Comprehensive Review of FlirtBuddies

There are tons of websites out there that you can try if you’re interested in hooking up with people near your area, regardless if you’re a man or a woman and your sexual preferences. FlirtBuddies parts from this premise, as the website claims to make it possible for you to meet hot people around your area. However, during our review, we found this website to be quite the opposite of what it claims to be.

Finding hookups on the web is not impossible, but finding a legit platform where you can do that can be complicated. We decided to give FlirtBuddies a chance, but our review took another turn after finding out the practices and bad reviews around the platform.

Here we’ll describe everything you need to know regarding FlirtBuddies is it a good website? Does it truly work or should you look somewhere else? Stay with us for a little while, and find out!

Overview of FlirtBuddies

  • FlirtBuddies is a platform for straight people looking for hookups
  • It seems to be a sister platform of LocalMILFSelfies, a website from the same operator
  • It doesn’t have a mobile app available, and the website design isn’t mobile responsive
  • Your information is not safe on this website, given its privacy policy
  • Most features are hidden behind a paywall
  • This website has a high number of fake profiles, especially among women

Getting started on FlirtBuddies

The registration process on this website is relatively easy. All you have to do is provide your email, set a username and a password, and define whether you are a woman interested in men or a man interested in women. Either way, the website will not allow you to access it unless you pay for a subscription or activate your account and explore the “free member” area.

Upon registering, you’ll see that your profile has one message and about ten “Quickie” notifications. We’ve discovered that the same happens when you register for the first time on another platform, LocalMILFSelfies. Plus, both websites have nearly identical layouts and features!

Hence, although the registration process is available for free, you will not be able to explore the website unless you pay for the subscription or activate your account via email. However, the service appears unavailable in certain countries, as some people have reported not getting a verification email after registering.

Therefore, while it is easy to get started at FlirtBuddies, the website shows signs of being unreliable from the first moment you enter the actual platform.

Types of members & profile variety on FlirtBuddies

This website is supposed to be for heterosexual men and women, which are the only two options available during the registration process. However, we’ve found out that you’re more likely to find profiles of men than women.

We can say that there are more women than available on this website. However, if you go to the Terms and Conditions page of the site, you’ll find out that FlirtBuddies admits to the use of fake profiles. They refer to them as “Fantasy Cuties”.

Fantasy Cuties are nothing more than fictitious profiles of women that will try to entice you into purchasing a subscription to the site. Although FlirtBuddies says that Fantasy Cuties are “easily identifiable with a star sign,” the user is never informed of the presence of these profiles during the registration process.

This way, once you finish registering, you’ll find that your account has started to get a ton of spam from accounts that you don’t even know, even if you haven’t modified your profile yet.

The Features of FlirtBuddies

FlirtBuddies has the same features as its sister platform, LocalMILFSelfies. There is no variation between both websites, as both use the same layout and colors and even have the same terms and conditions. Hence, these are the features that you will find on this website:

  • Home: This is your newsfeed. You’ll be able to see what other people have posted, view profiles, and decide whether you’d like to make a move
  • Search: This feature allows you to search for other users using certain search filters. It isn’t as advanced as in other platforms, though
  • Messages: All your messages will be stored in this section. However, you will not be able to read or send messages if you don’t have a subscription
  • Quickie: People who are interested in hooking up with you ASAP will send you a “quickie.” You can also do the same. The website will show that you have 10 quickie notifications once you register on the website, but those are from fake profiles
  • Newest: This section will show all the recently registered profiles on the website
  • XXX Movies: Here, you should be able to find pornography. We’re not sure of what kind of content you will be able to find here, but it’s only available for premium members
  • Help: If you ever need “help” with something, this section is for you. However, spoiler alert: this website does NOT attend to customer inquiries directly. A third-party company handles all the customer support, making it almost impossible to get in touch with FlirtBuddies directly

All of these features are available at LocalMILFSelfies. FlirtBuddies is identical to that platform, so we can assume that they come from the same operator. The only differences between both websites are the colors, but even the registration process is the same.

Basic options, like messaging, are hidden behind a paywall, even if you can do that for free on traditional social media sites. Although the website is quite straightforward with its purpose, it doesn’t truly fulfill the expectations of its potential users.

Unfortunately, I have had a bad experience with FlirtBuddies dating site. I join the site with good intentions, hoping to find a special someone. However, the site turned out to be full of fake profiles and scammers.

I was constantly bombarded with messages from “women” who were clearly not real. I soon became frustrated and delete my account. I would warn others to be careful when using dating sites, and to make sure that they are legitimate before joining.

Kristoff (28) Miami Beach, Florida

Special services and support on FlirtBuddies

The only special services available on this website are the subscription options. Other than that, the website has nothing out of the ordinary to offer. 

As we’ve mentioned previously, this website’s customer support is outsourced. Another company, TrustedAssist, is in charge of all customer inquiries, making it almost impossible for a regular user to get in touch with the platform directly.

TrustedAssist has public information regarding how you can contact them:

  • You can email the company via the form available on the website
  • You can request a live chat through the website, too
  • Telephone support: +1-800-564-9432 (USA) / +1-727-755-7249 (Outside the USA)

We are not sure if you will be able to get a response from customer support. We did not receive an answer from this company at the moment of writing this review. Therefore, we cannot assure you that your problems will be solved. 

Contacting members on FlirtBuddies

FlirtBuddies has four options available for you to contact other members, which include the following:

  • Messaging: You can send and receive messages from other members. It should also be possible for you to exchange pictures, among many other basic features
  • Public posts: You can post anything, and other people will be able to view it and comment
  • Quickies: If someone wants to hook up with you ASAP, they can send you a “quickie” request. You can decide whether to answer or not these notifications
  • Friends & Favorites: You will be able to add people as friends or to your favorites list at any time if you’re interested in them and would like to have easy access to their profiles and chat

This website offers extremely basic features compared to other sites. It doesn’t really offer anything “extra” or “special” that you can consider making the whole process more exciting and entertaining.

Safety and anti-scamming policies for FlirtBuddies

This website has ambiguous privacy policies and terms and conditions. We couldn’t find anything regarding the website’s management regarding potential scams or fraudulent profiles and activities, so we can’t assure you that your information will be safe while you’re using FlirtBuddies. Sure, no one will find out that you have registered on this site, but the website doesn’t seem to offer any other form of protection to its userbase.

If you still would like to give this website an opportunity, we recommend you not to enter any sensitive information that could be dangerous for your persona. We consider FlirtBuddies to be unsafe for all people.

FlirtBuddies Pricing: Free Vs. Paid Accounts

Free accounts

This website doesn’t really have a “free” membership. However, you will be able to explore the “free” area (although you won’t be able to do anything) once you activate your account via email.

As a free account, you will be able to use basic search features and read and receive messages. You will not be able to answer any message, nor will you be able to get in touch with other people in any other way unless you pay for the subscription fee, which isn’t exactly cheap.

Paid accounts

A paid account will allow you to message other users, send “quickie” requests, and watch porn movies, among a few other features. However, we consider that the features included in the premium package are not enough compared to the cost. Here’s what you will be able to get through the memberships:

  • A 3-day trial has a total cost of 2.97 USD. However, you will only be able to view 10 profiles and send an equal number of messages every day. It would be a total of 8.90 USD
  • The Monthly VIP Membership costs 29.95 USD per month. You’ll be able to message and view profiles without limits
  • A 3-month Silver Membership will cost you 16.65 USD per month. You would pay 49.95 USD in total
  • A 6-month Gold Membership will cost you 11.65 USD per month. You will get the same benefits from other memberships. You’ll end up paying 69.9 USD

So, the website lacks several features and is insufficient regarding what it already offers. There are tons of other dating sites that you can use to find someone to hook up with or a person with whom you can have a serious relationship in the long run. This website does not provide enough features for you to meet like-minded individuals.

Pros of using FlirtBuddies

This website doesn’t have a defined concept. It seems to be directed toward men and women who want to hook up with people in their area. Although it’s a very basic concept, we’ve found that it has a few pros that may attract customers, after all.

  • It has a user-friendly layout
  • It has easy-to-understand features
  • It is mostly an adult entertainment service
  • You don’t have to pay to register

This website does not offer too many features, and the ones that are available are extremely basic. Depending on who visits the website, this can be a good or a bad point. Still, we believe that this website has been around for a long time, given the layout and the features included in it.

Cons of using FlirtBuddies

This website does not have an innovative concept and doesn’t really have “anything” that catches the target user’s attention. Furthermore, there are many other things that are wrong with this website:

  • The website admits to the use of “Fantasy Cuties.” These profiles are AI-controlled chats that will entice you into subscribing to the website without you being aware that you are talking to a fictitious person. You may receive messages and quickies, among many other notifications from these fake profiles
  • This platform is plagued by fake profiles, most of them from the platform itself. You’ll never know if you’re talking to one
  • In addition, even if the profiles are fake, getting in touch with them is impossible if you don’t pay for the subscription
  • The subscription packages are insufficient and extremely expensive. The features offered don’t make sense! Some of them seem to be randomly typed on the description of the package

So, there are more “cons” than “pros” when it comes to FlirtBuddies. Therefore, it’s impossible for us to recommend this website to anyone that is interested in hookups or serious dating.

Does FlirtBuddies work? Is FlirtBuddies legit or a scam?

One thing is for sure: This is NOT a legitimate website and is an outright scam. You will not be able to meet people in your area, and the profiles that talk to you are likely fake. In addition, the website has terrible terms and conditions (it admits to the use of fake profiles). The lack of a clear privacy policy complicates trusting this platform as a reliable dating site.

This website does offer adult entertainment, but we found the subscription options to be extremely expensive for that purpose. You can find tons of other websites that allow you to do even more things for less price.

Hence, based on all the evidence we’ve gathered on the website itself and around the web, we have enough reasons to believe that FlirtBuddies is not a legitimate site and is likely to be a scam. Your information will NOT be safe on this platform.

I was recently tricked into signing up for FlirtBuddies. I was looking for love online, and I came across a website that looked promising. I created a profile and started browsing through the profiles of potential matches.

However, it quickly became apparent that the site was a scam. The profiles were fake, and there was no way to contact any of the “matches.” I tried to cancel my subscription, but it was impossible to get in touch with customer service.

I ended up having to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. It was a terrible experience, and I wasted a lot of time and money.

Mia (29) Ely, Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions about FlirtBuddies

  1. What is FlirtBuddies?

FlirtBuddies is a dating site where you can meet people for hookups or serious dating – or, at least, that is the concept of the site. As an extra, the website allegedly grants you access to a whole catalog of adult content, including pictures and videos.

  1. Is FlirtBuddies Legitimate and Safe?

FlirtBuddies is not a legitimate platform; therefore, it is not safe for any person. There is no information about the operator, and all the support is outsourced. Hence, your data will not be safe at this site.

  1. Is FlirtBuddies Available for Free?

Technically speaking, this website is available for free. However, after you register, the website will show the subscription options. You will not be able to get in touch with other users unless you pay for one of the subscription packages.

  1. Does FlirtBuddies Have Fake Profiles?

Yes. The website calls these fake profiles “fantasy cuties,” which are fictitious people that will entice you into subscribing to the website’s service.

  1. What Are Some Complaints about FlirtBuddies?

FlirtBuddies has terrible customer support (and it’s all outsourced), has very expensive subscription options, and has tons of fake profiles. These are some of the common comments that people have made around the web regarding the use of this site.

  1. Who Owns FlirtBuddies?

We couldn’t find any information regarding this website’s operator. 

  1. Does FlirtBuddies Have a Mobile App?

This website does not have a mobile app. The platform isn’t optimized for mobile devices, either. 

Final thoughts on FlirtBuddies

FlirtBuddies doesn’t have a clear concept and seems to be an outright scam. It is supposed to help you find people in your area for hookups, but the truth is that there are so many fake profiles on the platform that it is unlikely for you to meet a real person with whom you can have an affair.

Therefore, we cannot recommend this website to anyone. The company follows unethical practices. It has an unknown operator. On top of that, the service is extremely expensive and is not available in all countries.

So, in summary, FlirtBuddies is an unreliable website that is only after your payment information. We do not recommend you pay for it or enter any sensitive information.