Comprehensive Review of LocalMILFSelfies

If you’re a straight man or a straight mature woman who is looking for hookups or a no-strings-attached relationship, perhaps you’ve come across LocalMILFSelfies. This website’s premise is all about meeting MILFs within your area. 

Although online dating isn’t something new, there are tons of websites out there that have unethical practices or are outright scams. Is this the case for LocalMILFSelfies?

If you’re into MILFs and would like to know whether this website is reliable or not, this article is for you. We’ll go through each of the aspects that compose LocalMILFSelfies, helping you figure out whether this is a platform you can trust or if you should look for what you want elsewhere.

Overview of LocalMILFSelfies 

  • This website is for men who want to hook up with a MILF. Not for those who want a serious relationship
  • The platform may contain explicit pictures
  • LocalMILFSelfies has fake profiles that will spam you after you register on the site
  • Most profile pictures on this site can be found around the web
  • The website admits to the use of “Fantasy Cuties,” which are fictitious profiles that will entice you into subscribing to the site
  • The subscription plans available are extremely expensive

Getting started on LocalMILFSelfies

LocalMILFSelfies is a website where straight men are supposed to be able to find MILFs with whom they can hook up. The first page of the site will entice you into getting registered. You’ll have to choose whether you are a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. Those are the only options available at the moment.

The website won’t ask you for much in-depth information. All you have to do is provide your email, set up a username, and a password, and you’ll be able to enter the main page. However, the first page you see after you finish registering will try to get you to subscribe to their service without even trying out the website first. 

You will not be able to explore the website unless you activate your email or subscribe to the service straightforwardly. However, the service isn’t available in certain countries, so you may not get a verification email, leaving you only with the option of subscribing to the site.

So, the website is basically hidden behind a paywall for certain people (if not all).

Types of members & profile variety on LocalMILFSelfies

There is not much profile variety on this website. All you will find are either men or women, depending on the gender preferences you’ve set. Still, it doesn’t matter who you are. You’re more likely to see female profiles while you’re navigating through the website.

Additionally, this website doesn’t really have “free” memberships available. You will only be able to use it if you subscribe to the website, making it accessible only to those who are willing to pay. Still, keep in mind that paying will not assure you that you’ll get to know other people.

So, in summary, you will only be able to see two types of people: men and women. However, women are more abundant, but it’s almost impossible to tell whether they are real or fake profiles.

The Features of LocalMILFselfies

LocalMILFSelfies has a concept that many men fantasize about: the possibility of hooking up with a MILF within their area. The website is relatively simple to use, as it has features that are easy to understand for everyone.

Here we describe all the features you’ll find on this website:

  • Home: Here, you’ll find a newsfeed where tons of profiles will show up. You can choose to view their profiles and talk to them if you want
  • Search: You will be able to search for other people. However, the website doesn’t have too many search filters available, making it quite complicated to find people that suit your preferences
  • Messages: Any message you receive or send will be stored here. Upon registering to the website, you will have at least one message from the platform, even if you haven’t explored the website yet
  • Quickie:  This section shows people who have sent you a request to have a quick hookup, as the title suggests. You’ll probably get more than 10 notifications after you enter the website for the first time
  • Newest: Here, you’ll find all the people that have just registered on the website
  • Friends & Favorites: This section will show all the people you have added as friends and those you have added to your favorite list
  • XXX Movies: This section seems to be made for people who enjoy watching porn. It doesn’t offer that much apart from MILF porn, but it’s only available for people with a subscription
  • Help: Here, you can read the website’s frequently asked questions and have your doubts cleared (theoretically).

These features are pretty much what you can find on this website. Most of these features are inaccessible to most members. You’ll have to pay to be able to use the website to its fullest, even if many of these options are available for free on traditional social media sites or any other websites of the same nature.

The website says that with a premium subscription, you’ll have chats guaranteed, access to “best in class 2021,” and “meet-ups today.” The features available as a premium member are quite odd, as “cell phone texting” is also listed here, but the website doesn’t have an option for you to provide your phone number anywhere.

Nonetheless, LocalMILFSelfies is quite easy to use and has a very defined concept. Theoretically, you should be able to find what you’re looking for without getting lost.

I was new to LocalMILFSelfies and wasn’t sure what to expect. But I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did! The site had a few good features that made the whole experience fun and easy. For starters, there is a section called Quickie that let me get to know other people who request to have a quick hookup. And if I ever did have any problems, customer service was always quick to help.

Overall, I had a great experience with the LocalMILFSelfies and would recommend it to anyone looking for adult entertainment!

Patrick L. (29) Branson, Missouri

Special features and support at LocalMILFSelfies

This website does not have special features that you can get. The website will be available at its fullest once you choose to purchase one of the subscription options.

As for support, you can access the “help” section to get assistance from the website. However, please note that you will not get in touch with someone from the company. Customer support is outsourced. A third-party company, TrustedAssist, will help you solve any issues you may have with the platform. You can contact them via the following methods:

  • Email (available by sending a form through their website)
  • Live chat (available via the website)
  • Telephone support: +1-800-564-9432 (USA) / +1-727-755-7249 (Outside the USA)

It’s nearly impossible to get in touch with LocalMILFSelfies directly. Therefore, it’s never guaranteed that your problems will be solved.

Contacting Members on LocalMILFSelfies

There are three options to get in touch with other members on this website:

  • Messaging: You can initiate conversations with other members, exchange pictures, and so on. It’s very much the traditional way of messaging you can find on most social media sites
  • Public posts: You can write public posts that anyone can see
  • Quickies: If someone is interested in hooking up with you without too much talk, they can send you a “quickie.” You will receive a notification whenever this happens
  • Friends: You can add people as a friend to get to know when they’re online and such. This way, it’ll be easier for you to get in touch with anyone without getting lost among all the profiles

That’s it. This is all you can do to contact other members at LocalMILFSelfies. The website has very basic features that don’t entice the interaction between users in innovative ways, leaving a lot to be desired.

Safety and anti-scamming policies for LocalMILFSelfies

LocalMILFSelfies has ambiguous terms and services page and privacy policy. There are no mentions of how the website proceeds when it comes to scams. Furthermore, your information is not 100% safe here. Although no one will be able to find out that you’re registered on this site, it’s unclear what the company does with your pictures and other data you may have entered into its servers.

Therefore, we highly advise you to be discrete and not enter any information if you decide to give a shot to this website. Overall, this website has unreliable terms, making it an unsafe platform for all people. 

LocalMILFSelfies Pricing: Free vs. Paid Accounts

Free members

As a free member, you will be able to modify your profile, explore other profiles and use the search functions with very basic features. You can receive messages and read them if you’ve confirmed your account via email, but you will not be able to answer any message you receive unless you become a premium member.

Paid accounts

Paid accounts gain total access to the website and all the features we’ve mentioned above. You will be able to contact other members, request “quickies,” and watch porn videos on the “XXX Movies” section, among many other things. It has a relatively good offer, depending on how you see it. However, if you compare the features offered to the pricing, the website becomes insufficient.

Here are the prices of all the premium subscriptions available at LocalMILFSelfies:

  • A 3-day trial has a total cost of 2.97 USD. However, you will only be able to view 10 profiles and send an equal number of messages every day. It would be a total of 8.90 USD
  • The Monthly VIP Membership costs 29.95 USD per month. You’ll be able to message and view profiles without limits
  • A 3-month Silver Membership will cost you 16.65 USD per month. You would pay 49.95 USD in total
  • A 6-month Gold Membership will cost you 11.65 USD per month. You will get the same benefits from other memberships. You’ll end up paying 69.90 USD

If you compare the price of the subscriptions to what the website offers, you’ll find out that the website falls short. Therefore, we do not recommend this website for any of your payment information for reasons that we’ll explain below.

Pros of using LocalMILFSelfies

LocalMILFSelfies has a very exciting concept. After all, who wouldn’t want to meet MILFs in their area? Here are some of the “advantages” we’ve found that this website has regarding its competitors.

  • It has an easy-to-use layout and is user-friendly
  • All of the features are easy to understand
  • It truly offers an adult entertainment service
  • It’s free to register

There isn’t that much to talk about on this website. It has a very minimalistic and almost outdated layout. Hence, it is relatively easy to get track of it within a few minutes of registering. This “vintage” look is quite advantageous as a great number of people interested in these websites are not very familiar with the internet.

Cons of using LocalMILFSelfies

Even if the concept is interesting, there are tons of things that are wrong with this site: 

  • The website admits on its terms and conditions to the use of “fantasy cuties,” which are profiles controlled by AI that will send you messages, quickies, and other notifications to entice you into purchasing a subscription
  • There are tons of fake profiles on the platform, and you never know if you’re talking to one.
  • It’s impossible to contact other people without a subscription. The website will do whatever it takes to convince you to spend money on it
  • It does not have as many features as a modern dating site would. As we’ve mentioned, it has a very outdated layout
  • The subscription packages are extremely expensive compared to the features offered
  • There is a “no refund” policy on the website. Furthermore, it’s extremely complicated to cancel your subscription, and the site makes it even more challenging since it’s nearly impossible to get in touch with them since all support comes from a third-party company

The cons outweigh the pros. Therefore, we can’t recommend this dating site to anyone that is interested in hooking up with MILFs or any other person in their area. It’s too risky, and it seems to be a subscription rip-off.

Does LocalMILFSelfies work? Is LocalMILFSelfies legit or a scam?

This website’s legitimacy is not verifiable. We couldn’t find any information about the operator, and the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy are extremely ambiguous. All of these aspects, along with the fact that the website generates fake profiles to entice people into purchasing their service, make this platform unreliable for whatever purpose.

Sure, the website is all about adult entertainment, but it should specify so on its main pages instead of mentioning it on the terms and conditions. Also, we have enough evidence (including anecdotes on the web) to think that this website is a scam. 

In addition, the fact that all customer support services are outsourced is extremely suspicious. Most of the time, these websites handle the issues the clientele have on their own instead of redirecting them to an entirely different site that doesn’t even mention the first platform they were using.

Hence, again, we can’t give this website a good review given the unethical practices they follow.

When I joined the LocalMILFSelfies, I was immediately drawn in by its site’s design. The site was clearly outdated, but I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. Unfortunately, my experience quickly turned sour. The people I met on the site were nothing like the profile pictures they had posted. I was frequently propositioned for sex, and I quickly became tired of the whole experience.

The classic design of the site may have been appealing at first, but it quickly lost its luster. I am now looking for a dating site that is more modern and user-friendly.

Cris T. (28) Ruston, Louisiana

Frequently Asked Questions about LocalMILFSelfies 

  1. What are LocalMILFSelfies?

LocalMILFSelfies is a website where you are supposed to be able to meet “MILFs” within your area. It also allows you access to porn videos and images, among other adult content that could be interesting to a male audience.

  1. Is LocalMILFSelfies legitimate and safe?

We can’t say this website is legitimate or safe. We could not find much information about the operator, and the privacy policy is extremely ambiguous. We have enough reasons to believe that this website is only after your payment information, making it an extremely unreliable platform for whatever purpose.

  1. Is LocalMILFSelfies available for free?

This website is NOT available for free. You will not be able to do anything on the website, such as talk to other members or view their profiles, if you don’t purchase a subscription.

  1. Does LocalMILFSelfies have fake profiles?

Yes. The website admits to the use of “fantasy cuties” to keep people engaged with their website. These are fictitious profiles controlled by, and although they have a “symbol,” many people have reported not being able to differentiate between “real people” and bots.

  1. What are some complaints about LocalMILFSelfies?

Most people around the web have complained about the lack of features, the expensive subscription options, and the presence of fake profiles. Therefore, this is a platform that we can’t recommend to any person who is really interested in hooking up or forming a relationship with a like-minded individual.

  1. Who owns LocalMILFSelfies?

We couldn’t find information regarding the website’s operator, which makes it even more unreliable.

  1. Does LocalMILFSelfies have a mobile app?

This website does not have a mobile app. It doesn’t have a responsive design, making navigating on a mobile device uncomfortable.

Final thoughts on LocalMILFSelfies

LocalMILFSelfies takes advantage of the whole concept of “find MILFs in your area” to entice straight men into purchasing their subscription options. We’ve found out that the company makes it almost impossible to cancel the subscription, making it an unreliable platform for this purpose.

Furthermore, fake profiles (aka “Fantasy Cuties”) make it even more likely for you to meet other people. Hence, we recommend you look for a different website if you aim to hook up with people in your area.