カムソーダ is one of the best options you have for camming. The website is newer, which means there is less competition than on more prominent websites, and you can quickly build your reputation if you perform continuously. Of course, when you’ve just started, you’ll need to work hard. Most models that just begun their modeling careers spend more than five hours a day on camera.

The hours you’ll spend on the camera will start reducing once you start getting an audience. The broader the audiences, the more opportunities of working you have. カムソーダ is no different. Since this is a camming site, most of your income will come from performing on camera. However, it is possible to earn more money on カムソーダ by doing other things.

Besides the regular payouts, カムソーダ offers several bonuses to their models. This is one of the best websites you can choose to start your modeling career or a good alternative if you already started. カムソーダ allows cam-splitting too, but we’ll teach you how to earn more money using this fabulous feature later on the article.

Earning money on CamSoda by doing adult webcam shows


オンラインで紹介される多くのレビュー、ガイド、または情報は、一人のモデル、アフィリエイト、またはファンの視点からのものであるが、私たちの知識は、何百人ものクリエイターと一対一で作業することから生じている。カムモデルから金融界の支配者まで、私たちには 経験を積むことでしか得られない事実確認の層が加わる.

あなたは、このサイトを毎日訪れる何千人もの読者の仲間入りです。 始め方 もっと稼ぐ クリエイターとしてだ。

購入を希望する キャプション パック、スクリプト、その他のリソースがあなたのビジネスに役立つか? サブトーミードットコム がカバーしています。


Since CamSoda is a camming site, you’ll broadcast a lot. During your first weeks, you’ll perform for more hours than the average models because the audience is just getting to know you. First, you should establish yourself and see how things go. Trying all the alternatives you have is crucial so you can have information about what works best for you.

Most people who come to CamSoda are looking for free shows, so most models know how to keep a large number of fans entertained. Make sure you have some charm and creativity so the show doesn’t become monotonous, but that rarely happens. See below for more information about all the options you have to make your shows different.

First, let’s get to know all the adult webcam shows you can do on CamSoda:

Auto-Reset Tip Goal

This is a good strategy if you want to earn as many tokens as possible in little time. You can set up a tip goal, and once it is reached either once or multiple times, it’ll reset. When you reach a tip goal, you will perform something, and so on. Many models use this strategy, and it works incredibly well.

Tip Menu

If you would like to give your viewers all the options right from the start, then you can use a tip menu instead. They will have all the information available, so they know what to expect after tipping. Tip goals work exceptionally well with tip menus!

Golden Ticket

If you want to make sure everyone that enters your room is going to tip, you can make them purchase a Golden Ticket. You can also set the tickets to be available only during a specific timeframe.

Tip Goal

If you want to do something specific and don’t have any other things in mind, you can go with a single tip goal. These shows are simple, so they are not really recommended because you won’t earn too much from them.

Earning money on CamSoda by selling videos and photos

CamSoda does not only allow models to go live, but you can also make some of your content available for a determinate price. This is not the “premium content” you can sell on other websites; all pictures and videos are sold as single pieces. Also, all the media you put for sale in your profile will be sold in tokens, and you get to set the price for them.

Videos and photos can be either promotional (they will be available for free for everyone) or sold for tokens.

Make your wishlist available on your profile.

Almost all camming sites allow their models to set-up a wish list. A wish list is basically made of items you would like to have, and sometimes viewers like to spoil their favorite model. If you’re lucky, you will have something new waiting for you in your mail once in a while.

をお探しだろうか? もっと簡単に稼ぐ方法?


👉🏾 SubToMy.comで、キャプションパック、スクリプト、電子書籍、ビデオコースを購入しよう。

CamSoda is the only camming website that offers health insurance bonuses.

CamSoda is one of the best sites you can choose for camming. You get many benefits, including health insurance bonuses. However, to qualify for them, you must be registered on the website for more than six months. Models get different bonuses depending on how much they earn per month:

  • If you earn from $3,500 to $6,999 each month, you’ll receive $125 per month.
  • If you earn more $7,000 than each month, you’ll receive $250 per month.

To qualify for the bonus, you must provide proof of health insurance.

Earn money on CamSoda by Cam-Splitting

Essentially, cam-splitting is perfuming on multiple websites. Many websites have this feature available, and CamSoda is one of them. Most people that do cam-splitting do it to earn more customers interested in private sessions. By going public on multiple websites at the same time, you’ll be more likely to meet more customers interested in your services.

Make more money through the referral program.

A referral program is available on CamSoda. If you get new people to register on the website using your link, you will earn a bonus. This is also possible by getting a new performer registered on the website.

Information about CamSoda Tokens

Like many other camming sites, CamSoda uses a token system. Tokens are like the website’s currency, and they’re used for pretty much everything, including your webcam shows and all the content you have available for sale in your profile. A token on CamSoda is worth $0.05.

CamSoda offers different bonuses to models.

Earning money on CamSoda is extremely easy. If you’re looking for a website to start performing as a webcam model, then you don’t need to look anymore. CamSoda is currently the best option you have as a side hustle.

CamSoda is one of the highest paying cam sites that are currently on the internet. The website offers daily, weekly and monthly bonuses to models, depending on how much they earned. 毎日$400のボーナスを3か所に分けて提供している。

  • First place: $200.
  • Second place: $125.
  • Third place: $75.



  • The weekly bonus consists of $2,000.
  • The monthly bonus consists of $3,000.

As you can see, there are multiple ways of earning money with CamSoda. All the bonuses you have available make it one of the best options you have for camming. If you’re interested in becoming a webcam model, now you know about all the opportunities you would have if you started working with CamSoda!

Besides all the bonuses, CamSoda offers many other things to their models, including protection to all their content and chargeback. If you were to face some of these issues, you could count that the website will take care of it so you can save some headaches and time.

CamSodaの詳細については、モデル用プラットフォームのレビューと概要をお読みください。 ここをクリック.CamSodaに登録して、今すぐ稼ぎ始めるには。 はこちらをご覧ください。


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