Comprehensive Review of Victoria Milan

The world of online dating has diverse branches. Some people are looking for affairs within their area for whatever reason, be it a sexless marriage or general dissatisfaction. Whatever the reason is, websites like Victoria Milan promise to make it easier for people to find like-minded people, regardless of what you’re looking for, either a hookup or emotional intimacy, Victoria Milan has got you covered!

Victoria Milan promises discretion and privacy and is directed toward married or engaged people. However, is that completely true?

In this review, we’ll explain each of the aspects that could make Victoria Milan a good or bad website. Hence, if you’re truly looking forward to having a secret affair and are considering using this platform for that purpose, this article is for you.


Overview Of Victoria Milan

  • Victoria Milan is a website for married or engaged people who want to have an affair
  • It also offers divorcees an opportunity to find people with whom they can hook up, no strings attached
  • It offers discreet and private conversations among users through the use of diverse tools
  • It’s a paid subscription service, which also happens to be complicated to cancel
  • It’s almost impossible to get in touch with customer support
  • It’s said that many profiles out there are trying to scam other users
  • You can register for free, but you can’t do much without a premium subscription

Getting Started On Victoria Milan

The landing page will immediately entice you into getting registered. There is a counter that shows that there are 8,214,422 members registered at the moment, although the number seems to be static. Again, it doesn’t cost anything to register; all you have to do is submit your email and some basic information, like the type of affair you’re looking for. (Like a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking another woman, no judgments here whatsoever.)

After submitting your email and the type of relationship you’re looking for, the website will ask you to provide a name and a password for your new profile. After that, you will have to complete your profile, which contains the following information:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Type of body 
  • Height and weight
  • Smoking habits
  • Diet

All this information can be helpful for other people to find you if you’re within their standards. Most people have the same information available as well. As an extra, the website allows you to go through a verification process, so your profile has a special medal, allowing other people to see that you’re a real person.

All of these features sound truly nice and attractive. However, does Victoria Milan truly fulfill all of its promises?

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The Features Of Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a website that offers married people the opportunity of finding likeminded people with whom they can have an affair. Hence, you can expect it to have some of the basic features that you can find on similar websites, such as:

  • Add people to your favorite list
  • Basic search features
  • See other people’s profiles 

Other features included in the service include “winks,” which are interactions you send to people you are interested in so they know about your feelings. They can message you or send you a “wink” back.

It’s important to note that the features we’ve mentioned above are the ones available for free users. Victoria Milan allows free members to perform very basic actions. However, if you would like to increase your chances of meeting someone outside the platform or just conduct something very basic, like a conversation, you’ll have to pay.

As a premium user, you will have full access to the website, which includes but is not limited to the following features:

  • Messaging
  • Sending gifts (+ credits)
  • Picture exchanging
  • See who has added you to their favorites list
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Take advantage of credits to continue using the website

As you can see, Victoria Milan truly has an interesting concept. However, the execution leaves a lot to be desired and does not really offer its users an opportunity to contact others unless they pay for the service. Immediately after you register and finish your profile, you will start getting enticed into purchasing a subscription package to be able to use the full website.

Once you purchase a premium subscription, you will be able to find out who has added you to their favorites list, which can help you meet someone interested in you. You will also be able to use credits to send gifts to other people to let them know your genuine interest in them.

Besides the features mentioned above, Victoria Milan doesn’t offer other “special” services apart from their subscription options, which we’ll describe later in the article.

It was my first time trying out a Victoria Milan to look for an affair. I suppose I was just curious about what it would be like. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people on there looking for the same thing I was. I started messaging a few of them and we eventually met up in person. It was weird at first, but we hit it off pretty well. We ended up sleeping together that night.

Afterwards, we decided to keep seeing each other on the side. It’s been a few months now and things are still going strong. Who knows, maybe this will turn into something more serious someday. Either way, I’m glad I gave Victoria Milan a shot.

Troy (31) Cambridge, Maryland

Special Services & Support On Victoria Milan 

As mentioned above, Victoria Milan doesn’t offer special services besides the multiple subscription services there are available on the website. The platform is relatively simple in this regard, as it doesn’t have anything too overly-complicated that could scare away its users.

On the other hand, receiving support in Victoria Milan is quite complicated. Many users have reported not receiving answers or receiving unclear instructions whenever they contact the website’s customer support team. Therefore, we can’t assure you that you will have a pleasant experience if you ever decide to register in Victoria Milan, find a problem and decide to contact the website’s support team.

You have three options to contact the support team at Victoria Milan:

  • First, you can call them at +1 213 631-3646. Please note that the support team will only be able to communicate with you in English (if they answer your calls)
  • If you have any media inquiries, you can contact them at
  • Any other problem you find on the website must be reported via the platform’s help center. You’ll have to describe the nature of your request, describe your problem and provide your email. Please note that if the problem is a question that already exists in their FAQ section, the platform will be even less likely to answer

Again, Victoria Milan doesn’t exactly have the best customer support out there. However, it certainly offers very attractive services that could work for many people worldwide. If you ever decide to start exploring this website, please, keep in mind that any problem you may have either with another user or with the platform’s functioning may not have a solution.

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Safety And Anti-Scamming Policies Of Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan does not mention “scam” in its terms and conditions. However, it mentions that encouraging or being involved in fraudulent activity is prohibited. It is unclear how the company proceeds wherever a “scam” happens, as there is no mention of such situations in the terms and conditions.

Some important points mentioned in the terms and conditions and privacy policy that may give you an idea of how the company ensures the safety of its users are the following:

  • You are only allowed to possess one account at a time
  • The company only collects information regarding “when” you use its services. Of course, the company collects any information you may have provided to them during the registration process or prior to it
  • It is clear that the company only uses the information that you provide and explicitly gives the rights

Another good feature Victoria Milan offers its users is the possibility of blurring your pictures. Hence, if you wouldn’t like anyone to see you out there, you can simply choose not to be visible. You’re free to choose who can see your picture and who doesn’t.

Please note that this website is infamous for having several scammers around (and being an unreliable platform, overall). Therefore, we cannot assure you if the policies implemented by the platform are actually followed.

Victoria Milan Pricing: Free vs. Paid Accounts

Free members

There’s not much you can do as a free member. You will be able to set up your profile and modify your information as many times as you want. However, there is a limit to the actions you can do without paying. Here’s what you will be able to do without paying for the subscription:

  • Explore other people’s profiles
  • Set up your profile and use the search features
  • Receive messages (but not read or respond to those)
  • Take advantage of the search filters

You won’t be able to contact other users without paying. Hence, the website pretty much “entices” you into subscribing to the premium service, but that doesn’t assure that you will be able to arrange casual encounters with similar people.

Paid Accounts

As mentioned, paid accounts get the full version of the website and will be able to use all of its features without issues. Some of the features you get as a premium member include the ability to send messages, “winks,” and gifts (with credits), among many other things.

Other useful and quite attractive features that a premium subscription at Victoria Milan includes are picture exchange, being able to see who has seen your profile or added you to their favorites list, among many other features that the company does not disclose.

Again, keep in mind that buying a subscription will not increase the likeness of meeting someone outside the platform or even talking with more people.

Furthermore, it’s quite important to mention that it is extremely complicated to unsubscribe to the company. After reading many reviews from different users around the web, we’ve found out that it’s a common experience for users to cancel their credit cards to prevent the company from charging them the subscription renewal fee, which is an automatic process.

Hence, we advise you to proceed with caution at this website so you can prevent similar issues from happening.

Pros Of Using Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan has a very attractive concept. It’s a website for people who are looking forward to having an affair for whatever reason, allowing them to find likeminded people regardless of their sexual orientation. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to use Victoria Milan:

  • It has a user-friendly layout
  • You can easily navigate through all the profiles
  • It has very specific search filters, allowing you to find what you want with precision
  • It’s free to register

Cons Of Using Victoria Milan

While Victoria Milan has several good points and is very user-friendly, it’s not a platform the best platform there is out there. In fact, it has tons of issues that make many people stay away from it. It’s not impossible for you to find real women, but it’s also very possible that you’ll have to deal with fake profiles now and then.

Here are other reasons why using Victoria Milan is not a good idea:

  • You can’t contact other users as a free member. You’re obligated to pay for the subscription if you truly want to connect with others
  • It’s very complicated to unsubscribe from the website. It will continue renewing and withdrawing money from your credit card unless you take drastic action
  • The number of fake profiles and scammers is extremely high. Plus, it seems that the website generates some of the fictitious people you can see on your feed, although Victoria Milan never admits to this on its terms and conditions or privacy policy
  • The plans are very expensive
  • The website has several bugs that have been going on for a long time. It seems that the operator doesn’t actively work on improving the platform

Does Victoria Milan Work? Is Victoria Milan Legit Or Is It A Scam?

We’ve read many reviews around the web regarding the use of Victoria Milan. There seem to be mixed opinions out there, although it seems that most people have had bad experiences with the website.

Although many users have reported meeting up with other people from this platform, many other users have described how the website is filled with scammers. The website does not have clear policies regarding how to proceed in these cases. So, most of the time, the issues are left without being solved.

Another bad point about the website is that most of the time, it shows profiles from the USA, making it complicated for you to find someone in your area.

Hence, we can say that Victoria Milan is a legit platform, but its practices are unethical and will leave a bad taste in your mouth after using it for a while.

It goes without saying that canceling your subscription at Victoria Milan is very complicated. The platform rarely responds via email or calls. Most of the time, people are obligated to cancel their credit cards or similar issues to prevent the website from charging the subscription renewal.

It’s highly recommended to proceed with caution at this website, as you never know what may happen!


A few months ago, I decided to join Victoria Milan in order to have an affair. I had been married for six years, and although I love my husband, our sex life had become somewhat routine. I thought that an affair would add some excitement to my life.

I was not sure what to expect when I joined the Victoria Milan, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many eligible men there were. I chatted with several men and eventually went on a few dates.

Overall, I would say that my experience with the Victoria Milan was positive and would recommend it to anyone looking to have an affair. Thanks for reading!

Natalie (30) Lenox, Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions about Victoria Milan

  1. What is Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan is a website for people who want to find someone with whom they can have an affair or an extramarital relationship. It allows people to find likeminded individuals that share the same interest, fantasies, and sexual desires. 

  1. Is Victoria Milan legitimate and safe?

After exploring and reading reviews on the web for a while, we have concluded that even though Victoria Milan is a legitimate platform, it is not a safe place for people. Your information will be at risk if you decide to use this website.

  1. Is Victoria Milan available for free?

Technically speaking, Victoria Milan is available for free. You can joy as a free user, but you will not be able to do anything (not even talk with other people) unless you subscribe to the website.

  1. Does Victoria Milan have fake profiles?

Yes. The website has tons of fake profiles, and since the terms and conditions and privacy policies are very ambiguous in this regard, it’s not clear how the platform proceeds (if they ever do) in these cases.

  1. What are some complaints about Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan has extremely expensive plans. Plus, the fact that it is extremely complicated to cancel your subscription makes it less attractive to most people. Additionally, most people complain about the lack of features as a free user, the high number of scammers, and the bugs found in the platform.

  1. Who owns Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan is operated by NextLove Limited, a company based in San Gwann, Malta.

  1. Does Victoria Milan have a mobile app?

No. You can only access Victoria Milan via the web. However, the website has a responsive design, allowing you to explore it regardless of the device you use.

Final Thoughts on Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a shady website with ambiguous policies and unethical practices. While the concept of meeting likeminded people with whom you can have an affair is quite attractive to many people, we can say, based on the evidence we’ve found, that it’s very unlikely for you to meet someone outside the platform.

Therefore, we recommend you search for what you want on a different platform with clearer guidelines that offers you more comfort and safety.