2005 and had its main headquarters in Las Vegas. It has offices in Spain as well.

While the website is available in English, keep in mind that most of the members that frequent the site are Spanish-speaking individuals. That includes the models. Therefore, if you are considering becoming a model on this site, we recommend you know some Spanish.

There is a small population of English-speaking models on the site, but the performers who have the most traffic are those who speak Spanish. You can find evidence of this by navigating the website for a while. Models from Spain and Colombia typically accumulate up to 1,000 viewers, but it is possible to find performers from other Spanish-speaking countries now and then.

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How much traffic Cam4 and get

Downtown Los Angeles traffic at night

If you’re a cam model or just interested in the cam industry, then you’ve heard of Cam4 and These sites are two of the most popular live sex chat websites on the internet today with so many users globally.

But how do they compare with each other? Let’s look at the numbers now!

Cam4 traffic stats

Global Rank (All Websites)834th
Adult Website Rank108th
Total Monthly Traffic (Estimated)43.11 Million Per Month
Top 5 Visitor CountriesItaly, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France
Numbers from SimilarWeb, April 2021 Overview

cam4 traffic stats

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. Traffic Stats

As of now, has excellent traffic. Despite primarily focusing on Spanish-speaking countries, the website had over 21 million visits between May and July 2022. It is safe to assume that most of this traffic comes from heterosexual men, as the cam shows with the most viewers come from female models.

On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to see male models performing daily, primarily for a homosexual male audience. At the moment of writing this review, there were over 50 guys performing on the site, although the numbers were relatively low compared to what female performers can make.

Thus, while the traffic stats of are a bit unclear, you can be sure it has tons of models performing at any hour on a daily basis. Thousands of members enter the site every day to have some fun along with the models, making it a website with high earning potential and a lot of possibilities for fans who want to make certain fantasies a reality.

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Token cost/pay per hour on Cam4 and

As a viewer, you’re probably curious how much it costs to purchase tokens or how much pay-per-view is on Cam4 or In this section, we’ll talk about buying tokens or watching your favorite perform live for your viewing pleasure.

Cam4 Token Prices

Similar to other websites of the same nature, CAM4 uses a token system. Each token has a value of 10 cents. However, prices can vary based on the package the customer decides to purchase.

On the other hand, CAM4 allows its models to choose how much they’ll charge for their shows and the content they sell from the website. Models are also able to take advantage of CAM4’s referral program, as well as webmasters.

Private shows on CAM4 are possible, allowing the viewers to have a more intimate experience with you. Still, some models prefer free shows as it is possible to earn more from them.

cam4 token prices

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. Token Costs

As the website is relatively small, the cost of the coins or tokens is still quite affordable. The price of each package can be found below:

  • 3,500 coins for $3.99
  • 7,500 coins for $9.99
  • 20,000 coins for $21.99
  • 50,000 coins for $49.99

The website is quite generous to members as well. It often gives away free coins to active members, so you might be able to interact with your favorite models even if you are not sure whether you should spend money on the website or not.

Keep in mind that each model sets up its own prices. Hence, you may find tip goals or tip menus depending on the chat room you visit. Of course, private shows tend to be costlier, but the shows are still more accessible than most cam shows. Thus, if you like Latinas, we highly recommend you to visit this website for some fun.

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The best parts of Cam4 and for models

As an adult webcam model, you’re likely to find yourself bouncing between various cam sites. With so many options available, it can be challenging to figure out which site is best for you. There are many factors that may influence your decision when deciding on the best site for you, including payment structures, audience demographics, and more. In this section, we’ll compare two major cam sites: Cam4 and; highlighting some of their pros and cons as well as what makes each great in its own way.

Gun on money on the table

Getting paid on Cam4 and

The camming industry is a booming business. Millions of people worldwide are tuning in every day to watch live feeds on sites like Cam4 and The money made by webcam models has been increasing steadily over the years. In this section, we’ll talk about how much you’re going to get paid and how often you can get paid on each website.

Cam4 Payout

As mentioned in the above section, each token costs ten cents. You should know that this platform does not offer protection against chargebacks.

CAM4 is flexible with both USA-based models and with international performers. There are multiple ways to get paid on this platform:

  • Direct Deposits and Wire Transfers are available for USA-based models. The minimum payouts are $100 and $250, respectively.
  • Other payment options (which are also available for international performers) include PAxum, ePayService, and Crosscard. The minimum payout is $50 for the first two options and $75 for the last one.

You can request a cash out once a week.

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00.

How to get paid on offers different ways for models to withdraw their funds. According to their site, they are constantly working on finding better ways to make the payout process faster and more accessible to everyone. Here is what you need to know:

  • 2000 coins equal $1. For instance, if you have 142,730 coins, you would have around $71
  • You can choose between different e-wallets and traditional methods to withdraw your earnings
  • There is no time limit or period – as long as you meet the minimum requirements, you will be able to cash out your money whenever you want
  • Fees apply, but they vary depending on your chosen payment method

Payment Methods Available on

There are different payment methods available at, including the following e-wallets:

Paxum – The minimum payout is $50, while the maximum is $5,000. All payments are processed in USD. It takes one day for your payment to be processed, and the fee is between $5-9, depending on your country of residence.

Skrill – The minimum payout is $50, while the maximum is $5,000. Again, all payout requests are processed within one day. Skrill offers clear details about their fees, so be sure to read through their site to find out what you need to know regarding their payment processor.

BitSafe – BitSafe makes it possible for you to receive your earnings in EUR and withdraw them to your bank account. You can also request a debit card so you can use an ATM to withdraw your money whenever you find it convenient. The minimum payout is $50, while the maximum is $5,000.

Other e-wallets available include ePayService and MassPay, which also have a minimum payout of $50 and a maximum of $5,000. The fees are different depending on the service.

Other payment methods include wire transfers for the EU and USA. It takes up to 7 days for the USA to be processed, while for Europe, it only takes one day. You can also request Swift Bank transfers in either USD or EUR. The fees for all these methods are $5 per transfer.

Models can edit their payment information at Amateur at any time. All you need to do is go to the “DOCUMENTS” section and click on “PAYOUT DETAILS.” Then, you can add a payout account by clicking on the respective option. Once you start the process, you will have to fill out a form with some information to be able to continue.

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Public performances on Cam4 and

Brunette in lingerie posing in leather armchair

Performing for the public is a great way to build up your following if the platform allows it. Here we’ll talk about whether Cam4 and allow performing for the public and what to expect when you do.

Cam4 public shows

CAM4 makes emphasis on the “fun” that is performing for your viewers. Hence, public shows are one of the main ways that performers have to make money.

Everyone – even those that are not registered yet on CAM4 – can access public shows. Some models like to advertise their services, while others like to perform public exclusively as they can make more out of tip goals.

You can also set up “tip menus” so that people know what you’re willing to perform in exchange for a particular amount of tokens. You can also use interactive sex toys to make everything more interesting.

Overall, tip goals and tip menus are excellent ways to make money once you’ve accumulated a good amount of followers. Then, you can move on to private shows, or you can combine everything you have at hand to make as much profit as possible.

CAM4 is an excellent place to get started in the webcam modeling world.

cam4 public shows

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. Public Shows

As mentioned above, this platform is primarily focused on public shows. It follows the standard format of camming sites – members enter the room, and models can have a tip menu or a tip goal enabled to perform whatever they have in mind. Most performers at seem to go for the tip menu instead, although there are many options to choose from depending on your preferences.

This website is relatively small compared to mainstream sites. However, many models have reported having a nice experience with the members. Many of them are very generous tippers!

It is also worth noting that this website is quite “explicit.” It is straightforward live porn – most models are ready to perform whatever the tippers are up to, and some of them are already engaged in some steamy action by the time you enter their room.

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Private performances on Cam4 and

Sexy Asian woman in a bikini on a yacht, summer concept

Doing private shows is a great way to earn some serious money. Here we’ll talk about whether Cam4 and allow more intimate performances and what to expect when you do.

Cam4 Private Shows

Private shows are another excellent way to start making a profit out of CAM4. Although the website makes emphasis on public shows, you will get customers once in a while that will want to have personalized attention from you. This way, they’ll have your services all to themselves.

It is highly recommended to start performing privately once your public show is over or before you start it. This way, you’ll make sure that everyone is happy with what you’re offering them.

The price, duration, and conditions for the private show are accorded beforehand by the client and the performer. Everything should be clarified.

These shows are one-on-one; therefore, no one else can have access to them. CAM4 does not support voyeur users as of now. Still, you can perform for multiple people via Group Shows. They’ll purchase tickets, and a limited amount of people will watch your show without having large crowds in the same place.

cam4 private shows

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. Private Shows

While this website primarily focuses on public shows, many models offer private shows. The cost by minute varies depending on the model, but on average, the price is between 1,000 and 6,000 coins per minute.

The website allows Cam2Cam shows as well, allowing members to have a more intimate experience with their favorite performers.

Generally speaking, the private shows on seem to pay quite well compared to other sites. Since the cost of the coins is relatively affordable, models can expect their shows to have many paying members once they start accumulating viewers.


Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00.

Making more money on Cam4 and

Apart from the typical private or public shows, a great platform will help you earn additional income. Extra pay could be hourly or monthly contests, an hourly rate, or other bonus incentives. Let’s explore how Cam4 and hook you up to perform more often and make even more money.

Cam4 additional ways to make money

CAM4 is mainly a camming site. However, there are more ways to earn money on the site as you’re not forced to go live for multiple hours a day.

Selling videos

You can record yourself performing specific things, upload them, and people can purchase them directly from your profile. As they will always be available, it is an excellent way to make money in the long term. Videos are sold for tokens.

You can put hashtags on your video so that people can find them easier, based on the theme.


CAM4 allows you to run monthly subscriptions. These fan clubs will grant your fans exclusive features. As with everything else on the website, they are charged with tokens.

  • Gallery – Your fans will be able to see exclusive pictures of you. You can keep uploading as much as you want.
  • They will have a special badge every time they enter your chat room.
  • They can message you privately any time they want.

cam4 additional money

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00. additional ways to make money

There are different ways to make some extra money at Besides the regular tips and private shows, you can also earn money through the following ways:

  • Daily contests – The website offers several prizes for you, depending on the number of points you accumulate during your weekly performances. The prizes vary a lot, but you can win some good extra money if you’re lucky
  • organizes events now and then to appeal to models. It allows them to earn additional money depending on the nature of the event. Most events are ranking-based and allow models to earn more than $200 in revenue

This website has different ways to make money. Although the revenue you can generate as of now is relatively low, you can still make some good money if your shows are engaging and you know how to keep your audience interested in what you have to offer. Some models succeed in public shows, while others prefer private shows and get more “intimate” with their fans.

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The Cam4 and affiliate programs explained

Trader investing money

If you’re a fan of cam sites like Cam4 and, you’ve probably been looking for an affiliate program to join. You want to promote these sites because they are the best of the best camming platforms. But which one is right for you?

We’ll talk in-depth about how both platforms can help you, as an affiliate or even a webcam model, make money without getting on a webcam.

Cam4 affiliate program

There is a referral program available in CAM4. Although webmasters can also make a small profit out of advertising the CAM4 website, it is mostly oriented towards the models.

You can convince your friends and people from different places to see your show. As you build your public, you will earn cash. Hence, it is highly recommended to build a profile on different social media websites and promote yourself as a performer. There are no limitations to this – you can promote your shows via email, blogs, etc.

Each signup will make you earn $2. However, please note that this amount may vary based on your place of residence. The affiliate program is simple – you can get started with it and increase your earnings as soon as you get registered on the website. As CAM4 is an amateur-friendly site, you will likely make a considerable amount in the long term if your shows are successful.

cam4 affiliate program

Originally posted 2022-09-30 10:41:00.

The affiliate program explained


As it is common in camming sites, an affiliate program is available for those interested in earning money via referrals.

The affiliate program for is You can sign up at any time and start obtaining all the benefits that come with it at any time. The website has promotions every week; among many other options, you can choose to promote your website even further and make it more popular.

Here’s part of how the referral program works:

  • If you get models to sign up, you will get 5 percent of what they earn on the site
  • You will get 20 percent of the expenses for any user you refer to makes
  • You will get 5 percent of what affiliate makes if you bring them to the platform
  • Different plans are available, allowing you to choose the right one depending on your preferences and current needs. has many deals for all webmasters out there

The affiliate program offers several perks, making it a good choice. Plus, the platform’s support team is available 24/7, so you can get all the answers you need before signing up without hesitation.

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