Recensie van Wake Up N' Fuck

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Pierre Woodman has several porn sites under his power, and “Wake Up N’ Fuck” is one of his most popular ones. The site receives regular monthly updates with at least one new scene. You’ll watch hot girls being woken up from sleeping only to get fucked by the cameraman. And the best part is that you’ll get to see every minute of it in 4K. 

This website has lengthy videos, with the average length being about one hour. You’ll get to see girls getting fucked, having threesomes (both MFM and FFM), engaging in anal, and many other things. This site has very rich content, so it’s very unlikely for you to get bored of it. 

Here we’ll present you with the good and bad aspects of this platform and will help you decide whether it is worth it to pay for a membership or not.

What is “Wake Up N’ Fuck”?

Wake up and fck logo


Wake Up N’ Fuck is a website where girls wake up only to get fucked immediately. The site features first-timers and professional porn stars. So, it’s all quite balanced.

All the videos you’ll find here are in POV, but the cameraman plays with different angles. So, you’ll get to see these beauties getting fucked in all the ways you can possibly imagine. All the videos are entirely focused on the girl, and since most of them are available in 4K, the experience is way better than what you would get on your average porn sites. It’s almost as if you were fucking the girls yourself.

As of now, WUNF has 368 videos available, each of which features a different model. You’ll find girls of all kinds here. The site features a very extensive tag system, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you want to watch within a few clicks. 

While most of the new content is available in 4K, older videos may only be accessible in Full HD or HD.

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Pros and cons of Wake Up N’ Fuck 

Pierre Woodman is the mind behind each of the videos posted on this website. This man is practically a legend in the porn industry. Hence, all the videos available on this site will have excellent quality, even the older ones. Although there are some technical problems with the site, Wake Up N’ Fuck offers a solid experience to most users and continues to be one of the best POV websites on the Internet.

🎬 Access hundreds of hardcore videos. If you’re into hardcore porn, then this site will delight you. You’ll find anal and vaginal sex, deepthroats, throatpies, and creampies, among many other scenes. Although the number of videos is low, what’s available is really good

🎬 Find both freshers and professional porn stars. You’ll likely recognize some of the faces you’ll see on WUNF, while some others may be new to youAll the videos are very lengthy. You’ll get to see hot girls getting fucked and sucking dick for over one hour. Some videos are almost two hours long

🎬 All videos are available in excellent quality. All of the videos are available in HD, Full HD, or 4K. You’ll get to see hot girls getting fucked in different positions in the best quality you can think of. No videos are available in standard definition here

🎬 You can talk with Woodman himself in the forum. This site also grants you access to Woodman’s forum, where he’s constantly making posts and engaging with the community he has created. Not all sites grant you the opportunity to talk with the creative mind behind your favorite porn videos

🎬 You’ll get access to one bonus site. Your subscription comes with access to “Woodman Gieten X,” the biggest hit by this producer
Updates are limited to two movies per month. While the content available is quite good, you may run out of it pretty soon. As of now, it has only about 360 scenes available. The site is relatively active, but new scenes are very limited

4K videos are not available in lower resolutions. This can be a huge problem for some people, as not all computers are capable of playing 4K videos. Hence, we recommend you check your computer’s specs before deciding to become a member

There isn’t a model index. While the models’ names exist on the site, you can only access them as tags. It’s impossible to get to know your favorite performers even further

Wake Up N’ Fuck is one of the best POV porn sites on the web. Although some aspects of it could be better, what we have at the moment is quite enjoyable. If you choose to get the higher membership option, you’ll also gain access to Woodman Gieten X, which has even more content available.

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Cost and payment options for Wake Up N’ Fuck 


For starters, you should know that you’ll have to pay for this site in Euro. You can do so via credit cards, SEPA and PayPal. There are only two membership options available:

  • Woodman PASS: This membership costs 49.90 EUR per month.  You’ll gain access to Woodman Casting and Wake Up N’ Fuck. You’ll be able to stream and download videos from both sites
  • Wake Up N’ Fuck Only: This membership will grant you access to WUNF for thirty days. You’ll be able to download and stream the videos available on the site

On the other hand, you can also buy credits and get some of the videos individually. The pricing starts at 10.49 EUR per 2 credits. The membership option is still better, though.

Ontwerp en kenmerken van de site 


The site is quite minimalistic and straight to the point. Immediately after you visit it, you’ll see a list of recent porn videos. You can choose to click one of the three tags from above, “videos,” “porn stars,” and “tags,” if you want to explore the website a bit differently.

Please note that the porn star section is quite incomplete. It only shows a list of the models. If you click on them, you’ll see a list with the scenes where that model has appeared. On the other hand, the “tags” tab allows you to choose between many options to find specific videos. Although it isn’t too in-depth, it is quite nice and makes navigating through the site easy.

Other than this, the site doesn’t feature that much. You’ll be able to find a few extra links beside the login/member area, which lead you to other websites within the Woodman network. And unfortunately, you’ll only gain access to Woodman Gieten X if you choose the more expensive option.

While this site may not be “spectacular,” technically speaking, it still offers a solid experience and is quite easy to use. This minimalistic approach is excellent and allows people without too much expertise in computers to use them without problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Does Wake Up N’ Fuck have a download limit?

No. This website doesn’t mention any download limit. So, you’ll be able to download as many videos as you want without any restrictions.

How often does Wake Up N’ Fuck upload?

This website has one or two new scenes per month. It doesn’t have a defined upload schedule, so you’ll have to wait until the new scene appears.

What quality are the videos on Wake Up N’ Fuck?

The videos available on this website are available in HD, Full HD, and UHD 4K.

Biedt mijn lidmaatschap bonussites?

If you choose the most expensive membership option, you’ll gain access to Woodman Gieten X.

Click here to start exploring the hottest scenarios online with Wake Up N’ Fuck!