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“Squirts” are amongst the most popular genres of porn. What’s hotter than watching a girl squirting like a hose? Although tons of websites have this specific niche as a sub-category, Squirted is one of the few websites that entirely focus on this category. You can watch them squirt while they’re getting fucked or perhaps while they’re pleasuring themselves with a sex toy.

The exact date of the launch of Chorreado is unknown. However, it is under the ownership of MG Premium Limited, a company that owns hundreds of popular sites like Brazzers or even Mofos. Hence, you can expect a similar quality on each of the videos you’ll find on this site.

Squirted isn’t the most popular site of the MG Premium network, but it still has good content and many believe it is underrated. However, is that truly the case? Should you give an opportunity to this site, or should you consider other options?

Let’s explore together the good and the bad aspects of Chorreado.

What is Squirted?


Sitio web:

Squirted is a website under the ownership of MG Premium Limited. It is currently unknown when the site launched, but it has been available since around 2020 (maybe a bit earlier). Since then, the site has accumulated a total of 31 videos and has stopped uploading new updates. The last video was released on October 2021. It’s been over a year and there’s no news of whether the site will continue its “normal” activities or not.

Some websites report that Chorreado previously had 52 videos, so it seems like some content was deleted from the site. There’s a relative variety on the site despite having limited videos, too. You can find girls squirting in a one-on-one sex scene, and even gangbangs. 

Squirted has an interesting concept, and although it is not the only squirt-focused site on the web, it belongs to a popular network, which makes the quality of the videos considerably higher than your average porn site. Unfortunately, Chorreado does not upload new content anymore.

All videos are available in Full HD 1080p and are quite lengthy. Averagely, the videos last between 40-45 minutes. Even though there aren’t that many videos available, there’s good content available. It may not be the best option to subscribe to this site for multiple reasons, though.

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Pros and cons of Squirted 

Squirted is a website with only 32 videos. It has not been updated in a long time. Although the content quality is good, the website lacks several features that could make navigation easier to manage. The website seems to have gotten stuck in the development phase, as it still lacks several options that websites under MG Premium LTD already have.

That said, here’s what’s good and what’s bad about Squirted:

💋 It has excellent squirting content. If you enjoy watching girls squirting and having orgasms, then this site surely has content that you may like. You can find teens and MILFs at it, either in one-on-one scenes or gangbangs. The girls squirt multiple times in each scene, too

💋 The content is available in Full HD. All of the content is available in 1080p – but the videos are limited to streaming only. Either way, the quality is excellent, and you surely will have no complaints while consuming what this site has to offer

💋 It has lengthy scenes. Each scene has an average duration of 40-45 minutes, with some others being longer than that

💋 It has a minimalistic interface. The site is quite easy to explore and use, allowing you to find whatever you’re looking for in little time. It is mobile-responsive, too, so you can use it on your phone or tablet without any problems. You can rate the scenes you liked or didn’t like and add them to your favorites list if you want

💋 It has an extensive model index. There’s plenty of information about each model. You can learn more about your favorite performers, including Adrian Chechik and Riley Reid, on this site
This video has limited content. You can only find 31 videos. It seemed to have over 50 videos in the past, but it’s currently unknown why the content was deleted from the site

It seems to have been discontinued. The website has been practically abandoned and hasn’t received updates in over a year. The last scene uploaded was in October 2021

Sitios sin bonificaciones. You won’t get any bonus sites with your subscription, so you’ll have to take the limited content that the site has to offer

You can’t download content. All videos are only available for stream

No photo establece. The website only offers videos. There’s no bonus content available

Although this site had a lot of potentials, it seems to have been discontinued since it hasn’t received new updates in over a year. In addition, the site doesn’t offer bonus sites, so it may not be the greatest option to subscribe to a website without new content, and that probably won’t be brought back in the future.

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Cost and payment options for Squirted


This website is only accessible through membership. Hence, you have to pay for a subscription before you can stream the videos. It only grants you access to streaming, as the videos are unavailable for download. The pricing is quite average compared to other porn sites, and it is as follows:

  • Afiliación de 2 días: 1,00 USD por día
  • Afiliación de 30 días29,99 USD 
  • Afiliación de 12 meses8,33 al mes (facturado en un solo pago de 99,99 USD)
  • 5 años de afiliación99,99 USD al año (facturado en un solo pago de 499,99 USD) - Sólo disponible para clientes de criptomonedas

You can pay for your membership using credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and other options) or with cryptocurrency (BTC).

Diseño y características del sitio


The site looks like your regular site under the license of MG Premium LTD. It has the same layout as other sites within this network, such as Reality Junkies. You can explore the different sections to find videos easily, such as the categories or the model index. However, all the content available on the site is summarized in two pages within the homepage, so those may not be very useful. 

You can access the “Porn Stars” section to have a look at the performers available on the site, both female and male. You can find some interesting facts about them, their birthdays, and the scenes where they’re featured in. The intention is good, but the information can be quite trivial.

There aren’t other “remarkable” features to talk about on this website, as it hasn’t been updated in a while.

The site has tags and other navigation options, but these features become useless since it doesn’t have too much content available. Hence, if you subscribe to this site, you’ll quickly run out of content. There are other websites with more and better content. 

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Preguntas frecuentes


Does Squirted have a download limit?

Chorreado doesn’t allow downloads. You can only have access to the videos via streaming.

How often does Squired upload?

This site doesn’t upload new content anymore. It has been inactive since October 2021. It is unknown if the brand will be continued in the future, though.

What quality are the videos on Squirted?

You can find videos in Full HD 1080p. Although there isn’t much content available, you can be sure that what you’ll find here looks good and is good.

¿Mi afiliación ofrece sitios de bonificación?

No. You will only have access to Squirted and the 31 videos it has at the moment – no bonus sites are included in your subscription.

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