The Difference Between Milkshake and Feedlink: Two Page Building Type Bio Links

If you’re a social media manager or influencer, then there are two types of bio links that you have probably noticed on Instagram pages: Milkshake and Feedlink. In this blog post, we will discuss what they are and how to use them in your marketing efforts!

About the Milkshake App

Milkshake is Envato’s first free Android software. It has enabled creatives, entrepreneurs, and brands to transform an Instagram account’s “link in bio” into a dramatic Insta-based website, that too in minutes!

In simple words, Milkshake App is an easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface that lets you develop a website easily. It is a fun, on-the-go method to create web pages on your phone in minutes.

The Milkshake app takes advantage of Instagram’s one-link-in-bio rule to give Instagrammers a fun and fast procedure to build a website in a jiffy! What more could you probably ask for?

This app comprises various links in its bio and connects followers to everything they have to offer with a professional and magnificent Instagram website.

Milkshake is akin to a Snapchat story. Using this, you can select a card that will assist as a blog post on your website. It comes with 4-5 ready-to-use themes that you can quickly change.

However, you can also exclusively have one website. You can either add an existing available template or build something from scratch. The Milkshake app also provides you with complimentary analytics to keep track of your online visitors.

Additionally, you can utilize the Milkshake website to promote your YouTube channel. Isn’t that worthwhile? Of course, it is! It is worth giving a shot.

About Feedlink

EmbedSocial’s Feedlink is a multi-platform landing page that assembles for you a clickable Instagram feed – with all your content in one place. This tool enables you to assign a unique link to each photo from your feed posts to maximize the ability of your Instagram account as a sales and distribution channel.

Instagram allows businesses to visually express themselves and communicate with their audience in various ways; from announcing new products to sharing behind-the-scenes stories in an elaborate and visually friendly way, Feedlink helps small businesses grow in today’s day and age.

Almost all brands on Instagram frequently require a call-to-action tool to help them take their prospective customers to the conversion stage and fill up the lower-end of the sales funnel.

So, Feedlink is like a call-to-action button that boosts businesses in achieving specific objectives in their Instagram operations, such as:

  • Spiking the number of visitors to their website
  • Significantly increasing the revenue count by using survey forms to get more leads
  • It makes it easier for your followers to discover more products in the future

One location for one link has significant limitations.

And this is precisely the problem that EmbedSocial’s Feedlink aims to fix. So, the limitations are not a dealbreaker by any means.

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Features of the Milkshake Platform

Instagram has a hugely influential aspect on its 1 billion active users’ lives globally.

However, it may be a daunting environment to some with so many filters, updates, and OOTDs. You only have one link on your Instagram profile, so use it wisely.

By using an app like Milkshake, you can accomplish an easy-to-build site for Instagram’s mobile web browser.

This app is an excellent tool for anyone who desires a website but doesn’t wish to spend hours building it. It only takes four stages to set up a Milkshake-powered Instagram-based website.

Firstly, you can select a card or a fundamental framework for your website layout. Then you add the content you would wish to have on your site.

Milkshake’s ‘Shake it up’ feature delivers you a fresh, on-trend impression with every touch. When you’ve finished assembling all the pages you require and are convinced with your site, go ahead and publish it. Then include the link in your Instagram bio.

Milkshake seems to be an extraordinary method, whether you need a solo site or a beneficial strategy that links to all of your other sites without too much effort.

If you’re a low-budget digital creator who only needs a quick, easy-to-maintain website, the Milkshake App is ideal for introducing yourself and your work to your audience.

milkshake features

Features of Feedlink

As mentioned earlier, Feedlink is a web and mobile-friendly landing page functionality that centralizes your Instagram feed and enables you to tag each photo in the meal with a unique link.

Suppose you own a fashion store. In that case, your supporters can analyze all the available products in the page feed by clicking on the Feedlink in your bio.

Still, they can also click on the photographs to go directly to the checkout pages where they can purchase them. Wait, there is more!

If you aim to drive more traffic from Instagram to your blog post, look no further. You can include the blog article URL in your bar to make it simpler for followers to uncover the material they’re looking for.

feedlink features

Pricing for the Platform

Milkshake’s website builder is 100% free! Now that’s a terrific way to get started, but wait, there’s more!

You receive the following advantages when you join and sign up for free.

You’ll earn some cards to utilize to build your Instagram website. The cards available on the Milkshake app now are:

  • About: Introduction of yourself and your brand
  • Links: If you don’t like to spend a lot of time developing a website, this is an excellent option for influencers and content creators
  • Top Picks: In this category, you can share more content with your audience
  • Splash: Make a splash with promotional offers or amusing items
  • YouTube: You can also increase subscribers to your channel or videos by stimulating them on YouTube

Also, each card includes 14 templates to choose from (with more on the way), allowing you to add as much fun as you like.

milkshake pricing

Pricing for Feedlink

Feedlink is a free platform to sign up for. You get the following advantages when you sign up for free.

  • 1 Page Source
  • Total 10 Albums to get started with
  • Page Albums on Facebook
  • Instagram Albums
  • Photos update functionality after a gap of 24 hours

Also, there are two more pricing plans available if you want to upgrade your skills.

Pro Plan

It will cost you about $49 per month. Also, you will get additional features like:

  • Page Albums on Facebook
  • Multiple Options and Layouts at your disposal
  • Facebook Sync functionality
  • Page Galleries on Facebook
  • Instagram Albums option
  • Photos & Albums can be updated after 15 minutes
  • Responsive & Lightbox Mode
  • 6 Page Sources
  • Endless Albums that you can upload, with no hold barred!
  • Twitter Albums option

Premium Plan

If you are ready to spend $99 per month and go all in, this is probably the maximum you can get out of the Feedlink platform. Features of this pricing plan include:

  • Multiple Options and Layouts
  • 15 Page Sources
  • Unlimited Albums that you can upload
  • Page Albums on Facebook
  • Page Galleries on Facebook
  • Instagram Albums
  • Twitter Albums functionality
  • Lightbox and Responsive Mode
  • Facebook Sync
  • Photos and Albums can be updated after 15 minutes

If you are unsure about a longtime plan, you can opt for the free pricing plan.

Compared to Linktree, Feedlink is more economical and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It gives additional free features, as well as unrivaled premium features.

If you frequently utilize the “Link in Bio” feature, you might want to consider purchasing the premium plan of Feedlink for your forum; else, the free plan is more than enough for you.

feedlink pricing 1

feedlink pricing 2

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Pros and Cons of Milkshake

Now, allow us to share the benefits and drawbacks of the Milkshake platform. It will assist you in deciding if it’s a suitable option for enhancing your social media handle.


  • Include a link to your Instagram website in your Instagram Stories
  • Cards or the pages on your Instagram website and themes can be easily customized by the β€œShake it Up” feature.
  • Get access to data and insights
  • Use a link to invite your followers to send you emails. They can compose messages to you when they click on the Email link. Also, ask followers to call or message you via a link
  • Add a Buy button that takes users to a PayPal purchase page. This aspect is something you can do for particular products or services
  • Lastly, it is entirely free. Undoubtedly, Milkshake is the most excellent option for you if you are unsure about a lifetime plan


  • Only a few selected cards are at your disposal
  • Customizable fonts are only a handful
  • You’ll need a strong internet connection for this app to work well

Now, it is obvious that the usefulness of being on Milkshake overshadows the drawbacks. You can utilize this platform without hurting your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to take advantage of the numerous benefits right now!

milkshake pros cons

Pros and Cons of Feedlink

Allow us to share all the pros and cons of the platform with you. It will help you to choose the best platform for all your linking needs.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Thanks to the AMP version, you can quickly load the Instagram bio link page
  • Shopper-friendly landing page directing visitors towards product pages to purchase the item
  • Option to change your feed page without any change in the bio link
  • Increase your Instagram profile’s money, conversions, and traffic


  • Ads on the free plan can be a little annoying sometimes

feedlink pros cons

In the end, you will need to decide which one is best for your marketing needs. You may also want to keep an eye on these sites and see how they evolve as more features are added or any changes in policy that affect what type of links people can post from their bio. It’s important to stay aware and informed about all social media platforms so that you know when it’s time to switch up tactics–or at least experiment with something new!