Comprehensive Review of GetFlirty

Whether you’re looking for a hookup, swinging, or perhaps a friends-with-benefits relationship, GetFlirty is a website that promises you that you will be able to find all of these things in the same place. Throughout the years, many websites under the name of “GetFlirty” have come out. However, this one happens to be one of the most recent options and the only one available ( 

This review will dive deep into the different aspects that compose GetFlirty. Is it a reliable platform? Are you likely to meet someone outside the platform? We’ll try to answer all of these questions in today’s post.

Overview of GetFlirty

  • This website is for people who are looking for hookups, swinger couples, and those looking for no-strings-attached relationships
  • You can register for free, but you can’t have access to the whole website without paying for a subscription package
  • The subscription packages are extremely expensive compared to other dating sites
  • It’s not possible to request refunds
  • The website admits to the use of fictitious profiles controlled by AI to keep users interested in their service “during low attendance hours”
  • It has tons of negative comments around the web

Getting Started on GetFlirty

At first, the website seems to be very user-friendly. It says that you can access it via your computer, tablet, and smartphone without problems. Hence, no matter what platform you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be able to navigate through GetFlirty without problems.

The first page you see once you enter the website will entice you into registering straightforwardly. You will be able to choose between three types of users: male, female, and couple. This website allows people from all sexual orientations.

Then, you will have to submit an email, set up a password, specify your age and a zip code, and you’ll be able to join the website.

Hence, the registration process is relatively quick. You will be able to start exploring different profiles and all the features that this website has in store for you in less than five minutes. However, there’s a trick to all of this – the website NEVER mentions on the first page that the website generates fake profiles to keep users entertained, which is one of the main problems with GetFlirty.

Immediately after you register, the website will entice you into choosing a subscription plan, each of which has all the features the website includes. Hence, you can assume from the first moment that the website is not available for free.

Types of members & profile variety on GetFlirty

There are two types of members at GetFlirty, men, and women. It should be possible to find couples, but you are more likely to find single individuals.

Moments after you register on the website, you’ll see that many women (yes, specifically women) will start sending you very explicit messages, one after the other. It feels like an automatic process, as it doesn’t matter what your preferences are. You will only get hundreds of women trying to sex you up.

Hence, generally speaking, we can say that “women” are the most common user present on this platform, but you can also find men now and then if you use the search filters. It’s a bit complicated to get in touch with them as the platform doesn’t tell you if they are available at the moment or not.

Although we’d like to say that things are a bit more “balanced” on this platform, the truth is that you’ll get spammed at least every minute after you register by a new woman that sends you very explicit messages trying to entice you into buying a subscription.

The Features of GetFlirty

GetFlirty is not a complicated website. It is fairly easy to use. You will find your way around it a few minutes after you start using it. Here’s what you will find on the website:

Profile: You will be able to set up your profile with personal information. You can describe what you’re looking for, your sexual orientation, and post a few pictures of yourself. You can also share some information regarding your body type, such as your height.

Messages: The website has a messenger option available, where you will find all the incoming messages you have. Any message you send to another user (if you buy the subscription) will be shown here. The chat will also allow you to send and receive pictures, but nothing else.

View profiles: You will be able to view profiles without restrictions. Technically, other people should be notified whenever you view their profiles. At this point, you’d probably already have been receiving tons of notifications from different girls who have viewed your profile.

Favorites: If someone draws your attention, you can always add them to your favorites list. It’ll grant you easy access to them.

Friends: You can add people as a friend and vice versa. This is supposed to show you all the people that have added you to their friends list.

This website doesn’t have too many “special” features that you can take advantage of to meet new like-minded individuals. It is very straightforward and user-friendly, and the interface is quite simple. Hence, it’s quite easy to get used to it, even if you’re not familiar with internet systems.

However, please note that you will only be able to view profiles and receive messages as a free user. All of the features mentioned above are unavailable for free members.

I never thought I would find love on GetFlirty. I had been single for a while and wasn’t really sure how to get back into the dating scene. A friend suggested that I try GetFlirty, and I decided to give it a shot. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured it was worth a try.

It turned out to be the best decision I ever made! I met my gorgeous partner on GetFlirty and we have been together for several months now. I never would have found her if it weren’t for GetFlirty, and I am so grateful that we were able to connect and fall in love. Our story is living proof that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

John (32) Ashland, Kentucky

Special services and support on GetFlirty

As mentioned in the previous section, there are no special services on GetFlirty. The website doesn’t really have an “elaborated” concept that can draw other people’s attention. It’s merely a website with the premise of helping people find someone they can hook up with at any time.

As for support, we’ve found mixed opinions regarding how customer service manages complaints and other comments regarding the functioning of the website. You can only contact the website via the form they have available in their “Contact Us” section, which also happens to be the FAQ page.

There, you must provide your username, your email, the problem you have, and a brief description of what’s happening. Then, you must send it. According to the website, you should receive an answer within 24 hours after you’ve sent the form.

Contacting members on GetFlirty

Generally speaking, there are “four” ways of contacting people on GetFlirty:

View profiles: If you find someone interesting or attractive and decide to view their profile, that person will receive a notification telling them about it. You should also receive notifications whenever this happens, making it less complicated for people to find someone to talk with in the long run.

Messaging: You can choose to message someone directly instead of viewing their profiles. However, messages are only available for premium users. Free users can only receive and read messages. Besides text messages, you can also send pictures, whether explicit or not. The website will notify you if someone has sent you a “private picture”.

Flirts: You can send “flirts” to people you are interested in but don’t want to message them first. This way, that person will receive a notification, and they can decide whether to send you a flirt back or message you first.

Video chat: You can video chat members if you purchase a one-year subscription.

Add friends & favorites: You can also add people to your friend list to make it less complicated to contact them. You should be able to see when they’re online and such. Additionally, you can also add people to your “favorites” list so you can find them with ease.

That’s about it. These three features are the only ways you have of keeping up with other members. The website only offers basic features that you can find for free at other websites and traditional social media sites. 

Safety and anti-scamming policies for GetFlirty

The safety at GetFlirty is extremely ambiguous. We do not recommend this website for people who are very worried about their privacy, as the operator seems to own several similar sites for the same purpose. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your data will be safe at GetFlirty.

On the other hand, please note that this website doesn’t have any anti-scam policy. In fact, the website admits on its terms and conditions that it generates AI-powdered profiles that entice you into conversating with them without you being aware of it. No way of differentiating between “real” and “fake” profiles exists.

We’ve mentioned in previous sections that, once you register, you’ll start getting notifications back and forth. You’ll receive pick-up lines, sexting requests, and nudes, among any other type of explicit content (whether written or graphic) that comes to your mind. However, none of these profiles are real. It’s the website trying to entice you into purchasing one of their subscription packages.

So, this website is an extremely ambiguous platform where you never know if you’re talking to a real person or if your information is safe. 

Get Flirty Pricing: Free Vs. Paid Accounts

Free accounts

You will only be allowed as a free member in the “free area.” Here, you will be able to use the search function, view other people’s profiles, receive and read messages (including pictures) and modify your profile if you’d like to answer messages or use more advanced features. However, the subscriptions don’t offer that much apart from the basic functioning of the website.

Paid accounts

There aren’t subscription tiers, but you will get a “better” deal if you purchase the yearly subscription. Here are the options that GetFlirty has available at the moment:

24-hour trial: You can have access to the website for one day for $1. You will be able to chat with other people and view all their profiles and photos.

1-month access: This plan costs $24.95. Besides the benefits mentioned above, the website will also allow you to send flirts and see “private content”.

1-year access: This plan costs $7.45 per month, costing you $89.40. You will have all the benefits mentioned above. It’ll also unlock video chats with any member of the website.

So, although the website doesn’t truly have any “tiers,” the truth is that there are indirect premium levels. However, there is little to no variation between both subscription options, as you are only granted access to very basic features. Plus, it is a very expensive subscription.

Pros of using GetFlirty

GetFlirty is a platform made for people looking for hookups. It also allows swinger couples to find other couples to hang out with. Here are some of the pros that you will find while using this platform:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It is straightforward with its purpose
  • It has a very simple layout, allowing you to use it regardless of your experience on the internet

Cons of using GetFlirty

While GetFlirty promises to be a website where you can find someone to hook up with or another couple to swing with, the truth is that the website is not 100% reliable due to unethical practices. Here’s what we don’t like about GetFlirty:

  • The website admits to the use of fake profiles to keep its user base engaged in the platform. Most of the AI-powered profiles are women. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a straight woman looking for a man – you’ll receive constant spam from these fictitious people
  • It has very basic features and doesn’t propose anything new. The website seems to be made only with the purpose of enticing you into purchasing one of the subscription packages
  • It’s extremely complicated to cancel your subscription. Plus, the website has a “no refunds” policy, making it even more complicated for you to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service

Does Get Flirty work? Is Get Flirty legit or a scam?

After being for a while on the website and reading reviews from different users around the web, we’ve found out that his website is not legitimate and seems to be a subscription scam. It’s true that there are real profiles out here, but it’s more likely for you to be talking to fictitious people instead of real persons that you can meet outside the platform.

Furthermore, the expensive subscription options and the lack of advanced features make the website even more unreliable. Therefore, we can’t recommend this website to anyone interested in a relationship of any kind.

When I was first asked to try out GetFlirty, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I decided to give it a shot and create a profile. Within minutes, I had received messages from several interested men. I responded to a few of them and arranged to go on a date with one man in particular.

Our first date was amazing. We clicked immediately and ended up talking for hours. We’ve been dating for over a year now and we’re happier than ever. I’m so glad I decided to give GetFlirty a chance!

Sarah (31) Charlestown, Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions about GetFlirty

What is GetFlirty?

GetFlirty is a website dedicated to singles and couples who would like to hook up with strangers. The website is supposed to show people near your area, allowing you to easily arrange dates with people you consider attractive without too many complicated steps.

Is GetFlirty legitimate and safe?

This platform is not safe. It has an ambiguous privacy policy. Furthermore, the website admits to the use of “AI profiles” to keep the userbase engaged with their service. However, the user never knows if they’re talking with a real person or with a fake profile, making it very unlikely for anyone to meet someone outside the platform. This becomes even more complicated if you consider that many profiles will spam you a few minutes after you’ve registered on the website.

Is GetFlirty available for free?

Technically speaking, the website IS available for free. However, you will be limited to viewing other profiles and receiving and reading messages. You will not be able to answer those messages or use any of the other “advanced” features as a free member.

Does GetFlirty Have Fake Profiles?

Yes. As we’ve mentioned above, the website admits to the use of fake profiles to entice people into subscribing to their service.

What are some complaints about GetFlirty?

Most people comment about the website’s unethical practices, a high number of fake profiles, and lack of features.

Who owns GetFlirty?

Morganite Limited owns this platform. However, there is not much information about this company on the web, so we can’t say anything about its legitimacy.

Does Get Flirty have a mobile app?

It does not have a mobile app, but the website design is 100% responsive. Hence, you can visit it from any device you may own and expect optimal results.

Final thoughts on GetFlirty

GetFlirty is a website that parts from the concept of meeting people, arranging hookups or dates, and meeting them outside the platform for whatever purpose you agreed. However, we’ve found out that this website is insufficient and doesn’t fulfill its promise.

The platform is filled with fake profiles that will spam you from the moment you enter the website. Hence, it can be quite complicated for anyone to meet a real person here, especially if you’re interested in women. It’s almost impossible to differentiate between the “fake” profiles and the real ones. Plus, the subscription options available are quite expensive!

Therefore, we cannot recommend this platform to anyone who is looking for a relationship of any kind. There are tons of other websites with a similar and better offer out there.