Comprehensive Review Of MySexSearch

The search for casual fun among adults is more common than most people think. Technology has advanced a lot in the last few years, making it possible for people to find like-minded individuals who would like to spend a pleasant time together. That’s where MySexSearch shines.

MySexSearch is a website powered by Dating Factory – a popular company dedicated to creating dating sites. This business has built more than 4,000 dating sites, but MySexSearch is one of the audience’s most popular options.

MySexSearch doesn’t have a specific demographic, but it seems to be prominently used by people around ages 30, 40, and beyond. Still, the website is quite diverse in the kind of people you can find.

Whether you’re interested in signing up for MySexSearch or would like to know if the site is legit, this article can help. We’ll describe everything you need to know regarding the functioning of this website, starting from the design to its way of functioning.

Overview of MySexSearch

At first glance, MySexSearch has a suggestive and straightforward aesthetic. You’ll be invited to sign up upon entering the site for the first time. It’s completely free of cost, and you’ll only have to provide some basic information and your email to get started.

You can sign up as an individual or as a couple. Then, you can choose what you’re looking for, either another individual or perhaps a couple. It’s worth noting that most of the users registered are men, although there’s a relatively high percentage of women around.

The website is available in 15 languages, including English, Deutsch, Italian, French, and Russian. English is the default language, but you can change it anytime to any of the options available if you wish.

The first screen will also showcase a counter with all registered members. At the moment of writing this review, MySexSearch had 8,200 members.

Despite not having a mobile app, MySexSearch is mobile-friendly. It adapts to the screen of any device you visit the website, making sure you feel comfortable navigating through the different screens without any aesthetic disturbance.

Getting Started On Mysexsearch

As mentioned above, you’ll have to provide some basic information and your email to register. The website will ask you your gender identity (man, woman, or transgender) or if you are a couple (either heterosexual or a same-sex couple).

You will be able to get started on the website pretty quickly, as you won’t be asked to provide a password at first. Then, the website will send you a confirmation email, redirecting you to the actual website.

Please note that unless you pay for one of the subscription options available, you won’t be able to modify too many aspects of your profile or even message members. However, the website will show you a list of profiles of people in your area. You can also play around with the search filters if you want the website to reflect your preferences.

Since the website doesn’t ask you to set up a password at any moment, you’ll have to go to the “settings” section of your profile to be able to set your first password. The website doesn’t give you any indication of this process.

Despite the inconvenience described above, this website has a user-friendly layout that is uncomplicated to use. You’ll learn how to use it within a few moments after logging in.

Types Of Members & Profile Variety On Mysexsearch

Upon entering the website after registering, you’ll see a list of profiles of people in your area. It shows women by default, but you can change it anytime, depending on your preferences.

You can find the following types of members on MySexSearch:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Transgender people
  • Heterosexual couples (man and woman)
  • Same-sex couples

The website doesn’t have any form of distinction between sexual orientations. Therefore, you’ll have to visit the profiles of the people who caught your interest to find out what they are looking for now.

Most people registered on this website are heterosexual people, men, and women. However, there seems to be a higher percentage of men, depending on the region. Therefore, if you change the settings, you can expect the results to vary from one area to another. Some regions show more men, while others show more women, and so on.

Couples are less common on the website, but it’s still possible to find them. Therefore, whether you are interested in swinging or three ways, you can be sure that this website will help you make your fantasies a reality.

The Features of MySexSearch

Once you log into the website, you’ll see a list of profiles. You can switch between different tabs, which are the following:

  • All Matches” – You will find all the profiles by default. You can change the filters and look for specific things whenever you’d like
  • Recently updated” – This tab will list the recently made changes’ profiles. Hence, it can give you an idea of who’s active at the moment or was until a few hours ago
  • New” – All the new users within your area will be displayed on this tab
  • Hotlist” – The hotlist is composed of the profiles you choose. Hence, if you find an attractive profile, you can add it to your “hotlist” to find them easily whenever you want to contact them again
  • My Admirers” – Similar to other profiles, this tab shows the people that are interested in you
  • Viewed me” – The last tab shows the people that have recently viewed your profile

Each of the tabs brings more organization to your feed, making navigating from one page to another easier without getting confused. The above area will also show a message and notification icon. Clicking on either option will redirect you to the list of chats or notifications you’ve received, respectively. You can also click on the “circle” with a picture to modify your profile and visualize other settings.

That’s about it!

MySexSearch is straightforward to understand. People come here for a reason, and the website ensures people can access what they want without too many steps.

Special Services And Support On MySexSearch

MySexSearch does not provide too many special services, except for the subscriptions. You will also be able to add a “VIP” add-on to your subscription, although the exact function of this feature is not stated.

As for the support, it claims to be available for the user most of the time. If you have any doubts, you can easily contact them, and they will be in touch with you as soon as possible so you can solve whatever problem you’ve found as soon as possible.

Contacting Members On MySexSearch  

It should be easy to contact other individuals on MySexSearch. However, you will not be able to do it unless you’ve paid for one of the subscription packages (we describe them below).

Safety And Anti-Scamming Policies For MySexSearch

The website does not mention “scam” or similar terms on its terms and conditions page. However, the website says it reserves the right to moderate and delete any content (including messages, photos, and even complete profiles) if it is against its policies or dangerous for other users.

MySexResearch also states within the terms and conditions that users may not upload any sort of harmful content to their platform, including copyrighted material. The terms and conditions page also states that users may not use their platform to affect the experience of other customers negatively.

Plus, there is no guarantee that your personal information is safe. The terms and conditions page does not mention anything regarding this issue.

MySexResearch: Pricing: Free Vs. Paid Accounts

It’s possible to navigate through this website without paying a single penny. However, please note that you can only see basic information on other people’s profiles without a subscription.

You can choose to subscribe for:

  • One month and pay 44.95 USD
  • Three months and pay 28.95 USD per month
  • Six months and pay 22.95 USD per month

You can also add a VIP add-on for an extra $14.95. It is unclear what this adds to your profile, though. Paying for a subscription will grant you full access to the website without restrictions.

Pros Of Using MySexResearch

  • It shows people near your area
  • It allows you to set up galleries, add people to your hotlist so you can easily contact them, and more
  • You can see who views your profile

Cons Of Using MySexResearch

  • Most of the features are hidden behind a paywall
  • It has an astonishingly high number of fake profiles, most of them generated by the platform itself
  • It does not offer too many payment options

Does MySexResearch Work? Is MySexResearch Legit Or A Scam?

It indeed works. However, you will not be able to use any of the essential features unless you’ve paid for any of the available subscription packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About MySexResearch

Is MySexSearch safe?

The operators constantly moderate the website. However, we recommend you go through the terms and conditions to learn more about how the website manages your information and how it functions.

Is MySexSearch legitimate?

MySexSearch complies with its purpose: to be a platform for adult entertainment. However, keep in mind that MySexSearch admits to using virtually-generated profiles to entice people to interact and purchase premium subscriptions, which most users consider too “misleading”.

Is there a mobile app available for MySexSearch?

There isn’t a mobile app available at the moment. However, the website is 100% responsive, so you can navigate through it using your phone or tablet without issues.

What Is MySexSearch?

MySexSearch is a dating site oriented toward people interested in one-night stands or no-strings-attached encounters with like-minded people. This website’s premise is to help people make hook-ups easier, regardless of the gender or preferences of the person. The website has an attractive and suggestive aesthetic; it’s straightforward and complies with its main purpose relatively well.

This website is powered by Dating Factory, a company dedicated to building similar dating sites with similar features.

Is MySexSearch Legitimate And Safe?    

Generally speaking, the website is legitimate and fulfills its purpose, which is, as they describe it, “to provide adult entertainment experiences” to its customers. It can be entertaining, but it can be tricky to interact with other users, given the paywall between chat functions and similar features.

Regarding safety, MySexSearch does moderate conversations (you can find more about this in the 3.3 section of the terms and conditions page). Still, it doesn’t ask you to provide any “vital” information that could compromise your safety. Of course, if you decide not to pay for the extra services – but that’s another topic.

You will not be required to provide any specific information about your persona. Also, don’t break out if your region’s website seems too specific. It automatically detects the area where you are logging in via your IP.

Is MySexSearch Available For Free?       

You can register and access the website for free. However, upon registering, you will see that you’ve received a message but cannot read it – the website will tell you that you’re required to purchase one of the subscription packages to take advantage of the website at its fullest.

So, while the main website and some of the basic features are free, you will not be able to contact other members or view full profiles unless you pay for one of the subscription options available (we’ve described them above).

Does MySexSearch Have Fake Profiles? 

Yes. Go to the terms and conditions page. You can read in the section “3. Terms and Conditions of Use,” specifically in segments 3.2, 3.4, and 3.5, that the website generates “Computed Generated Virtual Hottie Profiles” for marketing purposes. Hence, there are fake profiles on the website, and some may even message you to entice you to purchase a subscription package.

These sections also state that ONLY during specific occasions will these profiles be marked with a special symbol, so you know that you’re chatting with one of these virtually-generated profiles.

Segment 3.4 states that these system profiles may communicate with you for entertainment purposes. The next section says that “there is no guarantee that you will find a date,” or whatever you have in mind. The section continues by saying that the website mainly focuses on providing “adult entertainment” experiences to its clientele.

In segment 3.3, the website states that by registering, you agree that some of your interactions in MySexSearch may be fictitious. Therefore, although the website encourages users “to find one-night-stands or no-strings-attached” relationships, it can be challenging to find those, given how they manage the communication methods among their users.

After navigating the website for a while, you will receive random messages from these fake profiles, whether you have paid for a subscription or not.

What Are Some Complaints About MySexSearch?      

MySexSearch is a website with an interesting premise. Although it doesn’t claim that you will be able to find encounters, it certainly provides an entertaining experience to its users whether they are interacting with virtually-generated profiles or with other users.

Here are some of the most common complaints about the experience on this website:

  • Most of the features are hidden behind a paywall. Therefore, you cannot chat with other members or see their full profiles if you have not paid for a subscription package first
  • The website has an exaggerated number of fake profiles. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to find real people here, but it’s certainly quite tricky to differentiate between real profiles and those automatically generated by the website. These profiles will message you now and then, especially if you’re a free user, to entice you to pay for a subscription
  • Free profiles are almost useless. You will be able to see profiles and their basic information. However, you will not be able to interact with them unless you pay for a subscription
  • There are no “discrete” payment methods available. You are required to pay using your credit or debit card

So, MySexSearch is not a new website, but the way it works may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The website is user-friendly and straightforward, making it possible for people unfamiliar with the internet to navigate easily through the different sections. Still, you may be unable to unlock the website’s full potential unless you pay for the subscription.

Who Owns MySexSearch?

This website is powered by Dating Factory, a company that owns several other online dating websites. There are over 4,000 dating sites under their name, each with similar interfaces and features.

Does MySexSearch Have a Mobile App?

This website does not have a mobile app. However, it is 100% mobile-friendly, so it will adapt to your phone’s screen or any other device you may access the website from comfortably. Hence, you can navigate the website through your phone as if you were using a mobile app without actually downloading one.

Final Thoughts On MySexResearch

MySexResearch is a website with misleading information and unclear terms and conditions. It entices people to purchase premium subscriptions via fictitious interactions without them being aware. Therefore, it can be quite complicated to say whether it is possible to make “real encounters” happen or not while using this website.

You may use it at your own risk.