IsMyGuy vs. Frisk: Which platform for male content creators

Gentlemen, gather around. We’re going to breakdown the difference between IsMyGuy and Frisk. Which platform will help you guys out with your content creation needs.

IsMyGuy is an all-male platform from the creator of IsMyGirl that has many of the same features as its sister site. With strategic partnerships of over 35 million followers strong, they have a massive network they can help promote you on. is a premium fan club platform that was created by and is run by sex workers with over 25 years of industry experience. Because they have an amazing team that knows and works in the industry, every feature and benefit is created and implemented with you in mind. at 80% payout percentage, has one of the highest in the industry.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two platforms so you can get a clear idea of which one would work for you. By the end of the article, you will know exactly which premium social media platform will help you grow a fan base, gain dedicated subscribers, and make a lot of money.

Ways models make money on IsMyGuy and Frisk

One of the most important aspects when choosing a platform to perform on is how you’re able to make money. This can be from subs, selling clips, private messaging, or any special features a platform has. Both IsMyGuy and offer a number of ways for you to make money.

You can create content and make money on IsMyGuy by

  • Monthly subscription services between $10 and $60
  • Pay to unlock clip store starting at $10
  • Pay to unlock private messages
  • Custom content
  • Premium Snapchat management
  • Live streaming
  • 1-on-1 camming
  • Tipping
  • The referral program offers multiple ways for content creators to make money including

  • Monthly subscription fee from $4.99 to $44.99 with a built-in limited discount offer option
  • Pay per message up to $44.99
  • Getting paid for videos, pictures, and picture sets
  • Getting tipped
  • Referral program

As you can see, IsMyGuy is an all in one platform for you to make and sell content. From going live for all your fans to premium Snapchat management, they have everything you can think of.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that because they offer a live streaming service, if you do webcam modeling you wouldn’t be able to link to your IsMyGuy. Most platforms see that as competition so they would ban your account. So if you do cam modeling already, create an account on Frisk and use that.

Payout rates & frequency for IsMyGuy and Frisk

The second most important part of choosing a platform is how much and how often you get paid! Whether you get paid weekly, twice monthly, or on demand can make a world of difference for some models as well as the platform minimum withdrawal rate. Let’s do a deeper dive into IsMyGuy and Frisk’s payouts.

IsMyGuy pays out 80% on all subscriptions, video sales, and tips and pays out 70% on all live streaming. The 20 and 30 percent, respectively, goes toward payment processing, hosting, maintenance, and research & development.

The pay periods for IsMyGuy are the 1st to the 15th and the 16th through to the end of the month. There is a $50 minimum for withdrawals and they are automatically deposited by the 2nd & 17th of the month, assuming you meet the minimum requirements. If not, those earnings are carried over to the next month until you break that threshold. pays out 80% to its content creators with the other 20% going towards server costs, payment processing, customer support, research and development, and paying staff. pays out on Mondays and you’re required to request a withdrawal before Monday in order to get paid. Your earnings will roll over week to week so you can build up your bank before making a withdrawal.

The minimum required to make a withdrawal is $100 and there is 7 day window for the funds to clear before you can withdraw that amount.

So both IsMyGuy and Frisk pay out an industry high of 80%. That’s great for you as there is no difference on that front.

If you want to get paid twice a month, IsMyGuy can keep things consistent like if you worked a 9 to 5. Coupled with the $50 minimum, beginners can easily start collecting deposits quickly.

Frisk has a higher minimum of $100 but also allows for payments to be paid out weekly. If you already have an existing fan base this can allow you to get paid every single week. You could start your week of right with a nice deposit every Monday.

Which platform helps models get more fans

Whether you’re a veteran content creator or a brand new model, how a platform helps you grow is important. The best get better and the new get a jump start on their new income stream. IsMyGuy and Frisk have unique and intuitive ways to help models out.

IsMyGuy boasts a massive network on social media that helps new fans find you. The onsite search allows users to browse by the newest verified men. Although it is not a requirement, if you are exclusive to the platform they will promote you heavily on their social network and even feature you on the homepage of the platform. has one of the most functional searches we’ve seen, with the option to tag your profile with various features like tattooed, feet, BBW, or any other option you can think of. Users can sort by the newest models on the platform as well as filter by gender or couples.

The tag function can be edited in your settings and really allows for fans to find new models that fit what they’re looking for.

Once you reach 50 pieces of content on (a mix of photos and videos), you can reach out to and they’ll create a promotion video for you to share on social media. If you’re exclusive on they’ll add that in as well.

Both platforms help out models. IsMyGuy does a lot of off-site promotion for you while Frisk has a ton of on-site promotion. Both can be beneficial to a model, but we’ll have to give the edge to Frisk. Those tags can really come in handy when a user is browsing for a model to spoil.

Which referral program is better

For those not in the know, a referral program is a way for you to earn additional income by getting new content creators to sign up for the platform. This is great if you have a lot of friends looking to get into the industry or have a way of getting additional members on board. Let’s look at the IsMyGuy and referral programs.

IsMyGuy’s referral program offers you 5% of all earnings for every model you refer forever. You can refer an unlimited amount of models.

The referral program offers you 5% of the subscription earnings of any model you have signed up for the platform.

Both IsMyGuy and Frisk offer the same referral program rate so there is no difference here.

Which should you use IsMyGuy or

Both IsMyGuy and have many redeeming qualities a user will find appealing. But which one should you use?

If you’re a model that doesn’t plan on doing web camming and only wants to be on one platform, IsMyGuy can be your jam. It has every feature under the sun to make money and can be your one-stop-shop for selling.

If you do web camming or want to be on multiple sites, is your best bet. They have great discover-ability on their site and no additional services that may prevent you from promoting it on another performing website.

To learn more about IsMyGuy and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining IsMyGuy, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

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To learn more about and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining, click here to sign up and start making money today.

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