Revisión del sexo en la propiedad: ¡Contenido Adulto Inmobiliario!

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Real estate agents have very complicated jobs. However, the agents at Property Sex close their deals by fucking their clients and, sometimes, the tenants! It’s a fresh premise within the reality porn niche, and although the website has been around for several years, this formula has worked for them as Property Sex has become a very popular site in recent years.

This site features scripted porn scenes and well-known faces within the industry, including famous porn stars like Armani Black. The site has over 300 scenes, each with a different model. It mostly features POV shots, making the videos a unique and entertaining experience for all porn lovers.

Does this site offer something other than what’s advertised? Is it truly worth it? Let’s find out together in this Property Sex review!

Sitio web:

What Is Property Sex?

Property Sex is a website dedicated to reality porn. This time, it features real estate agents fucking their clients or tenants in all the ways you can possibly imagine. While the site isn’t necessarily associated with a specific fetish, this specific niche has been a success since it was first launched. It is perhaps the most famous “property porn” site as of now.

This website does not only showcase a very specific fantasy. It does so in excellent quality and mostly in POV. It features all sorts of fantasies regarding property sex, be it a tenant fucking his property manager or perhaps two roommates finally intertwining their bodies.

All of the models featured on this site are well-known faces, although you may also find some fresh faces now and then. The website tries to make everything as professional looking as possible while maintaining each scene as “realistic” as possible.

While several scenes from Property Sex have been leaked to the web, you can only find the full-length scenes in Full HD quality on the original site.

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Pros And Cons Of Property Sex

Property Sex caters to very specific fantasies, which has been the key to the platform’s success. However, while the website has several good aspects, many others could be improved. Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about Property Sex:

🏡 Property Sex mostly features famous porn stars. If there’s a particular porn star you like, this site probably features it. Armani Black, Lena Paul, and Adriana Chechik are some of the many faces you’ll find on this site

🏡 You can find Full HD scenes, all of them with an average length of 40 minutes. As of now, the website has about 330 videos, so there’s a lot to watch here if you’re new to the concept

🏡 It features excellent navigation tools. The website has filters, categories, and an advanced search function to find what you want without wasting too much time. You can also add any video to your “Watch Later” list

🏡 Find your favorite porn stars in the model index. The model index features several fun facts about your preferred performers, including their stats and other curious data

🏡 Gain access to hundreds of photo sets. You can find tons of professionally shot images with excellent resolution. Choose whether to check them out online or download them

🏡 One new scene per week  
The site charges extra for downloads. If you’re a porn collector and want to add some of these videos to your lists, you’ll have to pay an extra $15 per month. This restriction is for both video and photo sets

No bonus sites. You will ONLY be paying a subscription for this site – no other porn platform is included

The video interaction features are quite limited. You can rate the videos but can’t comment

This time, we believe that the pros clearly outweigh the cons. This site has a ton of content to offer and uploads a new scene each week. Thus, if you’ve been looking forward to a “different” reality porn site, then Property Sex likely has what you’ve been looking for. It has new content each week and has famous porn stars in most videos, making it quite attractive to most porn enthusiasts.

Cost And Payment Options For Property Sex

Property Sex has a relatively good cost compared to other porn sites, but it’s still around the average price of subscription platforms. You can access the site for two days for one dollar, but after your trial is over, you will be charged the monthly subscription cost.

Here are the subscription options available at Property Ex:

  • Afiliación mensual29,99 USD al mes
  • 6-month membership: 14.99 USD per month
  • Afiliación de 12 meses: 9.99 USD per month

Currently, the website only accepts traditional payment methods (credit cards). You can pay using Mastercard or VISA, for instance. It is also compatible with Discover and JCB. We recommend you be careful with cross-sells, as the site includes several extra options that could considerably increase the cost of your subscription.

In addition to the subscription options, the site charges you for downloads. You can pay an extra 15.00 USD if you would like to download videos and photo sets, regardless of the membership you own at the moment.

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Diseño y características del sitio

This website is quite minimalistic and easy to use. Upon entering the site, you’ll see the last scene uploaded, along with a list of the “recently active girls” or the latest models featured in the videos.

The menu on top allows you to choose between different options, including the “categories” and “models.” Each option will show different ways to find what you are looking for. The model index shows all the models featured as of now, while the categories include options like ebony, teen, blowjobs, and big ass.

The site also features an advanced search system that you can use to sort videos by ratings, and length, among many other options. It has an intuitive interface you will easily become familiar with on your first visit. The minimalistic approach to the site is a nice addition and an excellent way to make the porn site more entertaining than it already is.

Property Sex listens to feedback. That’s why each video has a rating system. You can give it a like or a dislike, depending on your experience with the video. It’ll help the platform improve the quality and bring more content that appeals to your tastes in the future. Again, all content you can find here is exclusivo.


Does Property Sex have a download limit?

No – there is no download limit at Property Sex. However, you can’t download anything without paying the extra fee, which is $15 at the moment. This applies to both videos and photo sets.

How often does Property Sex upload?

Property Sex has a new scene every week. Thus, if you subscribe to this site, you’ll be able to watch at least 4 new porn videos featuring a hot, famous porn star in a “property-related” porn scene.

Is Property Sex real?

While the site is mostly about reality porn, all scenes are scripted. The site is quite professional and doesn’t feature amateur content.

What quality are the videos on Property Sex?

All videos on property sex are available in Full HD (1920x1080p). The download feature has videos of better quality, too.

¿Mi afiliación ofrece sitios de bonificación?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the bonus site with your subscription to Property Sex. It is unknown if bonus sites will be added in the future.

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