Comprehensive Review of EroticMadness

The world of online dating is quite extensive. There are millions of websites dedicated to this business, but not all of them are trustworthy. It can be both complicated and great to encounter a website that allows you to find hookups or serious dates. If you’re on this hunt, we suspect you’ve stumbled upon “EroticMadness” already. 

This website parts from the premise of finding hookups (“erotic encounters”) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing you to find the perfect date effortlessly.

But does EroticMadness truly have what it claims to offer? Our extensive review of this hookup platform will let you know whether it is worth it to give a chance to this website or if you should consider other websites with a similar concept.

Overview of EroticMadness

  • This website promises to help people find hookups or erotic encounters with the help of AI technology
  • You don’t need too many details to sign up – only your email and a password
  • It does not have a mobile app available
  • EroticMadness claims to use an AI-based matchmaking system to provide personalized matches to the user on a daily basis, but the website suggests otherwise
  • It’s not possible to obtain a premium membership just yet. If you click on “Claim,” EroticMadness will send you to an entirely different site
  • Technically, this platform is available for free

Getting Started on EroticMadness

EroticMadness is a website with an interesting concept. It allows you to find the perfect match for your “erotic encounters” with the use of AI, making it possible for you to meet people with similar interests as you. The matchmaking system is thoroughly described on the first page you visit, as it is the main “catch” of the website to keep you interested and attentive. 

The registration process is done in less than 3 minutes. Click on the options that read “unlock my matches” or “find my matches” and it’ll take you to the signup page.

All you need to do now is start navigating through the website to enter your email and your password. However, the registration page is quite odd – you have not provided anything about yourself, yet the website says that they’ve got your “FS” score and your gender. What’s even more strange is that the section below will show several “confidential” profiles. This is one of the first red flags we were able to notice on EroticMadness.

Once you finish entering all the fields, click on “unlock my matches,” and you’ll be able to start exploring the interiors of this dating site. Although the website is not very strict when it comes to the registration process, you’ll only be able to register if you’re over 18 ( or 21 in some countries). 

EroticMadness welcomes people from all backgrounds. It doesn’t discriminate against gender, religion, race, and other individual aspects. However, keep in mind that the platform will insist on showing you the “most compatible” profiles.

Another thing you should know is that this site entices you into registering due to how the female profiles are portrayed. However, men are more abundant than women at EroticMadness.

Types of Members & Profile Variety on EroticMadness

When it comes to the profiles, this platform leaves a lot to be desired. For starters, you will not be able to see all your profile pictures for free, as some of them will be hidden. Despite that, each profile’s information is quite limited, and most profiles are not very detailed. 

With that said, the majority of people you can find on this website are men. Still, your gender doesn’t really matter – the website will likely show you several profiles of women (and some of them will even message you to entice you into purchasing a subscription) even if you haven’t entered any information about yourself yet.

The messages you receive will be quite suggestive, trying to get you into purchasing the premium subscription. However, keep in mind that most (if not all) of the profiles that message you as soon as you get registered on the website are fake.

Some statistics around the web show that the majority of people using EroticMadness are men over 55 years old. In addition, about 78% of the people you can encounter on this website are men as well. Hence, the same study shows that the website has a ratio of 3:1 when it comes to comparing the number of males and females. It may not look like much, but it’s an enormous difference.

Hence, for a website that claims to use modern technology to help people find their perfect match, whether it is for a sexual or a long-term relationship, it truly falls short in certain features. 

The Features of EroticMadness

This website doesn’t truly have too many features. It is poorly developed, and has extremely basic functions. It may look professional, but in reality, it’s empty and doesn’t allow you to do that much besides looking at profiles and modifying your own. Here’s what you’ll be able to find on EroticMadness:

  • Feed: Here, you will be able to see different profiles (of women) with whom you might be able to hook up (allegedly). Most dating sites have a common feature, but EroticMadness doesn’t truly have anything else to offer
  • Profile: There aren’t any other menus available. You will only be able to modify your profile, where you will be able to set up your information (although what you can write here is extremely basic, which makes the website even less convincing). You will be able to set up your name, age, and gender. You will also be able to upload a picture and write a brief “about” section. That’s about it

These two features are the ones we can number. There are no galleries, a search function with filters, or galleries where you can explore pictures. EroticMadness is empty. It offers a lot but ends up giving nothing. 

EroticMadness doesn’t have any other links to different sections of the site, such as a “FAQ” or “Help” area that can guide you through some of the most common problems of the platform. Besides what we describe above, the website only allows you to access three other pages:

  • Unsubscribe: If you’ve already registered, you will get several marketing emails from this website. Hence, this option allows you to unsubscribe and not to receive them again in the future
  • Privacy Policy: Here, you can read more about how the website manages your information and protects you against potential problems
  • Terms and Conditions: This page shows you the terms and conditions that you agree to once you register on the website. However, EroticMadness doesn’t seem to have accepted these terms as a requirement to be able to register

So, in the end, we’re left with an empty website with almost nothing to offer. It has a very promising concept, but it doesn’t fulfill the user’s expectations.

I signed up in EroticMadness because I was lonely and wanted to find someone to talk to. I was excited when I saw all the potential matches, but quickly realized that most of them were fake.

The people behind the profiles didn’t seem interested in actually meeting up; they just wanted to “chat” online. Eventually, I realized that I was talking to a bot. It was a pretty weird experience.

Simon (32) Dallas, Texas

Special Services and Support On EroticMadness

Despite the lack of features, EroticMadness has two “features” that make it relatively exciting for people:

  • AI Matching: This platform’s AI Assistant will show you diverse profiles with whom you may hook up based on how compatible you are. According to the website, all matches are made based on the information provided by the users. However, this doesn’t seem to be true, given how poorly detailed the profiles are
  • Claim: Let’s say you’ve found someone that catches your eye. In that case, you can click on “claim” so you can contact them, but we cannot assure whether the person you choose will be real

There are no other special services on EroticMadness because the website doesn’t really have anything to offer! You won’t even be able to find a subscription page located on the same site, as whenever you try to pay for it (which we don’t recommend), you get redirected to an entirely different site.

As for support, we couldn’t find any information about it. There is no way to contact the operator, which makes this platform unreliable – especially if you’re interested in purchasing a subscription.

Contacting Members on EroticMadness

  • It’s possible to message here, but only as a premium member
  • You will not be able to read any message you receive
  • This website does not have a “search” option available
  • You will only get to see potential “matches” based on the information on your profile. However, after creating two different profiles using a VPN, we found out that the profiles shown are always the same

Although we’ve mentioned that this website lacks several essential features, messaging is not one of them. However, as you may have guessed, this option is only available for those that have purchased a premium membership. You can’t read any message you receive unless you pay for the subscription as well.

One of the biggest red flags we noticed about this website is that the matchmaking system is supposed to take into account the information shown in your profile to find potential matches. However, this doesn’t seem to be true, as all the information you can put in your profile (and see in other people’s own profiles) is extremely basic. How can you match with someone based solely on your gender, age, and a brief description of yourself?

We’re not saying it’s impossible, but most profiles found on this website are very poorly detailed and barely have any information. It’s complicated for a matchmaking system to find the right matches without information.

Hence, although the overall concept of the website looks promising, it doesn’t really have what it takes to be a functional dating site, leaving us with nothing more but disappointment. 

Safety and Anti-Scamming Policies for EroticMadness

This website doesn’t truly have any “safety” or “anti-scamming” policies. There is no mention of such things in the terms and conditions. Although the website has a privacy policy, neither of these pages has been updated since 2018. Therefore, we cannot tell you if your information will be 100% safe on this website.

Furthermore, the practices this website follows aren’t exactly the most ethical. Hence, we recommend not to put any sensitive information if you still want to try EroticMadness and see if it truly works.

EroticMadness Pricing: Free Vs. Paid Accounts

Things get complicated when it comes to the differences between “free” and “paid” accounts since there is no way to know what’s included in a premium package, and the website doesn’t even explain how to obtain it. All we know is that you must be a premium member to be able to contact others, but that’s about it. The website doesn’t seem to offer any other features.

The subscription prices are even more unclear. Whenever you try to buy the subscription, you’ll be redirected to an entirely different website that has nothing to do with the first one. This website seems extremely suspicious, which is why we don’t recommend giving out your payment information on this website.

Pros of Using EroticMadness

This website doesn’t have pros we can talk about. Although we would like to say that the simple and modern layout and the user-friendliness are good points, the truth is that everything else on the website is either unethical or doesn’t work. 

Cons of Using EroticMadness

EroticMadness has tons of red flags that let you know that this site is a scam straightforwardly. For instance:

  • It doesn’t have any other feature besides the profile settings and the feed where you can see the profiles of other members
  • There are no other pages on the site except for the ones mentioned above
  • You can’t use any searching feature because it’s not available
  • Whenever you try to purchase a premium subscription, EroticMadness redirects you to an entirely different website
  • The matchmaking system doesn’t truly work as the platform claims

Hence, you should evaluate many things before giving out your information to this website. It is not a reliable platform where you can find hookups or serious dates.

Does EroticMadness work? Is EroticMadness legit or a scam?

This website has given us enough reasons to believe it is a scam. For starters, lack of features is one of the biggest red flags, but so is the inexistence of contact information and other ways to know more about the website. You can only read the privacy policy and the terms and conditions page, but neither of those pages has been updated in over four years.

In addition, the fact that the same profiles show up no matter where you register leads us to believe that this website is fake and is only after your payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions about EroticMadness

What is EroticMadness?

EroticMadness is a website that claims to help you find the perfect match using an AI-based system.

Is EroticMadness legitimate and safe?

This website is not legitimate. Hence, it is not a platform where your information is safe. We don’t recommend entering any sensitive information on your profile or providing your payment details to the platform to prevent potential problems from happening.

Is EroticMadness available for free?

This website is available for free, technically speaking. However, you will not be able to “claim” (contact) other members without a premium subscription. Things get complicated when you find out that obtaining a premium subscription is even more complicated, as EroticMadness doesn’t truly guide you through the process and redirects you to a different platform instead.

Does EroticMadness have fake profiles?

Similar websites admit to the use of fake profiles to entice users into using the platform and eventually purchase a premium subscription. However, EroticMadness doesn’t mention this in any of the pages it has available, but it’s pretty obvious that most of the female profiles found on this platform are fake. 

What are some complaints about EroticMadness?

This website has unclear instructions, is poorly made, and barely allows you to do anything. You can’t even subscribe to it directly from the same site, as the site redirects you to a third-party website that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the first one.

Who owns EroticMadness?

Crix Ltd owns EroticMadess. However, this operator seems to be fictitious, as the direction says it is based on Eden Island, Mahe, and Seychelles.

Does EroticMadness Have a Mobile App?

This website does not have a mobile app. Surprisingly enough, the website does have a responsive design. You can navigate it comfortably through your phone or tablet.

Final thoughts on EroticMadness

This website is a fake dating site that a fake operator owns. There are tons of problems with the platform, starting from the lack of features and complications when it comes to acquiring a membership – even if you’re paying them. Therefore, we can’t recommend this website to anyone that is interested in finding a serious date or perhaps someone to hook up with in their area.

There are tons of other platforms where your information is safe to a certain degree and where you will be able to find dates now and then. EroticMadness is NOT a reliable platform for any purpose.