MYM.Fans vs. FanCentro Which Platform for Models

Both MYM.Fans and FanCentor are great platforms to create and sell your content on. They both have their pros and cons, so we’ll go over the two websites so you can get a better idea of which one you would want to join. is a primarily French-speaking premium social media platform for public figures, influencers, and content creators. It has many tools for you to increase your earnings & a unique blurred content feed to give followers even more reason to subscribe.

FanCentro is a new edition to the Centro suite that includes (but is not limited to) ModelCentro, CentroBill, and CentroProfits. With over 12 years in the adult entertainment industry, the creators of FanCentro have your best interest in mind when it comes to their platforms.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two platforms so you can get a clear idea of which one would work for you. By the end of the article, you will know exactly which premium social media platform will help you grow a fan base, gain dedicated subscribers, and make a lot of money.

Ways models make money on MYM.Fans and FanCentro

One of, if not the, most important aspect when choosing a website is how you’re able to make money. What sort of content you’re able to produce and sell on the website. The last thing you want to do is get invested in a site and find out you can’t do something like, say, live stream if that’s what you’re interested in. Both and FanCentro have great ways to sell your content.

You can start earning money on by

  • Monthly subscription services
  • Custom content sales
  • Push media or pay-per-view
  • Tips from fans
  • Their ambassador program

how to make money on mymfans

On FanCentro, influencers can make money from

  • Monthly subscription wall
  • Clip sales from your page
  • Pay per message
  • Premium Snapchat management
  • Tips from fans
  • Their excellent referral program (more on that later)

fancentro how to make money has a very easy to use interface and has the essential methods of making money. FanCentro includes clip sales built-in so you can upload videos and make individual sales even if someone isn’t subscribed.

Payout rates & frequency for MYM.Fans and FanCentro

The second most important aspect when signing up for a platform is how often and how much you get paid. Lower minimums are great for new models that don’t have the fan base yet to generate a lot of income. Higher frequency of payments is great for veteran models that know they’re getting paid every pay day and want that money in their bank account as soon as possible. pays out 75% on subscriptions, 80% on private media, and 90% on tips. This is unique in that there is a different payout depending on how you’re making money. Their SuperStar program increased your subscription and private media rate by 1%.

mymfans payout percentage

Models on are paid out once they reach the minimum €50. They can choose to withdraw twice a week, once a week, twice a month, or once a month. Subscription payments are held pending for 15 days for monthly subs and 60 days for annual subs. Private media and tips are held pending for 7 days after receiving. This is to prevent fraud. After the time limits, income is moved from pending to validated and is queued for withdrawal.

mymfans payout frequency

FanCentro pays out 75% to its content creators with the other 25% going towards website maintenance, payment processing fees, and any other regular business expenses.

fancentro payout percentage

Models on FanCentro are paid weekly every Tuesday after their third week on the platform. There are varying minimums based on the payout method you choose.

  • Paxum: $50
  • ACH: $100
  • Check: $100
  • SEPA: $290
  • Wire: $1250

fancentro payout frequency

Which platform helps models get more fans

Whether you’re a brand new model or a veteran in the space, growing your following organically is fantastic. Both and FanCentro have excellent methods to help you grow your account, it’s just a matter of which makes more sense to you. has a SuperStar program that increases your earnings and increases your chances of getting found in the search function. To be eligible for the SuperStar program, you need

  • Have an account you’re already selling on (certified)
  • Log into the site daily
  • Have at least 50 subscribers during the previous month
  • Post at least 2 pictures in the feed every week
  • Get at least a 90% response rate to private media within 48 hours

The SuperStar program benefits include

  • 1% commission bonus on subscriptions and private media sales
  • A SuperStar badge is shown on your profile
  • Your SuperStar status is highlighted on your subscription page
  • You will be found easier in search with the SuperStar filter
  • You could receive payments via PayPal

The SuperStar status is given out automatically on the 1st of each month and lasts for the duration of the next month.

mymfans promotional help

FanCentro has a great homepage that instantly features popular models. There is a great filter also that allows users to find the newest models, most popular, and best-selling products.

Another great part of FanCentro that helps you get promoted is their affiliate program which gives people an incentive to promote your work. You can provide images you want to be distributed and the affiliate will promote them with a special link back to your page. If someone makes a purchase, they get a percentage of that sale.

fancentro promotional help

Which referral program is better

In case you don’t know, the referral program is an incentive for you if you have friends that are interested in getting started. You can share your referral link with them and you’ll make money anytime they make money. has a sponsorship program that pays out 10% for every model you have signed up with your link. You can refer to as many models as you want and their earnings aren’t affected by this program.

mymfans referral program

The FanCentro referral program pays out 10% earnings for every model you refer to the site. This is for the lifetime of the model on the platform and the 10% does not come out of the model’s earnings. There is no limit to the number of models you can refer to FanCentro.

fancentro referral program

Both and FanCentro have the highest referral programs in the industry. Keep in mind that if you don’t plan on having others sign up, this shouldn’t be a factor for you.

Which should you use MYM.Fans or FanCentro

Both platforms are great in their own right. If you’re looking to start selling content, you can’t go wrong with either platform. is a great platform for having what’s basically a monetized Instagram. FanCentro has affiliates that can promote your account to help it grow on autopilot.

To learn more about FanCentro and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining FanCentro, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

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