Revue de Fakehub : Le meilleur contenu Psuedo en ligne

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ve probably heard about “Fake Taxi,” the porn videos where girls get into taxis, but instead of going to their destination, they end up getting fucked. Well, Fakehub is the site where Fake Taxi and many other original reality porn scenes come from. Besides fake taxi rides, the site also features fake cops, castings, and other fun but very hot and hardcore premises.

Fakehub has been around for over six years and has quickly become one of the most prominent porn sites on the web, mainly due to its innovative approach to the reality porn genre. Hence, if you want to know whether it is a good idea or not to pay for a membership for this site, this article is for you. We’ll go through the good and bad characteristics of Fakehub while helping you figure out if this site is worth your money.

What Is Fakehub?

Site Web :

Fakehub is a porn site where you can primarily find reality porn. Some of the most common premises for the videos include sucking off a cop to avoid getting a fine or perhaps having sex while going for a taxi ride, like the videos you’re used to watching from Fake Taxi. Either way, the site features a wide collection of porn scenes, and while downloads are only available for an extra fee, it can be worth investing some money in the site.

The “Fake” word on the name refers to the recurring theme of videos such as Fake Taxi, Fake Hostel or perhaps Fake Driving School. If you can name it, Fake Hub has probably produced a scene about it.

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Find Scenes From 11 Porn Sites In The Same Place!

While Fake Hub works as an independent site, it is actually a network where you’ll find scenes from 11 different porn sites. This network first started in 2011, although this web has been around since 2015. Some of the older videos may only be available in lower quality, but most of the content is available in Full HD 1080p.

Most of the porn stars and performers you will find at Fake Hub are European. However, the site has been adding more diversity to the cast in recent years. Now, it is possible to find black and Latin girls in their scenes, especially in their “Fake Hub Originals” series.

Pros And Cons Of Fake Hub

Generally speaking, Fake Hub is an excellent platform with good content. It has been heavily optimized to provide the utmost user experience and has new scenes every week. However, certain aspects could be better, such as the lack of downloads or the lack of a model index.

Here’s a deep insight into the good and bad aspects of Fake Hub:

🚖 Access scenes from 11 different porn sites. If you enjoy “Fake Taxi,” then you’ll likely love “Female Fake Taxi,” “Fake Agent,” and “Fake Driving School.” Other series on the site include Fake Hostel or perhaps Fake Driving School. The premise of each show is quite good, and each site has frequent updates, too

🚖 Find more than 4,000 scenes and expect new ones every week. Fake Hub has more than 4,000 scenes available, most of which are in Full HD (and lower resolutions). Each scene has professional shots and looks quite good

🚖 The player has been optimized to make your watch time more comfortable, including shortcuts and other ways to toggle around to ensure that the video continues as you want it

🚖 A photo set is available for some videos. If you’ve paid for the download fee, you’ll be able to get all these pics in zip files.

🚖 Some scenes have English subtitles if they have been filmed in a different language

🚖 You can easily scroll through a particular performer’s work, allowing you to find the scenes where each guy or girl has been featured without too much effort

🚖 The site offers an excellent user experience. Search filters, tags, categories, and sorting options make Fake Hub one of the best porn sites on the internet  
You can’t download anything unless you pay the additional fee. The site requires you to pay an extra fee of 14.99 USD to be able to download videos or photo sets

Some users have reported having problems with ProBiller, Fake Hub’s credit card payment manager. There have been reports of charges even when the membership is canceled. Hence, if you’ve purchased add-on subscriptions, make sure to cancel them via phone or live chat with an agent, as the online cancelation feature is only applicable for basic subscription packages

This website has a few problems you should keep in mind, especially when it comes to payment. Although it has good content, we recommend being especially careful with your credit card. Make sure to cancel your subscriptions on time to prevent paying more than you intend to.

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Cost And Payment Options For Fake Hub

Fake Hub allows you to pay using credit cards and cryptocurrency. The membership prices are described below:

  • Adhésion de 2 jours: 2.00 USD – it rebills at the monthly subscription price if you don’t cancel it before the trial is over
  • Adhésion de 30 jours: 29.99 USD
  • Adhésion de 3 mois: 59.99 USD
  • Adhésion de 12 mois: 109.99 USD
  • 5year membership: 499.99 USD – this option is only available for people who will pay using cryptocurrency (bitcoin, specifically)

Again, make sure to cancel your subscription in time if you don’t want random charges to pop up in your credit card report by the end of the month. The site is infamous for charging users even when they canceled subscriptions.

Conception et caractéristiques du site

Fake Hub is an excellent site with good navigation. It has gone through different re-designs throughout time, but the current version looks quite good. You’ll be able to explore different sections, including categories and the 11 sites that you’ll gain access to with your subscription.

An advanced search feature allows you to toggle between different options to find videos more precisely. For instance, you can sort videos by release date or the number of views, among many other filters, such as category or site.

While the feature described above is quite useful, you can also click on the “sites” tab and choose one of the 11 sites to find videos with specific contexts. 

It’s extremely easy to use the site. You’ll get used to it from your first visit. It contains all the navigation features that most porn sites currently include.

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Does Fake Hub have a download limit?

No. While fake Hub doesn’t have a download limit, downloads are restricted. You have to pay an additional monthly fee of 14.99 USD to be able to download videos and photo sets.

How often does Fake Hub upload?

You can expect multiple new scenes per week. This is one of the most active sites on the internet. Most sites are still receiving new content, especially the Fake Taxi series. If you’re all in for new content, this site is the right choice.

What quality are the videos on Fake Hub?

All videos are available in Full HD 1080p. The player allows you to toggle between lower qualities if you want them to load faster, for instance.

Mon adhésion offre-t-elle des sites bonus ?

Yes. Your subscription will grant you access to all 11 sites under the Fake Hub network.

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