How Much CamSoda Models Make

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CamSoda is a good website for people that want to become webcam performers. CamSoda is a newer website, but it quickly gained recognition among the audience, and now it is one of the leading websites people use for webcam shows.

The website has been around since 2014, but in little time it has become one of the most profitable options someone can choose to start their modeling careers. However, despite being an excellent option for newbies, telling you how much a model can make on CamSoda is complicated.

More than 1 million people visit CamSoda only a day. In some years, we’ll see this website among the top ones, but in the meantime, you can learn how to make good money on the website without stepping out of your comfort zone.

People worldwide visit CamSoda every day looking for some fun, which makes it effortless to start a modeling career and making money out of it. Of course, when you’ve just started, you won’t earn that much, but over time you can increase your income and become one of the website’s top models.

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It is possible to start earning at least three figures weekly after only a few days upon completing registration. There are models earning about $1000 every two weeks, which makes $2000 a month. Some models are earning even more, but they’ve worked a lot to reach that tier.

Information about CamSoda Tokens

To understand how much a model can earn in CamSoda, you should first consider factors like CamSoda tokens and how much they’re worth.

You can earn from $0.05 to $0.055 per token on CamSoda. The website allows you to set the rates for it, though. When viewers register for the first time, they get 25 for free, which means they can easily give you $1.25 after logging in to the website.

Why Use CamSoda?

CamSoda has many features that make it easy-to-use for models and users. Some of the reasons you should consider using CamSoda as your leading website for camming are:

  1. You’ll have full control of your privacy. CamSoda has available many geo-blocking features that grant you complete protection. The website allows you to block any location you wouldn’t like viewers to see you!
  2. You have many payment methods available, including ACH or Direct Deposit, Checks, Wire, and Paxum. For most of them, the minimum payout is $20, but for Wire Transfer, you’ll need at least $1,000 to cash out.
  3. CamSoda accepts everyone regardless of their sexual identity. You can find famous female, male, and transgender models, and this list also includes groups and couples. The only genuine requirement is being of legal age (+18), and if you’re performing with multiple people, they must be verified as well.
  4. CamSoda offers its models 55% of the revenue share.
  5. Cam-splitting is possible, meaning that you have more possibilities of finding clients for private shows.

Starting in CamSoda isn’t complicated

There are many other things that make CamSoda an excellent option for camming. CamSoda is easy-to-use and does not require too many resources from your computer in order to start broadcasting. Also, starting to broadcast is effortless, and after completing the registration process and having your age verified, you can start performing already. Even before that!

To get started in CamSoda, you must be of legal age. Otherwise, the website will decline your request. After you’ve submitted the necessary documents, they will ask you to send a photo of you holding your ID. The photo must have a high quality so that your face and the ID can be identified; otherwise, it will be declined.

How to Make Money on CamSoda

Besides what we’ve mentioned in the previous sections, CamSoda has many other things available for models, making it one of the best choices for camming. To make money on CamSoda, you have the following options:

Live Webcam Shows

The standard way of earning money on CamSoda is by performing. There are multiple types of shows, including Public Shows, Private Shows, and Golden Tickets. Golden Tickets are more profitable if you want to make sure everyone that enters your room is paying. However, this is a feature only top models can correctly take advantage of.

Selling Pictures and Clips

Many people in the adult modeling industry not only perform but also sell their nudes either on the same website or on external ones. CamSoda allows models to sell videos and pictures on their profiles. You can sell photos and videos the same way, either for promo (they will be available for free) or by setting a price for them.

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CamSoda has many benefits you can take advantage of

If this does not convince you, there are other things you should know about CamSoda that will make you change your mind. CamSoda offers more benefits than most camming sites around the web, including a wishlist and life insurance bonuses.

Start making your wishlist.

In most websites, models can make a wishlist, and it will become visible on their profile. Their fans can purchase some of that stuff to spoil them. Even if you think no one will purchase stuff from you, it’s a fabulous feature that will quickly get nice stuff!

CamSoda’s life insurance bonuses

CamSoda is currently the only CamSite that grants models life insurance benefits. However, to qualify for these benefits, you must be registered on the website for at least six months. After that, you can request the bonuses, and you’ll get a bonus depending on how much you earn per month:

  • If a model earns between $3,500 and $6,999 per month, they will receive a bonus of $125.
  • If a model earns more than $7,000 per month, they will receive a bonus of $250.

All bonuses are received once per month, and to qualify for them, you must prove your health insurance to CamSoda.

Is CamSoda worth it?

CamSoda is definitely worth it. There are many reasons for that. Let’s see:

  • CamSoda allows cam-splitting. You can find more customers if you perform publicly on multiple websites. Remember that cam-splitting only works well for models that look forward to performing privately.
  • CamSoda is the only website that helps their models with health insurance. It’s something very appealing that most people that come here look forward to.
  • Even if girls are the most profitable people on cam sites, it’s easy to become a top model on CamSoda. The competition is not challenging because there aren’t too many people registered as in the top websites so that you can appear on the “featured” page easier than in other camming sites.’

Overall, CamSoda is an excellent website for camming. If you’re constant and perform continually, you will become a top model in little time. All you need is to create a schedule, and the viewers will come in little time. Believe us, there will always be someone interested in watching you!

New users on CamSoda always have a few viewers. If you stay for a while, you’ll see how many of them stay with you so they can watch you perform some exciting things. Someone can make good money on CamSoda if they know how to keep their audience entertained and continuously renew their shows.

To learn more about CamSoda and read our full review and overview of the platform for models, click here. To sign up for CamSoda and start earning right now, click here.

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