What is OnlyFans and How Does OnlyFans Work

At this point, we doubt you don’t know about the existence of OnlyFans. This is one of the main topics people talk about every day, and it has become the main source of income for many people worldwide. However, do you really know what OnlyFans is? Do you have any idea of what it is like to use it, or what things can you do there? Probably not.

People often take this website as a joke because almost no one thinks of selling their nude pictures of videos around the web. However, the truth is that websites like OnlyFans can actually become highly profitable if you know how to use them (and handle your audience, of course). So, indeed, being an OnlyFans model is something you should take seriously.

For today’s article, we’re going to explore all the features available in OnlyFans, including the services you can provide, payment methods, and everything you can do on this website in order to earn money. By the end of the article, you’ll probably be convinced of all the great things you can achieve by using it, so stay for a while and learn of all the great things you could get if you used OnlyFans.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a “premium social media” site where people can earn money via subscriptions. People can see your profile, but all the content you upload will be hidden behind a pay-wall. In other words, all the content will be censored for those who haven’t paid the monthly subscription. They must keep paying for the fee in order to keep having full access to your profile.

OnlyFans combines features from social media sites, such as Twitter, and subscription sites, such as Patreon. Both ideas collide to create a unique experience for both customers and models.

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As of now, people who live off adult content prefer to stick with subscription websites like OnlyFans, especially after Tumblr banned all the explicit content from the website, and sites like Twitter or Snapchat are constantly taking down every piece of adult content they detect.

Many people use OnlyFans because it is similar to Twitter, at least in the social aspect. People can see all the models they’re subscribed to in a timeline feed. What is so attractive about these websites is that you can see different models, instead of accessing a page just to see a particular performer’s media.

OnlyFans is similar to Snapchat, too, if we consider this aspect. However, many people are emigrating to OF because Snapchat is also erasing all adult content from their platform (bad news for those who prefer premium Snapchats!)

Why did OnlyFans become so popular?

In the latest years, more and more people started using OnlyFans. This lead to the platform increase the number of models a member could be subscribed to, giving more opportunities to models to generate revenue. Due to this, many people began using this website rather than regular cam or porn websites.

Another aspect that adds extra points to OF is their mobile optimization. When you access the website through a mobile device, you will find a comfy, user-friendly, and easy-to-use interface; you will get familiarized with quickly. Despite not having its own app, the mobile version behaves like one.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

To get started on OnlyFans, content creators must create an account and set up their profile. They can customize it with photos, videos, and even links to other social media platforms. Creators have full control over what they share and can decide whether they want to offer subscriptions or charge for individual pieces of content.

Once the profile is set up, fans interested in accessing exclusive content from their favorite creators can subscribe by paying a monthly fee determined by the creator. This fee grants them access to all the exclusive posts shared on that creator’s page during that month. Subscribers also have the option to tip their favorite creators if they enjoy specific posts or want to show extra support.

On OnlyFans, communication between creators and subscribers is key! Creators often engage with their fans through direct messages (DMs), offering a more personal experience than traditional social media platforms. Fans appreciate this level of interaction as it allows them to feel more connected and valued by their favorite content creators.

It’s important to note that OnlyFans offers a wide range of content categories catering to various interests — from fitness enthusiasts sharing workout routines and tips, musicians providing backstage footage or new song releases, artists showcasing behind-the-scenes creations, YouTubers offering bonus vlogs or tutorials—the possibilities are endless!

OnlyFans acts as both a marketplace for adult-oriented material as well as diverse non-explicit genres such as cooking tutorials or educational advice tailored specifically for subscribers’ needs. This versatility makes it an attractive platform for individuals across different industries looking for alternative revenue streams while connecting closely with dedicated supporters.

Regarding financial matters within this digital ecosystem called OnlyFans, creators receive most of their earnings. The platform retains 20% of the revenue generated by creators, while the remaining 80% is directed to the content creator’s account. This transparent payment structure empowers creators to monetize their content directly and ensures they control their income.

Who Can Become an OnlyFans Model?

There are no real requirements besides being of legal age. Anyone over 18 can become a model on the website regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. The website will require you to submit a digital copy of your ID for further verification. The process only takes a few moments, so you will be ready to set up your page quickly.

How Much Can You Make on OnlyFans?

While it’s impossible to tell you a fixed amount, we can confirm you’ll get 80% of the revenue generated on the website.

First, the monthly subscription prices start from $4.99 monthly, and there are no limits to how much you charge for it.

As you may have assumed, you will earn more the larger the number of subscribers you have. There is more earning potential in subscription websites than in standard cam sites.

Other Services you can provide in OnlyFans

Pay-Per-View Messages

This is another primary feature of OnlyFans. You can select who will receive the Pay-Per-View notification, and those who receive it can choose whether to pay the price for it or not. Fortunately, if your content is good, people will usually pay for it.

This feature is easy to use. It is as simple as using the regular messaging feature; the only difference is that you’ll pick what kind of pics you’ll upload, and after that, you’ll be allowed to set the price. After your subscribers receive the notification, they must confirm whether they will pay the price for the content or not. If they agree to purchase the picture or video, they will be automatically charged (if they have money in their accounts).

OnlyFans Features

There are more features you can enjoy when using OnlyFans.

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OnlyFans is highly mobile-optimized

Although OF doesn’t have its own mobile app, it’s possible to sync your browser with the phone while using it. This allows you to send photos and videos without picking one from the gallery. This feature is excellent for selfies and quick or similar content, almost like Snapchat!

Get more customers using a Free OnlyFans Account

If you don’t know how to promote yourself, running a public OnlyFans account and a private one is a good idea. This is possible when you set the subscription rate to zero; people can see all the content in your free profile.

The free profile may serve as a “sneak peek” of what they will find in your private account. Also, you can monetize these accounts, thanks to the PPV messages and locked content. OF allows you to squeeze as much juice from your subscribers as possible!

Also, please note that in OF, members must have a valid credit card when signing up; otherwise, the platform won’t allow them to follow any model. So, basically, everyone on this website is willing to pay for good content, and they’re just a few moments away from it. A public account is a great strategy to attract potential customers in the long run!

Offer Discounts and Free Trials

Discounts and free trials are part of the promotional tools available in OF. Thanks to these features, you can offer a lower price to selected subscribers for a long time.

You only have to set the discount amount. If you’re going to give free trials, set the discount amount to 100% for a selected period.

Earn more money with OnlyFans’ Referral Program

This feature is available for all OF the models. For every new model you invite to the website, you will receive an extra 5% of what they make on the website.

Regional Block

It’s possible to block whole countries in OF. On the settings page, you will see a drop-down menu with the locations you can block. It’s also possible to ban particular users by blocking their IP addresses. Blocking IP ranges is also possible!

OnlyFans Payment Information

First, you should know that OF pays its models 80% of the revenue they produce on the website. To receive your money, first, you must request it. The website has available options for both international and USA-based models.

USA residents can receive ACH or a direct deposit payout. International models have available ePayments, Paxum, and wire transfers. Those who reside in Europe have SEPA as another payment method, and those who live in Canada or Australia can also receive a direct deposit on their bank accounts.

All cashout options have different minimum amounts ranging from $20 to $200, depending on the selected method. As for the payout frequency, you can request your payment monthly, weekly, or when needed.

How Does OnlyFans Work For Beginners

So, how do you start?

When you start on a website like this, you want to start with the right foot. First, you should take some pics or vids for the “cushion content” you will have available once you get registered on the website. This content will be available since the moment you open your profile before you begin any kind of promotion.

This way, those who subscribe to your profile first will have enough content while at the same time you work in building your OF feed.

It’s a good idea to take some photosets, a lengthy video, and a series of short ones. This will be like an incentive so people will sign up for your content immediately.

Why is cushion content necessary?

Okay, you can start an OnlyFans page; however, people won’t subscribe if you don’t have any content available on it. Also, having to wait for you to upload content may take a while, and you want to keep people interested in you.

Another good strategy you can use to get more followers since the very start is to offer promotions, like sending your customers a determinate amount of pics or clips after joining, and so on.

Schedule content

OnlyFans allows you to schedule content so you can keep your feed active, even if you haven’t taken photos or videos in a while. This is a great opportunity for those who are cam models or producers because you probably have tons of content available.

However, if you’ve just started, it’s a good idea to start planning some photosets, then schedule a picture or two each day so you can keep your timeline active. All of this should be enough for people to keep interested in you, but consider that it also depends on the cost of your subscription fee.

OnlyFans Subscription Fees

Usually, an OF subscription fee is worth from $7.99 to $14.99, depending on several factors. For example, people who upload particular fetishes may charge more, while those who stick to vanilla content usually charge less. Subscription fees are not the only way of earning money in OnlyFans. You can also take advantage of the Pay-Per-View messages.

OnlyFans Pay-Per-View Messages

OnlyFans has available a Pay-Per-View system, one of the best in the adult industry. This feature allows you to select particular members and send them individual messages. This feature is excellent for promotional purposes and also to get in touch with your audience directly while you earn money simultaneously.

Many models prefer to use the pay-per-view feature instead of the regular subscription content because there are better opportunities for proliferating. Use your creativity to take advantage of this feature!

Tip Menus available in OnlyFans

This feature aims for custom content. For example, you can offer full-length videos or custom photosets or videos. It all depends on what you are willing to offer, and in most cases, people like to pay for it.

This feature allows you to have more activity in your feed; hence, it’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers. The content you produce for a tip menu can be available for everyone subscribed to your profile, or you can make it available for purchase.

Subscriber Goals to increase the traffic to your page

If you want to make people come to your profile, you must think of different ways to make people interested in your content. For example, you can reward your followers every time you reach a subscriber milestone. This way, people will contribute to finding more customers in order to have more exclusive content from you.

This is great for models that have just started. Small goals help a lot to find new subscribers, and of course, you can increase them as you grow on the website. The more subscribers you have, the better the quality of your content should be.

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More information about OnlyFans:

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