ContactInBio Complete Overview and Review: Bio-Link Tool for You

In today’s day and age, social media is the best way of promoting yourself, your work, and your business. Instagram is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds; it is no doubt that you want to promote yourself there properly. Unfortunately, Instagram lets you put only one link in your bio.

As multi-talented people, obviously, one link doesn’t suffice, right? So, you need a solution where people can access different arenas through a single link. This is where software like ContactInBio and Linktree come to your rescue.

This software enables you to attach one link to your bio that users can click and gain access to multiple links. Sounds interesting and handy, isn’t it?

You’ll know everything about ContactInBio in this article. So, read on!

About ContactInBio

ContactInBio platform exceeds expectations for people who need to keep changing links in their bio on Instagram. With this platform, you create your micro landing page. This web page is optimized for mobile devices and works flawlessly for Instagram.

The platform began its operations in 2018 and is a Dubai-based company. You sign up for free; however, you’ll need to upgrade to a plan to use premium features.

The benefit of a platform like ContactInBio is it lets you add multiple links to your bio on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media network.

ContactInBio platform is a way to ensure you connect with your followers and provide them interactive content that gives a glimpse of your talents. Moreover, it lets you add your online store in the same link.

You can imagine it, click the link in bio, and your users can choose to go to your YouTube channel, your blog page, your online store, your Behance page, or anything else you want them to go. A ContactInBio makes navigating through your offers easier and faster and multi-channel.

You needn’t fret about not being able to put many links on your Instagram bio!

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Benefits of ContactInBio

When you use ContactInBio, you accrue multiple benefits. You can circumvent the limitations of social media networks. You’ll not need to keep changing your link in bio every time you want to add a new interactive source.

You’ll merely need to update your micro-landing page using ContactInBio. You can add links and text, images, links to messengers and WhatsApp, videos, contact forms, google forms, and much more on your micro-landing page.

Moreover, using the ContactInBio platform, you can design your micro-landing page to look how you want it to. It offers multiple features that we will explore ahead to customize your page to match your brand identity and image.

Another benefit of the ContactInBio platform is that it offers you detailed analytics of curated clicks and daily visitors! This lets you examine the success of your links. Plus, this platform also lets you add payment links to make it easy for your customers to pay you.

ContactInBio is a platform for optimizing your multiple links to a single micro-landing page that’s easily accessible from your social media handles.

contactinbio benefits

Features of ContactInBio

Now that you know about ContactInBio let us explore the multiple features that make it unique and perfect for the task. The features of ContactInBio are amazing, and you can make the most of the single clickable link on Instagram.

ContactInBio offers four URLs that you can choose from. The URLs are,,, and You can choose the one that works best for you.

Following are the features of the ContactInBio Platform.

Pre-Built Templates

You can choose from 12 free and 56 built-in premium templates to design your page. You needn’t design your landing page from scratch. You need to customize your font size, type, color, block size, color, and other aesthetic details.

Pixel Perfect

ContactInBio helps you create pixel-perfect elements, blocks, and other details. You can create and design your landing page in such a way that everything is placed perfectly and fits well. This ensures easy navigation.

SEO Optimized

The platform helps make your micro-landing page highly optimized for search engines. Your Instagram profile will be easily accessible on search engines like Google, Bing, Firefox, and more when adding a ContactInBio link to your social media handle.

Form Integration

You can add a contact us form, google form, and more to generate more leads. This will help your customers or followers to reach you directly and easily. Plus, it increases your interaction level.


ContactInBio offers analytics of daily visitors to your landing page. They also give you details of the number of clicks. Plus, it lets you integrate with other analytical tools like google analytics and more.

Mobile Friendly

The ContactInBio platform is optimized for use on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and more devices. Moreover, the content you create on the platform will be easily optimized for viewing mobile devices.

Custom Domain

As mentioned above, you can choose from 4 URLs. This offers you a custom domain name for your micro-landing page. You can create as short a URL as possible from their offerings for ease of access.

Some other features of ContactInBio include

  • Multiple links like messenger and WhatsApp links
  • Dynamic Text Replacement to enable Keyword Optimization
  • Sticky Bars to encourage call-to-action
  • Payment links
  • Create online store

These and more features of ContactInBio make it surpass even Linktree.

contactinbio features

contactinbio features

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Pricing For The ContactInBio

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You can sign up to the ContactInBio platform for free. When you join for free, you get the following features.

  • Custom Links
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Your custom profile/Bio URL
  • Custom text
  • Color Styles
  • Analytics
  • Seven free themes
  • Contact forms

And seven more free features. However, if you want to access premium features, these are the pricing plans you can opt for.

  • Business Plan for $4.55 per month lets you manage multiple accounts (1 extra account)
  • Agency Plan for $18.2 per month lets you manage five accounts

You also have lifetime plans where you just pay one time. You won’t need to make recurring payments. A lifetime business plan will cost you $59.15, and a lifetime agency plan will cost you $177.45.

However, if you are uncertain of a lifetime plan, you can avail yourself of the yearly plan. The yearly business plan will cost you $2.6 per month, and the agency plan will cost you $13.65 per month. ContactInBio is a more affordable platform compared to Linktree. It has more free features available, and its premium features are unsurpassable too. Suppose you use Link In Bio frequently; you might consider a lifetime package to seamlessly keep adding links, images, text, and more to your ContactInBio platform.

contactinbio pricing

Pros and Cons Of ContactInBio

Let us examine the pros and cons of the ContactInBio platform. It will help you decide regarding choosing the platform for linking needs. Plus, you’ll know if it is best for optimizing your social media handle.

Pros of ContactInBio Platform

  • You have several free features
  • Lead generation is easier with form integration
  • You can add multiple links to your micro-landing page
  • You can customize your page design
  • There are pre-built templates to make designing your landing page easier
  • It is easy to create an account and manage your platform
  • You’ll get several analytic tools to help you plan your pathway
  • Helps in promoting your brand well
  • Your followers will be able to view your multiple talents
  • You needn’t keep changing your Instagram bio link

Cons of ContactInBio Platform

  • You’ll need to pay for the premium features
  • You cannot add a link to your post caption though

You’ll notice the pros of being on ContactInBio is more than its cons. You can use the free features of this platform for a long time without paying a dime. ContactInBio makes it easier for you to showcase your brand and value seamlessly. So, register yourself on this platform for free and enjoy the multitude of benefits it offers.

contactinbio pros cons

ContactInBio is a platform similar to Linktree. It lets you create and design a micro-landing page. You can create a persona for yourself with multiple social media links on your landing page. Moreover, you can create a contact us form and increase your lead generation. You can also customize the colors, text, and various elements to match your brand identity and image.

A ContactInBio platform merely requires you to register using five steps, and you can add all your links within 10 minutes. This platform helps you optimize your Instagram and aids in Search Engine Optimization too.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly register and flaunt your brand and talents through a single link on social media!