Recenzja Casting Couch HD: Prawdziwy casting!

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If you’ve been on the internet for a while, it’s very likely that you’ve heard about Casting Couch HD. After all, this site has become quite famous around the web since it was first launched. 

This site features girls who attend meetings that will allegedly land them a role as video vixens on rap music videos. However, they only end up getting fucked by the casting agent’s BBC. If they can take black cock, they probably will do well as actresses.

Casting Couch HD offers some of the best content you’ll find on the web. After more than 8 years of being launched, this website has become one of the most iconic porn sites on the internet. Maybe it is worth it to become a member. Let’s explore together the good and bad aspects of this site and see if this site is as good as everyone says.

What is Casting Couch HD?


Strona internetowa:

Casting Couch HD is one of the three websites within the same network. The other two sites are Net Video Girls and Net Girls. This one, in particular, follows the same premise as Net Video Girls but features the black casting agent instead. 

Casting Couch HD has nearly 400 scenes available, and all of them have an average length of 30 minutes. There’s new content coming every week. In addition, you’ll gain access to the websites mentioned above, so you’ll have plenty of porn to have fun with for a long time. In general terms, you’ll end up having about 1,200 porn videos in your possession.

This site has been around for nearly a decade. While most of the content is available in HD, Full HD, or UHD 4K, older videos may only be available in standard definition – but only videos from 2013 and previous years. Either way, all scenes look good enough to be enjoyable. You won’t certainly be disappointed by the content this website has in store for you.

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Pros and cons of Casting Couch HD

Casting Couch HD is one of the best porn sites on the internet. It features some of the hottest girls you will ever see, and the best part is that you’ll get to see them dancing, twerking, and getting fucked in different positions – all of it in hardcore action. While most people don’t have complaints about the content, the platform itself may not be the best and has a few aspects that could be better.

💋 Find hot girls from all around the world getting fucked. Although the “video vixen” concept has been associated with black women for a long time, Casting Couch HD features women of different ethnicities going at it without shame. Hence, it doesn’t matter what kind of girls you like – this site likely has more than one for you

💋 Access tons of videos in 4K. The quality of the videos is excellent. As of now, you can access nearly 400 videos, and more than half of them are downloadable. You will also find videos in FULL HD, and some of the older scenes may be available in standard definition, but they’re still enjoyable

💋 Enjoy frequent updates. The site is quite active and releases new scenes every week. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of new content coming up, even if you’ve only purchased a monthly subscription

💋 You’ll gain access to two additional sites. Besides Casting Couch HD, you’ll also be able to access all the videos available on Net Girl and Net Video Girls. Overall, you’ll have over 1,200 videos in your possession

💋 It has an easy-to-use interface. It’s quite easy to figure out how the site works. It has a few search features that make navigation easier, and you can sort out the videos based on their upload date.  You can also comment on the videos, as well as leave a rating and add them to your favorite list
It has a model index, but it isn’t useful. While this section of the website has a list of all of the performers the platform has featured as of now, it doesn’t show anything interesting about them. All you can see are the stats related to the model’s performance on the site

Older content is only available in standard definition. Videos from 2013 or previous years are only available in 360p-480p at most

The videos are not accompanied by a photo set or video caps

Generally speaking, this site is a good platform, and the problems it has are relatively minor. If you can see past these issues, you’ll certainly have a great time exploring what Casting Couch HD has to offer. It’s an excellent porn site that will grant you several hours of fun.

Another good point we’d like to emphasize is that there’s a lot of member interaction. You can even contact the website’s directors via email or through the site’s private messaging system. This network truly cares about its customers’ feedback. Hence, if you have any comments, don’t hesitate to contact them via any of the means they have made available for the customer base.

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Cost and payment options for Casting Couch HD


Casting Couch HD assigns you a specific username and a password during your subscription. You can change them during the registration process. Plus, you’re required to provide a valid email to be able to proceed with your subscription.

The payment methods can be credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum). Below you can find the list of prices:

Klienci korzystający z kart kredytowych i systemu PayPal:

  • 30-dniowe członkostwo: 29,80 USD lub 0,99 USD za dzień 
  • 90-dniowe członkostwo: 75,00 USD lub 0,83 USD za dzień

Klienci kryptowalutowi

  • 6-miesięczne członkostwo: 75,00 USD lub 0,41 USD za dzień
  • 1 rok członkostwa: 110,00 USD lub 0,30 USD za dzień 

Your membership comes with unlimited downloads and access to the two additional sites available on the network.

Projekt i funkcje witryny


The site is quite easy to use and very minimalistic. It’s straightforward, so you will find the porn videos immediately after you’ve accessed the site and confirmed your age. You can sort out the scenes using the basic options. Although there aren’t any in-deep search features, Casting Couch HD does an excellent job of making navigation easy for the average user.

You’ll get unlimited downloads with your subscription. The player is also quite easy to use and has a few prompts you can use to make your watch time more pleasant. Generally speaking, this website is well-developed and offers an excellent experience, even if it lacks some features.

The model index is available, but it will only show you some basic information about the models and the scenes they’re featured in at the moment. Most performers are only invited for one episode.

Generally speaking, this website is quite good. If you can see past the minor issues it has, you’ll have a great time exploring what it has to offer.

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Does Casting Couch HD have a download limit?

No. You can download all the videos you feel like, as long as you’re a member and your subscription is still active.

How often does Casting Couch HD upload?

You can expect at least one new scene every week. However, the site is quite active. You may get multiple videos during the same week.

What quality are the videos on Casting Couch HD?

All videos are available in either 4K, Full HD, or HD. Older videos are only available in standard definition. 

Czy moje członkostwo oferuje bonusowe strony?

Yes. You’ll gain access to Net Video Girls and Net Girl with your subscription.

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Originally posted 2022-11-22 16:41:34.