IsMyGuy vs. FanCentro: The better premium fan club for men

Last updated on March 27, 2023

Whether you’re already on a fan club platform selling content or thinking about it, both IsMyGuy and FanCentro can help you grow as a male content creator.

But which one is better for you as a model?

IsMyGuy is an all-male platform from the creator of IsMyGirl that has many of the same features as its sister site. With strategic partnerships of over 35 million followers strong, they have a massive network they can help promote you on.

FanCentro is a new edition to the Centro suite that includes (but is not limited to) ModelCentro, CentroBill, and CentroProfits. With over 12 years in the adult entertainment industry, the creators of FanCentro have your best interest in mind when it comes to their platforms.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two platforms so you can get a clear idea of which one would work for you. By the end of the article, you will know exactly which premium social media platform will help you grow a fan base, gain dedicated subscribers, and make a lot of money.

Ways models make money on IsMyGuy and FanCentro

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a platform is what you’re able to sell on the website. Both IsMyGuy and FanCentro offer the usual monthly subscriptions, tips, and messaging, but let’s see what separates the two platforms.

You can create content and make money on IsMyGuy by

  • Monthly subscription services between $10 and $60
  • Pay to unlock clip store starting at $10
  • Pay to unlock private messages
  • Custom content
  • Premium Snapchat management
  • Live streaming
  • 1-on-1 camming
  • Tipping
  • The referral program

how to make money on ismyguy

On FanCentro, influencers can make money from

  • Monthly subscription wall
  • Clip sales from your page
  • Pay per message
  • Premium Snapchat management
  • Tips from fans
  • Their excellent referral program (more on that later)

fancentro how to make money

As you can see, with IsMyGuy you can easily connect one-on-one with your fans through streaming and camming. The one thing that FanCentro does better than IsMyGuy is their referral program, which we’ll compare later in the article.

Payout rates & frequency forIsMyGuy and FanCentro

The second most important factor when choosing a platform is how much you get paid and how often you get paid. Every platform takes a certain percentage of your earnings & have their unique payment plan. IsMyGuy and FanCentro are no different.

IsMyGuy pays out 80% on all subscriptions, video sales, and tips and pays out 70% on all live streaming. The 20 and 30 percent, respectively, go toward payment processing, hosting, maintenance, and research & development.

ismyguy payout percentage

The pay periods for IsMyGuy are the 1st to the 15th and the 16th through to the end of the month. There is a $50 minimum for withdrawals and they are automatically deposited by the 2nd & 17th of the month, assuming you meet the minimum requirements. If not, those earnings are carried over to the next month until you break that threshold.

when to get pain ismyguy

FanCentro pays out 75% to its content creators with the other 25% going towards website maintenance, payment processing fees, and any other regular business expenses.

fancentro payout percentage

Models on FanCentro are paid weekly every Tuesday after their third week on the platform. There are varying minimums based on the payout method you choose.

  • Paxum: $50
  • ACH: $100
  • Check: $100
  • SEPA: $290
  • Wire: $1250

fancentro payout frequency

IsMyGuy wins in the payout percentage department. That 5% can really add up over time when you start making a killing. Bimonthly payments can keep you on schedule once you start making those $50 minimum withdrawals.

FanCentro has a lower percentage payout at 75% but the perk is that once you’re making the minimum payout requirement you get paid every single week. That can be real nice if you already have a massive following that is ready to pull their wallet out for you.

Which platform helps models get more fans

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran content creator with millions of fans or a brand new model looking to sell content, a platform that helps you make money is going to help. Both IsMyGuy and FanCentro have their methods of promoting models on their platforms.

Let’s do a deeper dive into both.

IsMyGuy boasts a massive network on social media that helps new fans find you. The onsite search allows users to browse the newest verified men. Although it is not a requirement, if you are exclusive to the platform they will promote you heavily on their social network and even feature you on the homepage of the platform.

ismyguy promotion help

FanCentro has a great homepage that instantly features popular models. There is a great filter also that allows users to find the newest models, most popular, and best-selling products.

Another great part of FanCentro that helps you get promoted is their affiliate program which gives people an incentive to promote your work. You can provide images you want to be distributed and the affiliate will promote them with a special link back to your page. If someone makes a purchase, they get a percentage of that sale.

fancentro promotional help

If you’re planning on going exclusive to one platform IsMyGuy can help you grow by featuring you. That’s very beneficial to new and veteran guys in this industry.

The affiliate promotion for FanCentro can help you tap into markets that you wouldn’t otherwise know exist. For example, a super affiliate could run a subreddit all about men and drop your promotional content on there, garnering you a massive amount of exposure & subscribers.

Which referral program is better

If you’re unaware, a referral program is an incentive for you to recruit new models a platform. This can be handy if you have friends that are looking to get into the industry. If you don’t plan on finding new referrals, this is wholly a non-factor.

IsMyGuy’s referral program offers you 5% of all earnings for every model you refer forever. You can refer to an unlimited amount of models.

ismyguy referral program

The FanCentro referral program pays out 10% earnings for every model you refer to the site. This is for the lifetime of the model on the platform and the 10% does not come out of the model’s earnings. There is no limit to the number of models you can refer to FanCentro.

fancentro referral program

As you can see, if you do plan on referring new models FanCentro pays out double what IsMyGuy does. In small amounts this doesn’t total much, but once you help your friends get up to $10k or more a month, that’s the difference of either $500 or $1,000 extra a month for you.

Just to reiterate, if you don’t plan on recruiting new models to the platform, this shouldn’t influence your decision.

Which should you use IsMyGuy or FanCentro

If you’re a new model, both IsMyGuy and FanCentro can help you out with growing your account and getting paid. 80% vs 75% is a much higher difference the more you earn, so IsMyGuy wins in the long run. IsMyGuy’s various methods of making money can help you find what converts best for your fans.

If you’re a veteran model, either IsMyGuy or FanCentro can work well for you. If you’re used to creating promotional packages, those affiliates can seriously help you grow outside of your network.

If you’re going to be recruiting models, FanCentro’s double referral rate makes a huge difference.

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