Do Webcam Models Really Make Money


Of course, webcam models make money, otherwise, no one would do it. Just don’t be expecting consistent $500 days as the advertisements portray. There are those days and there are those outliers that are at the top that make something close to that consistently.

For the most part, a model that knows what they’re doing earns between $1,500 and $6000 a month. Because this is a 100% commission based job, the amount of work you put in directly translates to how much money you’ll earn. There is also some fluidity when it comes to your earnings. Some months you’ll make the low-end and some months you’ll make the high-end.

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What you can do to limit the severe fluctuation is to diversify your income streams. In the modeling world, this means starting a premium Snapchat to get monthly recurring revenue, selling videos that you record and photoshoot sets, and other premium services like one-on-one sessions.

If you’re curious how one model breaks down her weekly earning and spending, check out this article from Refinery29. The model breaks down her daily spending habits, how much she made during her cam sessions, and how much she earns for different services she provides. is your new favorite Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok bio link. All the premium features, one low cost per month. Use coupon code CMA for 75% off forever. That’s $1/month!

If you’re curious how to become a webcam model, we have a number of great articles here on Cam Model Agency. Here’s our guide to becoming a webcam model.

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