Comprehensive Review Of SearchingForSingles

Times have changed, and with that, people are more expressive and honest regarding how they feel. Many people know how to draw the line between emotion and sex, leading them to seek one-night-stands or hookups now and for a pleasing evening. Websites like SearchForSingles emerge from that promise.

This article will explore the different features of SearchingForSingles and all the aspects that could make it a good website for finding people with similar fantasies and interests.

Overview of SearchingForSingles

  • It’s a discreet service. You can view any of the profiles if you’re not registered
  • It has a user-friendly layout and way of functioning
  • It has tons of fake profiles
  • You can report fake profiles or even know that you’re talking to one
  • There is no mobile app available
  • It’s not possible to verify your or other people’s identities

Getting Started on SearchingForSingles

SearchingForSingles has a well-designed layout that will entice you into using it from the first visit. It refers to itself as “the best-kept secret in the United States”.

If you navigate through the landing page for a while, you’ll see that the website has “free registration” and a list of attractive women registered as their latest members. It promises people that they’ll have “discrete,” “wild,” and “exciting” interactions with other users.

You will only be able to see the rest of the website if you register. You’ll have to set up a username, a password, your gender (only men and women are available), zip code, birthday, and email. It’s a quick and straightforward registration process.

Once you confirm your email, you’ll be all set up to start navigating through the website’s home page. That’s it! You’re already in and will be allowed to see other members and find people who have the same interests as you, whether women or men.

searching for singles review

Types Of Members & Profile Variety In SearchingForSingles

The main demographic of this website is heterosexual men, but part of their public also includes hetero women. However, all users are welcome regardless of their sexual orientation. Be aware that it seems not to accept couples, as it is intended for single people who would like to have no-strings-attached fun.

Upon registering on the website and confirming your email, you will be redirected to the website’s main page. You will be able to see a wide variety of profiles from different women, regardless of whether you’ve chosen that you’re interested in men or women.

We tried registering with two different profiles, one as a “man” and another as a “woman,” and both results were too similar.

Therefore, we can certainly say that the website has more women than men. Furthermore, at some point, the website will ask you if you’d like to see people in your area – which is ultimately a great selling point if you’re a straight man looking to hook up with nearby women.

However, the website is not that simple. You will not be able to message any of these women without purchasing credits!

Features Of SearchingForSingles

Generally speaking, the website is extremely simple. The first page shows you a list of women. You can click on any of the profiles to view them and decide what you’d like to do next. There’s a bit more to this website, though:

  • Chatting – You can interact with other users via the chat feature. You will be able to send photos and stickers. So, with this premise, most conversations would be quite entertaining. You can also find a “chat starter” feature so you can connect with another user randomly
  • Matches – This feature mimics what famous dating apps do. The website shows you the picture of a person, and you can use either “smash” or “pass.” If any user catches your eye, you can give them a like, and they’ll be notified. If they like you back, you two will be able to start a conversation. You can press on the “x” to pass any user that doesn’t catch your interest
  • Visitors – SearchingForSingles informs you of who has seen your profile. However, you can only have access to this feature if you’ve paid to become a Premium member (we talk about this below)

At first glance, SearchingForSingles has a very solid premise. After all, many people are truly looking forward to hooking up with others, satisfying their sexual needs, and fulfilling their fantasies. However, it’s not as simple as this website makes it seem.

SearchingForSingles claims to have been around for more than 19 years, which could explain the high number of people that you can find on the website’s first page. But certain information we’ve found says otherwise.

I was chatting with this girl on a SearchingForSingles site for a few weeks and things were going great. She was funny, we had similar interests, and I thought she was really cute. So I decided to ask her out on a date.

We made plans to meet at a coffee shop on Saturday afternoon. I was nervous but excited. I arrived at the coffee shop and sees her sitting in the corner. We had a great time talking and laughing.

I am thrilled that I finally found someone whom I can connect with.

Chad M. (32) Phoenix, Arizona

Special Services & Support On SearchingForSingles

Besides the paid subscriptions and credits, there are no “special services” available at SearchingForSingles. Hence, what you see is what you get.

As for the support, you can be in touch with the website via Although with a website of this nature, you never know if you’ll receive an answer at some point. The company is likely to be avoidant.

You can also try contacting SearchingForSingles via the following phone number: +1 (888) 654-4513. Theoretically, it should be relatively easy for you to contact support and get your doubts cleared as soon as possible. 

Other than what we’ve mentioned here, you can’t expect anything “outstanding” out of the website – it’s nothing more but a hookup platform for men who want no-strings-attached encounters with sexy women.

Safety and Anti-Scamming Policies On SearchingForSingles

SearchingForSingles has a very promising platform with an exciting premise. However, if you read the Terms and Conditions of the website, you’ll find out tons of interesting information.

First, the third section (“About the Website”) clearly states that they provide flirting and entertainment services to the clientele. They never claim that you will be able to meet any of the people that message you or vice versa on the website.

Similarly, the website does not have any form of identity verification. They state on their Terms and Conditions page that they don’t perform any background checks on registered users, making it impossible for people to determine whether they are talking to a real person or not.

Your data is not safe on this website, either. The “Our Rights” section in their B segment states that they can use any content you upload to SearchingForSingles for their own purposes. So, let’s say that you’ve uploaded a picture of your face to the website. Doing so means that you’ve agreed to grant them access to such a piece of media without restrictions.

Therefore, none of the content you publish on this website is private or safe, despite the “discrete” façade of the website.

Another point you should take into account is that the company does not mention the existence of fake profiles on its website. However, there is enough evidence for us to believe so.

For instance, upon registering, we received messages from multiple individuals, and some of them were very suggestive. This happened before we even began to navigate the rest of the website. Plus, the messages won’t stop coming as long as you continue navigating through the website.

Last but not least, if you want to respond to these messages, you’ll have to pay a very expensive price.

SearchingForSingles Pricing: Free vs. Paid Accounts 

So, at this point, we’re clear that the possibilities of meeting someone on SearchingForSingles and hooking up with them are very minimal. You can’t do much on the website without paying anything. You’ll receive messages from profiles that are likely fake, but you will not be able to answer them without purchasing credits.

SearchingForSingles sells credits in packages:

  • 10 credits cost 14.99 USD
  • 25 credits cost 34.99 USD
  • 50 credits cost 64.99 USD
  • 100 credits cost 119.99 USD
  • 200 credits cost 199.99 USD

Depending on the package, the messages you send will have a different price. For instance, the 10-credit package has a price per message of 1.50 USD, while the 200-credit package has a price of 1.00 USD per message. Either option is extremely expensive.

There is also the possibility of purchasing a premium subscription. The prices start at 8.95 USD and go up to 12.95 USD per month, based on how lengthy the subscription is. However, even the subscription packages are quite limited, forcing the user to purchase one of the credit packages to continue messaging people on the website. For instance, the platinum membership only allows you to send up to 15 messages every month, and it’s the costliest subscription option.

In addition, subscribing to the website is quite dangerous. Let’s say that you’ve decided to purchase one of the subscription packages. That means that you’ll agree that the renewal process is automatic. Hence, you’re obligated to end your subscription manually IN DUE TIME – otherwise, the website won’t allow it. It has to be at least seven days before the payment date comes. If you don’t unsubscribe before this period, you’ll get charged by it again.

The process of canceling your subscription is unclear and quite tedious. You have to contact the website, either via phone or via email, to confirm that you do not want to continue purchasing the services. You must provide data, such as your profile and other info. Other than that, the website does not offer clear instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation process once this information is sent.

It’s also worth noting that, even if they say that they offer a “discrete payment method,” the truth is that such a thing is not available on their platform. So, it’s not recommendable at all to purchase a subscription package at SearchingForSingles. Your information and your money would be at risk if you did so.

Pros of Using SearchingForSingles

SearchingForSingles has a modern layout and plenty of attractive points that can make it an entertaining website. It’s a very promising concept. Here are some of the “strongest” selling points of SearchingForSingles:

  • It has a modern interface with easy-to-use functions
  • It has a responsive design, meaning it will automatically adapt to your phone’s screen
  • It’s very user-friendly, aesthetically speaking

Cons of Using SearchingForSingles

This website could be tremendous. However, unethical practices seem to be a better way to attract users. 

SearchingForSingles does not have the intention of helping people find like-minded individuals they can hook up or form relationships with. It is there only to try to collect your information and get money from you at some point, making it unlikely for you to meet someone outside the platform and actually develop some form of relationship.

Why? Well:

  • The website creates fictitious profiles that message you while you navigate through the website. Sometimes, these people will entice you into purchasing credits so you can answer them
  • It has very expensive prices
  • Using the search filters is impossible unless you’re a premium member. So, let’s say you are a woman looking for a man. You can’t change the “discover profiles” section to men unless you pay
  • There is no way to know whether the profiles you talk to are fake or real. However, given the evidence we’ve gathered, we can conclude that most of them are fake

So, while SearchingForSingles promises a lot, it takes more from you instead of giving what they promise. Therefore, if your intention is to find someone you can hook up with for whatever reason, keep in mind that such an event is almost impossible if you continue using a platform like this one.

Does SearchingForSingles Work? Is SearchingForSingles Legit Or A Scam?

After navigating through the websites for a few hours and having gotten messages from more than 20 people in less than 1 hour, we’ve concluded that this website is a scam. Not only does it claim ownership over all the content you upload to the website, but it also uses fake profiles to entice you into purchasing credits so you can answer their messages.

If there’s any “real” person on this website, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to meet them because it’s impossible to discern between real and fake profiles. Hence, we recommend you to stay away from this website and use a different platform that offers similar services.

SearchingForSingles is expensive and quite confusing. Their policies are not very user-friendly and only favor them, making it a one-sided deal where you get almost nothing.

Hence, we recommend you use a different platform if you want to be able to meet women or men interested in hooking up or having extramarital affairs. There are tons of ways you can meet like-minded people on the internet in today’s world, after all. 


I had a really fun experience on SearchingForSingles recently! I met a guy who was really into himself, but in a good way. We hit it off immediately and had a great time getting to know each other.

He was funny and charming and seemed like he could really be someone I could have a future with. We went on a few dates and things were going well.

I am now dating the man exclusively and very happy with him. Thanks for the experience, SearchingForSingles!

Levi (27) Belmont, California

Frequently Asked Questions About SearchingForSingles

  1. What is SearchingForSingles?

SearchingForSingles is a website dedicated to adult entertainment services, such as flirting or sexting. It is the premise of arranging casual encounters with like-minded people, all on one platform.

This website allows you to exchange pictures, and interact with other users, among many other actions. It’s relatively easy to use, which is a great point if you are not familiar with how modern websites work. However, you can register for free. You’ll have to pay to talk with other users.

  1. Is SearchingForSingles available for Free?

SearchingForSingles allows free registration. Exploring the website is possible, but you won’t be able to do much without paying. Almost immediately after registering, you’ll be forced to buy credits because you’ll discover that you cannot message other users without them.

So, we can certainly say that SearchingForSingles is technically free, but the service they offer is not.

  1. Does SearchingFOrSingles have fake profiles?

SearchingForSingles does have fake profiles. If you navigate through the website for a while, many profiles will send you a message. However, this is a marketing tactic the website has to entice you into purchasing credits or a subscription package.

  1. What are some complaints about SearchingForSingles?

There are diverse complaints about SearchingForSingles. Most people have reported not being able to talk to other users, while others find the prices to be extremely high for what the website offers. Therefore, based on anecdotal evidence and what you can find on the website itself, it may not be the best platform to find like-minded people.

  1. Who owns SearchingForSingles?

The company behind SearchingForSingles is Hellerman LTD. This company is located in London (UK).

  1. Does SearchingForSingles have a mobile app?

SearchingForSingles doesn’t have a mobile app, but the website has a responsive design. Hence, it will adapt to your phone’s screen, allowing you to view it comfortably.

Final Thoughts on Searching for Singles

SearchingForSingles has a very exciting premise, but it doesn’t fulfill its purpose at all. It contains too many fake profiles, and you have no way of making sure that those profiles are real people or not. 

Hence, the possibility of actually meeting someone on SearchingForSingles is very minimal, especially because the website does not offer the possibility of messaging other members for free – you’ll have to pay to be able to interact with others.

There are tons of platforms where you can meet like-minded people to hook up or just have a nice sexting session on the web.