How to Make Money Selling Dick Pics Online

Gentlemen, I welcome you to the final frontier.

No more surprise after midnight spicy photos sent to the girl you just met on Tinder. Stop giving into temptation from the hottie from your gym.

Start making money with your penis. That’s right, the goal of this article is to answer the question you’ve been asking yourself since 18: how can I make money with my penis?

Fellas, instead of endlessly sending out pecker pics to unsuspecting victims, start sending them to people that want to see them and will pay you for them. Let’s get into this.

Something to keep in mind! The vast majority of the buyers of dick pics online are other men. If that bothers you, turn back now. If you think you have magic wood that women will swoon over … aight, cool. You got the juice.

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How to sell dick pics online

Contrary to popular belief, even with the abundance of porn online for free, people will still pull out their wallet for pornography. Think of it this way, they’re not paying for your penis picture, they’re paying for the boyfriend experience. They want the whole experience of being with someone without actually being with someone. Your boner is a bonus.

Selling your dick pics online couldn’t be more straightforward:

  1. Sign up for a website (we’ll list some soon)
  2. Verify your age
  3. Start posting and promoting your content

While it’s incredibly easy to get started, being successful with it is another story.

how to sell dick pics online

Like we previously stated, you’re not selling Peter pictures, you’re selling an experience. You’re selling more interaction than regular social media for a fee.

If you’ve been to a strip club before, this will make sense. How often do you buy a dance from the stripper that just randomly comes up and asks you if you want a dance? Unless she’s the most attractive girl in the place and you already had your eye on her, you’re probably going to turn it down.


Because there was no build-up, no rapport being built, you didn’t know her from any other girl in the place.

But the girl that comes up to you when you’re drinking your $3 beer cause that’s the special and starts up a conversation, maybe rubs your leg a bit, makes you feel like you’re desired.

That’s who you buy the lap dance from.


Because she made you feel some type of way, not just try and get into your wallet. That’s where the money is: Treating this as a reality tv show. Not just … ahem … shoving your dick down their throats. Give them personality, your day to day, ask questions, show them something cool, then bust out the nuts. is your new favorite Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok bio link. All the premium features, one low cost per month. Use coupon code CMA for 75% off forever. That’s $1/month!

Where to safely sell dick pics online

Now that you know it’s possible to sell dick pics online, the question is where can you. Not only where can you, but where can you do it safely?

You could go the independent route and handle everything yourself, from collecting payments to managing clients. That’s not a bad way of going about it, but isn’t exactly the safest method. From chargebacks by salty customers to doxing, you could be in for a rough ride.

We recommend going with an established adult-friendly platform that can help facilitate all of your pecker-slinging endeavors.

Where to safely sell dick pics online

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Loyalfans is one of the newer premium social media platforms online after a rebranding and new website launch earlier in 2020. Loyalfan’s features and tools include customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, audio recording, video and photo sharing, and more. The platform has a great payout structure at 80%, and has referral bonuses for model referrals as well as fan referrals, allowing models to earn when one of their fans subscribes to another model!

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is a social media site created by and for the adult entertainment industry. AVN, short for Adult Video News, is a media juggernaut in the adult space and has many products including AVN Magazine, the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas every year, and the AVN Awards.


IsMyGuy is an all-male platform from the creator of IsMyGirl that has many of the same features as its sister site. With strategic partnerships of over 35 million followers strong, they have a massive network they can help promote you on.

All three of these sites are great places to start your engorged empire. They allow you start creating your cock content and will help with some of the promotional efforts.

Now that you know what to do and where to do it, let’s talk about how to actually take a good penis picture.

How to take a good dick pic

This video starts exactly when she starts talking about taking a good cock shot. In all reality, she’s going over basic photography skills.

  1. Lighting
  2. Angles
  3. Background
  4. Objects for reference

You need to get your lighting up. She says to play around with different lighting to find which works best for your wood. You want to make sure your junk is lit so it’s easy to see.

Angles can be tested by straight-up rotating your camera around your junk and find what looks best. Left, right, under, over, closer, further away, whole body, feet, your peppered angus. The works. Make it look bigger, or smaller if you got that Coke can.

Keep your background clean. No distractions. No dirty laundry. No banner of your college where people can start putting a dossier of information about you if you’re trying to remain anonymous.

While this may not be entirely necessary, you could include a reference so the recipients can see how large and in charge you are. Gatorade bottles, d batteries, tower speakers, whatever you can get your hands on.

And don’t forget about the gray sweatpants dick print. That is gold.

I mean, at this point you have everything you need to get started. What you need to do, where you can do it, and how you can do it well. If you’re interested in learning more, we have a lot of other articles on the site that can help you take your Pedro pic business up a notch. Explore a little bit. Learn a little bit.