Обзор видеоролика "Милашка": Лучшие лесбийские фильмы онлайн

Thousands of lesbian porn sites are on the web, and hundreds of them are added to the list every year. However, not all of them can survive for a long time, and Sweetheart Video is one of the few sites that has managed to survive for over 10 years, as it was first launched in 2012. Since then, the website has been adding content pretty frequently, with more than 1,000 videos available (and even more to come in the near future).

Sweetheart Video is part of Mile High Media Network, which has several other porn sites available. Thus, it can be a pretty good deal if you like varying the porn you watch now and then. 

That said, we’ll go through the good and the bad aspects of Sweetheart Video, what you should expect from the site and what to avoid to ensure that you’ll have a nice experience when you subscribe to the website. It can be a pretty good deal, though!

What is Sweetheart Video?


Веб-сайт: https://www.sweetheartvideo.com/

Sweetheart Video is a lesbian porn site under the ownership of Mile High Media Network. The platform was first launched in 2012, and even though it is already over a decade old, it still receives updates to this day and continues to be pretty active, generally speaking.

The website only features lesbian porn. You won’t be able to find other types of scenes here, but the good news is that you’ll have access to all four other sites by Mile High Media, which feature fauxcest, too. Hence, there’s plenty of content to watch upon subscribing to the site.

Sweetheart Video uploads new scenes pretty frequently – all of them in 4K. Although older content is available in 1080p, 720p, and lower resolutions, all new releases are in excellent quality, without exceptions. Thus, you can be sure you’ll have a good time while exploring what this site has to offer.

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Pros and cons of Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video has been in the industry for more than 10 years. It mostly features sensual and erotic lesbian porn instead of hardcore scenes. All scenes are well-made and have an overall nice look, but the site and its s offer have a few things that could be improved.

Here’s our take on the pros and cons of Sweetheart Video:

🎀 There’s high-quality “glamcore” on this site. This term refers to porn featuring performers with model-like attributes and erotic, passionate encounters. This time, Sweetheart Video puts an interesting twist on the concept. Be it passionate kissing or playing with игрушки, there’s a lot to watch here

🎀 It features famous porn stars. You can find faces like Daya knight or Anya Ivy

🎀 Новый контент каждую неделю. You can expect at least one new scene per week. Plus, all videos are available in UHD quality. Older videos are of good quality, too, with most of them being in Full HD and some others in HD

🎀 All videos come with a matching photo set. Hence, you can find over 1,000 videos with high-quality pictures attached while you’re exploring the website

🎀 It’s very user-friendly. The website is not complicated to navigate and has many options to make your experience even richer. You can use filters, and a search function, take advantage of the model index and even switch between one site and a different one within the network easily

🎀 It grants many bonus sites. You get access to four other porn sites, including Reality Junkies, Doghouse Digital, Sweet Sinner, and Семейные грешники. The last two sites are about taboo porn and fauxcest if you’re into it. There are more than 3,000 scenes available on all sites combined
Downloads are only available if you pay an extra fee. It’s impossible to download content if you don’t have paid the extra 14.99 USD (in addition to your subscription package) to be able to download both videos and photo sets

Some areas of the site feel empty. There is a model index available, but it only shows each girl’s list of videos. It doesn’t have a comment section either, and there’s little to no interaction between the user and the videos 

Generally speaking, Sweetheart Video is a good deal and has a ton of content for you to watch. Although certain aspects of the site could be better, it offers an overall good experience, and the site is quite active compared to other networks. Thus, it may be totally worth it to sign up for it.

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Cost and payment options for Sweetheart Video


As per usual, Sweetheart Video is a website where you can only access the content via subscription. The site offers a two-day trial for 2.00 USD, although you’ll be charged the full monthly subscription by the end of the cycle. Below you can find the pricing for each subscription package available at Sweetheart Video:

  • Ежемесячная подписка: 29.99 USD
  • 3-месячное членство: 59.99 USD (19.99 USD per month)
  • 12-месячное членство: 119.99 USD (9.99 USD per month)
  • 5-летнее членство: 499.99 USD (99.99 USD per year) – This option is only available for people who want to pay in cryptocurrency

The pricing is average for porn sites. As mentioned above, downloads are not available if you don’t pay an extra fee of 14.99 USD. However, the site doesn’t inform you of this issue until you start using the website and click on the download option.

You can pay for your subscription using credit cards or cryptocurrency. The site is compatible with Mastercard, VISA, and JCB, among others. As of now, it only accepts Bitcoin. 

Дизайн и особенности сайта


The site is minimalistic, generally speaking. It doesn’t have too many features and only shows what’s necessary. You can explore videos, “movies” (which are divided into different series), and photo sets. You can choose to take advantage of the categories to find specific things, or you can use the search filters to explore certain fantasies.

The site is quite intuitive and extremely easy to use. We’re sure that you’ll find it very easy to get used to it. 

Although the site is easy to use and good-looking, it lacks several features. It has a model index, but it shows very little information about the models – you can only access the videos they have filmed for the network. Other than this, the website doesn’t offer that much besides porn.

You can also switch from one website to another pretty easily. All you нужно to do is find the “sites” tab and click on the site you want to be in now. If you log off for some reason, you can log in again using your regular credentials, even if it’s a different site within the network.

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Часто задаваемые вопросы


Does Sweetheart Video have a download limit?

No. This website doesn’t have a download limit, but downloads are restricted to users who have paid the additional fee of 14.99 USD. It is a monthly fee, so that you can think of it as a “second subscription”. It makes the site twice as expensive, though.

How often does Sweetheart Video upload?

The site uploads at least one new scene every week. If you can’t find anything new on this site, you can visit the rest of the sites within the network, as many of those are updated regularly as well.

What quality are the videos on Sweetheart Video?

Most recent releases are available in 4K, while older videos may be in Full HD or HD. 

Предлагает ли мое членство бонусные сайты?

Yes. You get four bonus sites, including fauxcest sites like Семейные грешники and Sweet Sinner. Other sites include Reality Junkies and Doghouse Digital.

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