Review of LuckyCrush for Models, Fans, and Affiliates

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The world of camming is full of unique concepts and entertaining ways of keeping the audience engaged with whatever the models are up to. This way, some websites allow you to choose from different cam models based on your taste, while others pair you with a random person to have fun together. That is the case of “LuckyCrush”.

LuckyCrush is a camming site that allows you to connect with random women or men worldwide. It is mainly directed towards heterosexual people, as men can only connect with women and vice versa. The website is very strict regarding this concept.

If you are a model trying to add a new site to their listing or perhaps a fan who is trying to have some fun along with a hot girl, this review of LuckyCrush will help you figure out if this website truly is worth it or if you should consider other options for whatever intentions you may have with the platform.



LuckyCrush è una piattaforma di video chat casuale che ti permette di connetterti con persone del sesso opposto in tutto il mondo. Mentre agli uomini non è richiesto di registrarsi per connettersi con le donne fin dall'inizio, alle donne è richiesto di sottoporsi a un rigoroso processo di verifica per iniziare a utilizzare il sito. Il sito chiede alle donne di fornire una prova della loro identità e di aspettare un po' prima di poter iniziare a usare il sito.

The website is not your traditional camming site where you are directly paying the model to perform things for you. It pairs you with people with the same intention, and you decide where your interaction will go.

Naturalmente, il sito dispone di un sistema di crediti che i membri possono utilizzare per migliorare la loro esperienza sulla piattaforma, come fa la maggior parte dei siti di camming.

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Traffic Stats 

As of now, LuckyCrush has over 1.5 million active users from all countries. However, the biggest concentration of members is in the USA. If you are not registered, you will only be able to match with random girls for a little while. However, once you complete the registration process, you will be able to start making things spicier with other members – all of them being girls looking for the same thing as you.

LuckyCrush has more male members than female ones. However, the odds of encountering a man in your random chats are nearly zero, as the website is quite strict regarding the people that can register on the platform. 

This way, LuckyCrush can be a relatively good site for girls who want to make some extra money and for men that would like to have some fun along with a hot girl. Keep in mind that it is not likely to find professional cam models here – most people are amateur members who just want to have fun. The website happens to pay girls to chat with others (see below for more information).

LuckyCrush does its best to pair you with people around your area. If that is not possible, you will match with a random person, but the experience will remain the same.

Sebbene il sito sia relativamente nuovo, attira ancora un gran numero di persone ogni giorno. 


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Types Of Shows Available

This website mainly offers private Cam2Cam shows. Public shows are not possible since this website only combines a few characteristics from camming sites and puts them into a more sophisticated dating site. Thus, it is only possible to engage in private shows. Instead of performing publicly for a while, receiving tips, or waiting until someone decides to pay them for a private show, women can start chatting with men immediately after being accepted into the platform.

Of course, this website uses a pay-per-minute service. While you might be able to go on free chats with people at the beginning, after a while, the website will require you to register and start paying for the credits. You can find more information on the Prezzi below.

How Luckycrush Works 

Girls are paid to talk with men, while men have to buy credits to chat with people on LuckyCrush. Each credit equals one minute. So, 10 credits will grant you 10 minutes of chatting with a particular person. You can communicate with the other person via text chat or through video, as you can on regular camming sites.

Keep in mind that the website is very strict when it comes to registration. Therefore, it may take some time before you can start talking to others on the platform. Plus, the website will tell you how much time you have left with a timer, but it is easy to keep track of it since one credit equals one minute. Still, members are shown a warning whenever they are about to run out of credits.

So, Luckycrush has a relatively simple way of functioning. You connect with others randomly, and then you can engage in a video chat with them if you two have the same interest. Men pay for the interaction, while women get paid for interacting with them. 

This website is a more sophisticated version of Omegle or Chatroulette. They part from the same concept, but LuckyCrush monetizes it and makes it more “straightforward” for members that would like to have some fun. Omegle bans users from engaging in sexual activity, while Chatroulette has prohibited all sexual activity already. 

If you meet someone you connect with, you will be able to add them to your friend list and talk to them whenever you find them online. 

As of now, LuckyCrush doesn’t have a mobile app available – it is only possible to use it on a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam.


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Gli uomini devono pagare per poter utilizzare il sito. D'altra parte, le donne ricevono un compenso parlando con gli uomini. Il sistema di pagamento è piuttosto semplice e diretto, il che rende abbastanza facile per i membri prelevare i loro soldi ogni volta che raggiungono il minimo.

Lo scopo principale del sito è quello di chattare il più possibile con gli altri utenti. Per questo motivo, più parli e più punti guadagni. 100 punti equivalgono a circa $0,10. Il minimo richiesto per poter richiedere una vincita è di almeno $100.

Puoi scegliere tra tre metodi di pagamento, tra cui i seguenti:

  • Bonifici bancari
  • Payoneer 
  • PayPal

Ti verrà richiesto di fornire i tuoi dati di pagamento solo la prima volta che richiederai un pagamento. Dopo la prima volta, tutti i pagamenti saranno eseguiti in modo quasi automatico, rendendo l'intero processo più facile e accessibile per tutti. 

In questo modo, LuckyCrush è un sito web "minimalista", molto diretto nelle sue intenzioni e che permette agli utenti di trovare ciò che desiderano senza troppi problemi. 

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Additional Earnings

As of now, this website does not offer “extra” ways to make income. The website only pays women to chat with men. LuckyCrush maintains a very simple concept, and there are no intentions of expanding the concept at the moment. However, as the web is constantly evolving, we might be able to see new features in the near future.

Still, as a woman, you will be able to use the website for free. LuckyCrush will never ask you to pay any fees or something similar for you to be able to use it.

Token Costs 

Una cosa che i membri devono tenere presente di questo sito è che, a causa della natura "esplicita" della chat video, le tariffe possono essere un po' più alte rispetto a quelle di un sito di camming medio. Ricorda che questo sito è incentrato sulle interazioni private in Cam2Cam. Solo tu e l'altro utente vi connetterete.

I primi dieci minuti di chat sono disponibili gratuitamente.

Detto questo, i prezzi sono elencati di seguito:

  • 20 crediti costano 16,90 USD
  • 60 crediti costano 48,90 USD
  • 120 crediti costano 89,90 USD  

Questi sono gli unici tre lotti disponibili al momento. Non è noto se il sito amplierà la sua offerta in futuro. Al momento non offre opzioni di abbonamento. Gli uomini devono acquistare crediti per poter chattare con le donne, quindi le ragazze interessate a lavorare su questo sito possono essere sicure che, anche se le interazioni sono brevi, accumuleranno comunque punti.

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Is LuckyCrush Legit And Safe To Use?

LuckyCrush is a legit platform where you can engage in video chats, whether sexual or not, with women or men from across the globe. The chat is random, so you will never know who may appear in the next chat. However, if you are a man interested in using this platform to have fun for a while, you can be sure that you will only find women – the website is very strict when it comes to accepting new members.

This platform is one of the safest sites for private Cam2Cam shows. It ensures that each member is a real person before they can start chatting with others. Plus, if you encounter a problem, the customer support team is available almost all the time to answer all the questions you may have about the platform or its functioning.

Secure Servers 

The website users optimized and secured servers to process conversations between members. LuckyCrush goes the extra mile to ensure the privacy of its members. So, it is unlikely for data breaches to occur, and if they ever happen, it is very unlikely for your data to be compromised.

Hence, you can be sure that you will have a fun and safe experience while chatting with other members at LuckyCrush, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man.

Everyone Has A Different Experience

Keep in mind that the experience you will have on the website is quite subjective as you never know with whom you might be chatting at the moment. However, after testing the site and reading reviews on the web, we have come to the conclusion that the platform is 100% safe and legit

The primary complaint that people have about the site is the strict verification process that they have to go through before they can start chatting. However, this practice is not inherently bad – it can provide more security to the site and prevents scammers from appearing and making the site unpleasant for the rest of the user base. 

Affiliate Program

This website has an affiliate program available for webmasters, too. It is actually quite easy to get started with the affiliate program – it will only take you a few minutes to get started. All you need to do is sign up, and the website will generate a unique affiliate link for you to share with other users (specifically men) who might be interested in trying out the website.

LuckyCrush also grants you several tools you can use to attract traffic to the main site. This way, you will be able to make even more money through the affiliate program.

Questa piattaforma ti garantisce 20% di quanto un utente spende per un determinato pacchetto. Non ti viene richiesto di convalidare o confermare nulla e i guadagni che ottieni sono a vita. Secondo il sito, circa 60% dei loro clienti diventano clienti ricorrenti, quindi il potenziale di guadagno di questo sito potrebbe essere relativamente alto. 

affilliato luckycrush

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Pensieri finali 

LuckyCrush is a new platform that combines random chats with camming sites. It can be a good way to earn some extra money as a girl, as men are required to pay. One thing is for sure – men will only be able to match with women and vice versa, making it an excellent place for heterosexual pairings.

While the concept of the website is still a bit too simple, it can be a nice site for those who want to start in the camming world without necessarily exposing themselves “publicly”. The website offers a secure and private platform where everyone can enjoy video chats with random girls or guys, depending on who you are.

This is not a traditional camming site. Thus, it may take a while for “models” to get used to the concept.

Originally posted 2022-10-13 12:12:14.