Comprehensive Review of Fuckbook: Everything You Need to Know

Finding hookups online is relatively common in today’s world. Society has changed a lot throughout the years, and now people can see the difference between emotions and sex. More and more people are now open to the concept of casual hookups from time to time with different people based on their own standards and preference. But how can these like-minded people connect? Well, Fuckbook is the answer to that question. It is one of many online platforms that aim to bring together people who just want to have a good time.

While many people rave about Fuckbook online, it can be intimidating to put your trust into a platform – especially when scams and fake sites are out to get you and blackmail you. It is, therefore imperative to do enough research before engaging with a new website.

In this comprehensive review of Fuckbook, we determine the authenticity of Fuckbook, discuss its features, and tell you once and for all whether you should invest your precious time into it. We took the time to find out if Fuckbook is as great as its fans say it is, so you don’t have to!

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Overview of Fuckbook

Here’s what you can expect from Fuckbook upon accessing the website for the first time.

  • It works like regular social media sites, specifically Facebook
  • It’s not complicated to use

Getting started on Fuckbook

The interface of Fuckbook is very similar to what you would find on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It is available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish, and you can interact with diverse users now and then. Imagine it as if you were navigating through Facebook, but everyone is interested in hooking up.

Upon entering the website, it will show a signup form where you’ll have to enter certain information, including your age, what you’re looking for, your email, username, and a password. The registration process is 100% free.

The homepage is quite attractive and suggestive. It has a modern interface. However, before you can complete the signup process, the website introduces you to a concept known as the “icebreaker system,” which we’ll explain later.

So, getting started on the website isn’t very complicated. However, the website doesn’t mention any of its services or “what it is like” to navigate through the main pages, which is something that most websites offer before you register on them, especially if it’s a platform for casual encounters.

Types of profiles & profile variety on Fuckbook

Fuckbook allows three types of users on the website, men, women, and couples. Transgenders are included, too, regardless of who they identify as.

This website has a very attractive homepage and doesn’t charge you for signing up. However, upon signing up, you’ll see that the website will require you to agree with their terms and what they call the Icebreaker System.

The system consists of fake profiles that may text you now and then to entice you to contact other users. However, you never know if the people who talk to you are fake, which reduces the website’s credibility.

Fuckbook describes the company as an “adult entertainment provider” in its terms and conditions. It mentions that you can exchange different pieces of media and connect with people in different ways, including conversations. However, it never fulfills the premise of casual encounters.

You’ll never know if a profile is fake. Plus, sometimes, the operators will not identify themselves as fictitious people. Therefore, you don’t have any way to find out whether the person you are talking to at the moment is fake or not.

So, there is not much “profile variety” on the website. We’re not saying that you can’t find real people out there. It certainly is possible. However, Fuckbook complicates this process because it doesn’t allow you to send direct messages unless you’ve subscribed to the website.

Features of Fuckbook

Your profile

Fuckbook is a straightforward website that lets you find like-minded people with whom you can hook up at some point. You can enter different information about yourself in your profile, including:

  1. Your interests: What is it that you are looking for on the platform? Is it online fun or a secret relationship? You’re free to ask anything you want on this website. No filter, whatsoever.
  2. Your social standing: You will be able to indicate your religion, education, current relationship status, and hobbies, among other information that may seem appealing to other people.
  3. What you’re looking for: It’s not only about whether you’re looking for men or women. You can set up your profile to indicate what kind of people draws your attention.
  4. Your sexual information: Here you should write about what excites you. Are you interested in threesomes, phone sex, or perhaps in exchanging nude pictures? Anything is valid. You should indicate this data in your profile, so people know what you’re into. And no time is wasted.

You are also required to undergo a verification process, in which you’ll have to write your name on a paper with the current date and upload a picture of you holding the note with your visible face, with no modifications.

Your partner

Fuckbook also has a section where you can describe your ideal partner. You can write a small description of what you find attractive in other people, whether it is a man, a woman or a couple, and their ideal age. You can also indicate some of the ideal physical or social characteristics that you may feel more attracted to for the process to be easier.

Other features

Besides what’s mentioned above, Fuckbook works like Facebook. You have a feed where you can see pictures that other members have uploaded, access a private message tab, and so on. You can interact via likes (in this website, they’re called “hots”) and comments on other peoples’ publications, and to the left side of the screen, you can see a list of people there are online at the moment and have added you in one way or another.

So, aesthetically and functionally speaking, this website has a very exciting offer that can entice many users to continue using the website. You can see who has seen your profile as an extra feature – something many people want on regular social media sites.

It’s also possible to go through the website and use search filters, send other users registered private messages, start video calls, and a few other features that can be entertaining.

All of this sounds good, right?

Well, you can’t access any of the content unless you pay for one of the subscription packages – which we’ll talk about a bit later.

Special services & support on Fuckbook

There are no special services available at Fuckbook. The website only offers subscription packages that allow you to access the website’s full content without problems. It’s impossible to access the website’s basic features without paying a subscription.

As for the support, getting in touch with someone from Fuckbook’s team is complicated. The company seems to be avoidant. For now, what you see is what you get whenever you decide to explore this website. You can’t expect anything else except for the features we’ve mentioned above.

Still, if you want to try and get in touch with Fuckbook, you can do so at

Fuckbook pricing: free vs premium accounts

Fuckbook truly has a brilliant premise behind its website. After all, many people are truly interested in hooking up with others that share the same fantasies and sexual interests, especially in today’s world where people have become more liberal.

However, the thing is that nothing comes for free, and Fuckbook truly takes that concept to the next level.

Sure, you can register on the website, spend a few minutes setting up your profile and start looking for people to talk with, depending on what you’re interested in. However, once you start navigating your feed, you’ll notice something: you cannot perform any essential action without paying for a subscription.

If you’re interested in having sexual encounters, you must pay for one of the subscription packages they offer. It’s not possible to use all the functions of the website without paying – and even after paying, the possibilities of you actually scheduling a hookup with someone are minimal.

The pricing (in euro) is the following:

  • EUR 29.99 for one month
  • EUR 19.99 per month (quarterly)
  • EUR 7.99 per month (annually)
  • EUR 199.99 to have lifetime access to the website

The website promises “exclusive premium benefits” but does not specify those benefits. You will get a signature “premium” badge and will be able to chat, comment, and send gifts to others without restrictions. As an extra point, you will also be able to “remove” all advertisements from the website.

So, if you’re not willing to pay, you will not be able to do anything on Fuckbook. Free accounts are basically useless, which means that you will have to purchase one of the subscription packages at some point if you want to explore the website’s whole content.

Subscription packages are not something new. Many websites offer them to access exclusive services – but those websites allow you to perform basic actions, and sometimes it is possible to arrange casual encounters without paying. This website does not offer the same opportunity.

Pros of using Fuckbook

Fuckbook looks good at first glance. It indeed has many positive points that can make people consider using it to find like-minded individuals to hook up with or establish no-strings-attached relationships.

  • The website is relatively easy to use
  • It works like a regular social media site, specifically Facebook
  • You can upload different pieces of media, such as photos, videos, and event texts
  • It offers a genuine entertainment experience for those who feel lonely (or horny) and want to have some fun on their own

Cons of using Fuckbook

Although Fuckbook does have an exciting premise, it doesn’t fulfill the expectations it creates in the user upon entering its website.

  • Most of the features are hidden behind a paywall
  • There are too many fictitious profiles
  • The website is overloaded with advertisements
  • The icebreaker system intentionally creates fake profiles that message the users without them knowing. Therefore, it’s impossible to know whether you’re talking with a real person or not
  • You cannot read or send messages with a free account
  • Free accounts are basically useless. You cannot perform any “meaningful” action without paying first
  • The terms and conditions of the website clearly state that Fuckbook only offers an entertainment experience to its users. Hence, it is uncertain whether it is possible actually to meet someone outside the platform
beautiful woman in lingerie posing in bed at home

Does Fuckbook Work? Is Fuckbook Legit or a Scam?

Fuckbook does work. It is a website that parts from the premise of allowing people to meet like-minded individuals with whom they can either have a steamy chat or video chat sessions, arrange encounters, and exchange interactions through pictures and comments, among many other actions. All of this sounds quite amusing and is something that not all websites promise.

However, Fuckbook can be tricky when it comes to how they refer to themselves. This website says they are nothing more but an “adult entertainment provider.” They never mention the term “dating site” or similar words within their terms and conditions. Therefore, the possibilities of you actually meeting someone outside the platform are minimal. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but it’s very unlikely.

It’s also worth noting that the website has an “icebreaker system,” which consists of fictitious people that send you messages to entice you into purchasing a subscription package and interacting with other users. While all of this doesn’t sound too bad, the website never mentions that these are fake profiles.

In addition, the subscription packages they offer are overpriced. Compared to what other websites offer, this one has exaggerated prices for services that should be basic in any social media-like website.

So, Fuckbook is indeed a legit website. As a dating or hookup site, we cannot verify its authenticity. However, as an adult entertainment provider, the website truly fulfills its promise to offer its users a fun time.

Still, we recommend you not to believe that you will be able to meet someone from this website. Our experience with Fuckbook wasn’t inherently good or bad. It was neutral, but there are better websites where you can find ways to fulfill your fantasies and sexual desires with real people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fuckbook

What is Fuckbook?

Fuckbook is a website that provides adult entertainment services to its clientele. Their services include explicit content, such as pictures and videos, as well as suggestive and explicit conversations with other users. However, the website does not clarify what users are real and which ones are part of their icebreaker system, enticing users to subscribe to the website.

Fuckbook seems to be an NSFW parody of Facebook, as the way of working, feed, and other features are quite similar to that social media site. However, you cannot access most features without paying for a subscription.

Is Fuckbook legitimate and safe?

This website has a good-looking façade and a very good interface. However, it’s not accurate to say that this Fuckbook is legit due to the elevated number of fake profiles the website generates to entice users to subscribe to their service.

What we describe is not an isolated experience. It is something tons of web users have experienced and talked about. Therefore, while it may be possible to find something interesting in Fuckbook, the possibilities of talking with a real person and arranging an encounter outside the platform are minimal.

Is Fuckbook available for free?

Technically speaking, Fuckbook is available for free. However, on this website, you will only be able to modify your profile, view other people’s profiles, and search for other people (without specific search filters). You will have to pay if you want to do something else, like messaging another user.

Paid accounts are necessary to gain full access to Fuckbook and read and send messages.

Does Fuckbook have fake profiles?

Fuckbook has a high number of profiles. You cannot verify whether the profiles are fake or not because the website does not offer any distinctive sign that you’re talking with a fictitious person. We’re saying this because the website generates these profiles!

What are some complaints about Fuckbook?

Most people complain about the inability to send or read messages without a subscription, as well as the high prices to gain full access to the website.

Who owns Fuckbook?

Cargo Media AG seems to be the operator behind Fuckbook. This business (or startup, as they refer to themselves) is located in Switzerland.

Does Fuckbook have a Mobile App?

At the moment, Fuckbook does not have an app, but it has a responsive design. Hence, you can easily access the website from your phone or any other mobile device.

Final thoughts on Fuckbook

Fuckbook has a clever design and pictures, but it certainly doesn’t fulfill any of its promises and only leaves plenty of room for deception. Therefore, we recommend you explore different dating sites if you truly want to engage in casual encounters with people who have similar fantasies as yours.