BongaCams vs. Sakura Live: Comparing Sites for Models, Fans, and Affiliates

BongaCams and Sakura Live are two of the largest sites for webcam models and fans. They are both very different sites with their pros and cons, but which one is better? In this post, we will compare BongaCams vs. Sakura Live in several categories to determine who comes out on top as the best site for cam performers, viewers, and affiliates!

Najpierw sprawdzimy, jak duży jest ruch na obu stronach i ile kosztuje oglądanie modeli. Następnie zajmiemy się szczegółami dotyczącymi wykonawców, takimi jak częstotliwość wypłat i dodatkowe sposoby, w jakie platforma pomaga zarabiać pieniądze. Na koniec porozmawiamy o programach partnerskich dla każdej ze stron i zobaczymy, jak się one mają do siebie.


A brief introduction of BongaCams and Sakura Live

BongaCams: Europejskie marzenie

BongaCams to jedna z najpopularniejszych stron z kamerkami, jakie można znaleźć w Internecie. Obecnie odwiedza ją ponad 310 milionów użytkowników miesięcznie, więc możesz zacząć zdobywać zwolenników już od momentu rejestracji na stronie.

BongaCams każdego dnia rejestrują się nowe osoby, w tym widzowie i modelki. Możesz zdobyć publiczność już w momencie, kiedy zostaniesz zweryfikowany, ponieważ wielu członków nieustannie szuka nowych modeli do naśladowania.

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Sakura Live: Uncensored Japanese Video Chat


Sakura Live is a camming site that primarily features Asian girls, specifically girls from Japan, but it also features models from other Asian countries. There is plenty of room to choose from, regardless of what you might be into. Models can perform different things depending on what they feel comfortable with and how creative they can get. 

Girls tend to put on a show, depending on what they’re into and what they’re feeling. You can find different categories to choose from – ranging from vanilla shows to BDSM-themed rooms.

The website allows fans to choose from different filters and categories, including “age,” “breasts,” “appearance,” and a miscellaneous category, which includes filters like zabawki and newbies. The website does an excellent job at categorizing the type of girl that members want. Since it is mainly focused on Asian girls, it does not have filters for ethnicities or similar characteristics.

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How much traffic BongaCams and Sakura Live get

Nocny ruch w centrum Los Angeles

Jeśli jesteś modelką lub po prostu interesujesz się branżą cam, to na pewno słyszałeś o BongaCams oraz Sakura Live. Są to dwie najpopularniejsze strony z sex czatem na żywo w internecie, z tak dużą liczbą użytkowników na całym świecie.

Ale jak wypadają w porównaniu z innymi? Przyjrzyjmy się teraz liczbom!

Statystyki ruchu BongaCams

Global Rank (wszystkie strony)90.
Ranking stron dla dorosłych27.
Całkowity miesięczny ruch (szacunkowo)389,59 mln miesięcznie
5 krajów o największej liczbie odwiedzającychStany Zjednoczone, Ukraina, Włochy, Polska, Japonia

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bongacams stat

Sakura Live Traffic Stats

It is safe to say that the majority of people who frequent this website are men. After all, most of the content on the site is directed toward a predominantly heterosexual male audience. Plus, according to the website, it has more than 22,000 registered performers. Still, you can only find around 100 or 200 models performing regardless of when you choose to access the website. 

You should also know that, even though the website mainly welcomes Asian-looking girls, it has recently been welcoming models from all across the globe. You can find people from all continents at any given time. However, girls from Asian countries are in abundance. There is plenty of room to choose from as a fan. 

Also, it’s important to note that this website has relatively good traffic. At the moment of review, most cam girls had between 5-100 viewers, although the numbers can go up depending on how engaging the model is. 

Keep in mind though that this is a small website. Although public shows are available, private shows are the main focus. It seems to have good tippers, as many models reported having a good experience on the site (we expand more on this topic below).

Thus, if you are an Asian-looking girl trying to find ways to make some extra money, perhaps Sakura Live can be the right platform for you.

sakura -live-traffic-stats

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Token cost/pay per hour on BongaCams and Sakura Live

As a viewer, you’re probably curious how much it costs to purchase tokens or how much pay-per-view is on BongaCams or Sakura Live. In this section, we’ll talk about buying tokens or watching your favorite perform live for your viewing pleasure.

Koszty tokenów BongaCams

1 żeton na BongaCams kosztuje od 0,05 do 0,08 euro.

ŻetonyKoszt żetonuKoszt jednego tokena

Są to najbardziej aktualne BongaCams ceny żetonów.

Koszty prywatne BongaCams

Czat grupowy30 tokenów/minutę
Prywatny czat60 żetonów/minutę
Pełny Prywatny Czat90 tokenów/minutę
Czat dla podglądaczy/szpiegów15 tokenów/minutę

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koszty tokenów bongacams

koszty prywatne bongacams

Sakura Live Token Costs

The currency system utilized in Sakura Live is “points”. You can only purchase points in bundles, but they generally have a cost of around $2. We have mentioned above the cost of each type of show.

All actions at Sakura Live have a cost. Therefore, this website is not recommended for fans that would like to chat with a hot cam girl without paying. Sakura Live is quite strict in this regard and only allows paid members to join.

Sakura Live is compatible with several payment methods, including debit and credit cards.

This platform does not have a subscription system available. Bundles are single-payment items, so you will be able to continue using the site not worrying about being charged to your credit card without knowing. Still, we recommend you go through the website’s FAQ section to find more information regarding the payment methods available. 

In addition, keep in mind that points have an expiry date. After two years of inactivity, all points will be removed from your account – make sure not to abandon the site and spend all your points before it is too late. 

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The best parts of BongaCams and Sakura Live for models

Jako modelka kamery internetowej dla dorosłych, prawdopodobnie będziesz musiała poruszać się po różnych stronach z kamerami. Przy tak wielu dostępnych opcjach może być trudno zdecydować, która strona jest dla ciebie najlepsza. Istnieje wiele czynników, które mogą wpłynąć na Twoją decyzję, kiedy będziesz wybierać najlepszą dla siebie stronę, w tym struktura płatności, demografia widzów i wiele innych. W tej części porównamy dwie główne strony z kamerkami: BongaCams oraz Sakura Live; przedstawiając niektóre z ich wad i zalet oraz to, co sprawia, że każda z nich jest na swój sposób wspaniała.

Broń na pieniądze na stole

Getting paid on BongaCams and Sakura Live

The camming industry is a booming business. Millions of people worldwide are tuning in every day to watch live feeds on sites like BongaCams and Sakura Live. The money made by webcam models has been increasing steadily over the years. In this section, we’ll talk about how much you’re going to get paid and how often you can get paid on each website.

Metody płatności dostępne na BongaCams

There are multiple payment methods available on BongaCams; it’s just a matter of choosing the one you feel more comfortable with. As we’ve explained below, a token is worth five cents, and models keep about 50% of the revenue generated by their content on the website.

The minimum payout in BongaCams is $50, and you are allowed to request cashout through one of the following methods:

  • Czeki
  • ACH
  • Paxum
  • Przelew bankowy

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bongacams jak zarabiać

How to get paid on Sakura Live

Sakura Live has excellent reviews when it comes to payouts. Most models have reported being paid on time, so most of them have no complaints in this regard. The payouts are calculated using the 30% percent of the sales you have generated during that particular period. You can earn around 10% in bonuses (accumulative) and 1% cashback.

It is only possible to receive payments two days a month. The first period is on the 5th, and the second is on the 20th. Make sure to set up your preferred payment method to get paid in time.

The minimum payout at Sakura Live is $300 – thus, you may have to work a bit more than in the average camming site, but you can be sure that your earnings will arrive safe and sound whenever you request them. As of now, the payment methods available include Paxum, ePayService, and wire transfers.

All payments are sent in USD. You can sign up as an individual model or as a studio that manages several girls who will perform on the website.

Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for Sakura Live


Public performances on BongaCams and Sakura Live

Brunetka w bieliźnie pozująca na skórzanym fotelu

Performing for the public is a great way to build up your following if the platform allows it. Here we’ll talk about whether BongaCams oraz Sakura Live allow performing for the public and what to expect when you do.

Publiczne pokazy BongaCams

Most people in BongaCams are looking for some “freemium” fun. They’re willing to pay, but they would instead do it during a show that’s available for everyone rather than requesting a full private show from you. It almost feels like teamwork to pay for a hot model to perform on camera. If someone runs out of tokens, they will still be able to watch the show.

Możesz łatwo zarabiać na swoich odbiorcach, jeśli wiesz, jak zachęcić ich do wysyłania wskazówek.

Pokazy publiczne są opłacalne, ponieważ zarabia na nich szersza publiczność, a nie tylko wybrana grupa. Publiczne pokazy stają się przyjemniejsze, kiedy używasz interaktywnych seks pokazów. Te działają niezwykle efektownie z grami na napiwki i menu napiwków, więc upewnij się, że prawidłowo skonfigurowałeś swój pokój rozmów!

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bongacams pokazy publiczne

Sakura Live Public Shows

Public shows are available at Sakura Live, too. You can choose these shows instead of private ones if you would like to attract a wider audience and more potential paid customers. Most members that enter these chatrooms are willing to pay, so it is not complicated for models to find clients and for fans to find a model that is willing to perform their dirtiest fantasies.

Other than this, Sakura Live does not have regular features that camming sites do – it does not have a tipping system. While models can choose to engage in sexual activity for free (and many of them do), the platform will not pay them by performing for free – for that, they must enter a private room.

Public shows are quite engaging, and many people seem to enjoy them. It is not uncommon to find models with an open chat room where everyone can enter. Still, it is required for all members to register before they can access cam shows – no exceptions. 

Either way, many models may open free chats just to talk to members and keep up with them. It depends on the nature of the model.


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Private performances on BongaCams and Sakura Live

Seksowna Azjatka w bikini na jachcie, koncepcja letnia

Doing private shows is a great way to earn some serious money. Here we’ll talk about whether BongaCams and Sakura Live allow more intimate performances and what to expect when you do.

Prywatne pokazy BongaCams

Prywatne pokazy

Private shows are possible on BongaCams, and they are charged by the minute. It is recommended to set the show’s terms before it starts, so everyone is comfortable with it. People can spy on private shows. The private session will terminate if the client does not have any tokens left.

Pełne prywatne pokazy

Są jak prywatne pokazy, ale ludzie nie mogą ich szpiegować.

Pokazy szpiegowskie

Paid members are allowed to spy on your private sessions. If they do so, you earn some extra money. There’s a feature called “fake privates,” where you can profit even if the spies aren’t from BongaCams. Spies are only charged seven tokens per minute, so the more, the merrier. They cannot interact with the model; they can only watch.

Pokazy grupowe

Jest to odmiana prywatnego pokazu. Wybrana grupa osób zamawia twoje usługi i wszyscy płacą 15 żetonów za minutę. To niższa stawka niż w przypadku zwykłych prywatnych pokazów, ale im więcej osób będzie w twoim pokoju, tym więcej zarobisz. Wiele osób cieszy się na takie pokazy, ponieważ niskie stawki sprawiają, że są one bardziej dostępne.

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bongacams prywatne pokazy

Sakura Live Private Shows

While the website has several “free chat rooms” available, the main focus of the site is private shows. So, if you like camming and prefer more “intimate” fun along with your favorite performer, this site is the right choice for you. It is also a good selection of models, as they get paid by the minute.

The average price of a private show at Sakura Live is around $1.99-$3.99 by the minute. However, models can choose their fee and their clients at all times. Members get a free $20.00 bonus upon registering. This bonus equals around ten minutes in the average private room at Sakura Live

There is a party mode known as “members chat,” which costs around 1.2 points per minute. It allows multiple members to interact with a particular model and make requests while the model is getting paid by the minute. Most models have really “enclosed” rooms, so it may not be that difficult for fans to get their requests heard.

Sakura Live also has a remote-control toy that members can use to enjoy the shows even more. It allows your fans to control the toy with their keyboard, similar to the other interactive zabawki that other camming sites have available. It is an additional cost that makes models earn even more money, too.


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Making more money on BongaCams and Sakura Live

Oprócz typowych prywatnych lub publicznych pokazów, świetna platforma pomoże ci zdobyć dodatkowe dochody. Dodatkowym wynagrodzeniem mogą być konkursy godzinowe lub miesięczne, stawka godzinowa lub inne bonusy. Sprawdźmy, jak BongaCams and Sakura Live hook you up to perform more often and make even more money.

Dodatkowe sposoby, w jakie BongaCams płaci modelkom

BongaCams has a number of contests running at all times, both hourly and weekly.

. BongaCams hourly contest pays out $10 to the most popular and $5 to the second most popular rooms. There are two hourly contests, one for females/couples and one for trans performers.

BongaCams also runs a few weekly contests for the most popular models that award prizes to the top 100 modele. Są one przeznaczone dla najlepszej kobiety Ameryki Północnej/Europy Zachodniej w jednym konkursie i najlepszej kobiety międzynarodowej w drugim konkursie.

od 4 do 15$100
od 16 do 30$50
31. do 50.$25
51. do 100.$15

Co tydzień odbywa się również konkurs dla najlepszych par, w którym nagrodami są

od 4 do 15$50
od 16 do 30$25
31. do 50.$15

Co więcej, co tydzień odbywa się konkurs Top 10 dla najlepszych mężczyzn i transseksualistów.

od 4 do 10$25

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bongacams dodatkowe wynagrodzenie

bongacams dodatkowe wypłaty

Sakura Live additional ways to make money

As we have described until this point, this website has a very to-the-point but, nonetheless, engaging experience. Fans will be able to interact with their favorite model in different ways, but it is only possible to earn money in private chats or member chats. It does not have meaningful additional ways to make extra money. 

Generally speaking, here are the point rates that Sakura Live displays:

  • A regular chat has a cost of 1.2 points per minute
  • A private or exclusive chat has a cost of 2.2 points per minute
  • A 2-way chat has a cost of an additional 0.5 points per minute
  • Private or “secret” messages have a cost of 1 point
  • Controlling a model’s remote toy has a cost of 1 point per minute
  • The “bukkake” option has a cost of 1.5 points per use
  • The “lip/hand” option has a cost of 0.2 points per use

While models have the ability to modify their rates, these are the average prices that members will have to deal with once they enter a room and start interacting with their favorite model. Below you can find a list of the token costs and what you can do to keep your favorite performer interested in you.


Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for Sakura Live

The BongaCams and Sakura Live affiliate programs explained

Trader inwestujący pieniądze

If you’re a fan of cam sites like BongaCams and Sakura Liveto prawdopodobnie szukałeś programu partnerskiego, do którego mógłbyś dołączyć. Chcesz promować te strony, ponieważ są one najlepszymi z najlepszych platform cammingowych. Ale która z nich jest dla Ciebie odpowiednia?

Omówimy szczegółowo, jak obie platformy mogą pomóc ci, jako afiliantowi lub nawet modelce, zarabiać pieniądze bez wchodzenia na kamerę.

Program partnerski BongaCams

Program "Pay per email

Możesz zarobić do $4.50 za każdą rejestrację, która potwierdzi swój adres e-mail. W zależności od kraju, w którym użytkownik się zarejestruje, zmienia się wysokość zarobków.

Program dzielenia się dochodami

Revshare to świetny, stabilny sposób na zarabianie powtarzających się pieniędzy. Otrzymujesz aż do 25% z tego, co wyda osoba polecona przez Ciebie na całe życie! Znasz to szalone zjawisko kuli śnieżnej, które dzieje się, gdy wydajesz więcej, a zarobki po prostu przychodzą.

Program poleceń

Za każdego webmastera, który zarejestruje się pod dowolnym kodem linku i spełni kryteria, otrzymasz automatyczną prowizję w wysokości 5% od tego, co zarobi.

Model programu poleceń

Zarabiaj więcej pieniędzy, zapraszając nowe modelki! Wystarczy, że podasz link do kampanii ze swojego konta BongaCash, a otrzymasz 5% dożywotnich zarobków za każdą poleconą modelkę. Podobnie jak w przypadku programu revshare, zarobek ten rośnie z czasem.

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program partnerski bongacams

The Sakura Live affiliate program explained

As is usual for camming sites, Sakura Live also has an affiliate program available. However, you will be working with the site’s main company, DTI Cash. Upon entering the site. You will find a list of websites that you may also find interesting to work with right now. 

Sakura Live offers up to 35% revenue share for life. It is a very generous affiliate program compared to other sites. In addition, the following information may be useful for some people:

  • Each time you refer a webmaster, you will earn 5% of the commission
  • You can earn up to 50% commission for new and recurring signups on any of the download sites listed at DTI Cash
  • You will also get a 75% commission on new signups plus an additional 10% recurring commission if you get people to register on video chat sites by DTI Cash
  • The site also says they are giving $75 for joining

There is plenty of information available at DTI Cash, so we recommend you visit the website and familiarize yourself with all the information you need before you become part of the site’s affiliate program. Overall, webmasters have reported having a good experience with the site, but you can try it out for yourself and see how it works for you.


Models, Fans, and Affiliates: Click here to sign up for Sakura Live