Review for Models, Fans, and Affiliates is a new miesto pre kameru with relatively good traffic and several features that can appeal to both models and members. It also has an partnerský program available, so there is something available for everyone on this platform.

We will explain everything you need to know regarding, regardless of whether you are a model, fan, or interested in becoming an affiliate. Still, generally speaking, the website has average-to-good reviews on the web, as most models and members have reported having a good experience here.

About is a website operated by CSME Technology. It is relatively new, but it is already gaining popularity among frequent visitors of camming sites. It uses a minimalistic layout with a characteristic purple color that makes it different from most camming sites.

Hoci je webová stránka stále nová, má stovky zaregistrovaných modelov a pomerne dobrú návštevnosť. Zvyčajne je na nej pripojený slušný počet ľudí. Mnohé modelky používajú túto webovú stránku na split-camming, pretože stále rastie a nemusí mať širšie publikum ako iné hlavné webové stránky.

Platforma má veľmi moderné rozhranie s prehľadným ovládaním. Členovia si môžu vybrať z viac ako 50 kategórií vrátane deepthroat, MILF, nadržané, tínedžerky, ryšavé, masturbácia, bujné a lesbičky, okrem mnohých iných. Každá modelka si môže slobodne vybrať značky, ktoré najlepšie vystihujú jej vystúpenia.

Traffic Stats for Cherry.TV is still a new site, so the traffic is still growing. That does not mean that you will not get an audience as a model here – most models have a nice number of viewers, typically between 5 and 50. At the moment of review, there were over 500 members connected and about 50 models online.

It is quite easy for models to accumulate an audience while performing on this site. It is primarily directed toward a heterosexual male audience. Although it allows transgender girls to join, they are less frequent. The website does not currently welcome mužské modely, but it may be possible once it starts growing in popularity.

If you are a model interested in performing on this website, we highly recommend you do it simultaneously along with other platforms. This way, you can maximalizujte svoje príjmy as the traffic stats at is still growing. While you still will be able to get a relatively good number of people to join your show, the website may have some limitations at the moment.

Types Of Shows Available on Cherry.TV

The website has several types of shows available. Of course, public rooms are quite common as most models are split-camming while they are performing on other sites. However, it is still possible to find paying customers that may be interested in hiring you for a private show.

Below you can find a list of the shows available on

Verejné výstavy

Public shows are the main type of shows available on this platform. Most models are already performing explicit sexual acts as they are performing on multiple websites at the same time. Thus, if you are a fan who is ready for some action, you can be sure that has exactly what you want.

Pokiaľ ide o modely, môžete kedykoľvek spustiť verejný chat. Môžete sa rozprávať s ostatnými členmi a spoznávať ich - nemusíte sa nutne rovno zapájať do nahoty. Mnohé modelky sa s členmi len rozprávajú a chvíľu sa zabávajú. Môžete si vybrať, s kým chcete chatovať a či chcete začať súkromný chat alebo nie.

Models can get tips and generate revenue from private shows, accumulating more earnings. Some models prefer engaging their audience this way instead of performing in private shows.

Models can put together a Tip Menu, which consists of a list of things you will perform in exchange for a particular number of tokens. There is also the Virtual Gift system, which allows members to send you generous gifts whenever they feel like it. Still, remember that this website has several ways to earn money – public shows are one of the most “diverse”.

Súkromné výstavy

There are different ways to perform private shows at While you will be able to perform the traditional one-on-one cams, there are several other types of chat rooms that you may find interesting at

  • Skupinové výstavy - Skupinové prehliadky sú prehliadky, na ktorých sa zúčastňuje viac platiacich členov a súkromne sa rozprávajú s modelkou. Diváci vám môžu počas živého vysielania dávať prepitné, posielať virtuálne darčeky a robiť mnoho ďalších vecí. Modelky si môžu upravovať sadzby a darčeky vo svojich ovládacích paneloch, čo im umožňuje ľahko maximalizovať svoje zárobky
  • Cam2Cam - Cam2Cam show alebo one-on-one show sú platené minútové živé show, ktoré sú dostupné len pre platiaceho člena a modelku. Členovia budú môcť vidieť svoju obľúbenú modelku predvádzať čokoľvek, o čo požiadajú. Modelky môžu počas súkromných šou dostávať aj prepitné a virtuálne darčeky. Rovnako ako pri skupinových šou budete môcť kedykoľvek upraviť sadzby v paneli s modelmi.
  • Špionážne výstavy - Špionážne prehliadky sú k dispozícii aj pre členov. Členovia si môžu vybrať, či sa k nim chcú pripojiť, ak má konkrétny model súkromnú šou. Nebudú však môcť s modelkou komunikovať - ide o voyeurizmus. Modelky si môžu vybrať, či chcú členom povoliť alebo odmietnuť špehovanie svojich súkromných šou. Majte na pamäti, že vďaka špionážnym prehliadkam môžete zarobiť viac peňazí

As you can see, there are several ways to make money on If you are interested in learning more about what you can do on this platform, we recommend you to visit their FAQ section – there are tons of interesting articles that can help you make your way on this platform.

Additional Earnings on Cherry.TV

As of now, the only way to earn additional money (besides the pay-per-minute fees) is to receive tips and virtual gifts. The website provides several perks for members compared to the ways to generate revenue that models have available.

Still, the platform is still growing. Thus, fan clubs may be available in the future, allowing you to sell videos and pictures and generate some extra revenue. This feature is quite common in camming sites, and it is very likely for this site to include it if it continues growing in popularity.

Cherry.TV Payout

Stránka website says that the amount of money you generate weekly is up to you and how long you decide to stream on the site. It requires you to manage your fan base, engage with them, and keep them interested in what you do, as well as recurring strategies to attract new customers.

Plus, keep in mind that this website uses a “Streamer Level” system. Thus, the higher the level, the more funds you will be able to get by the end of the month. offers a rev share of up to 70%. In addition, if you are already a model and have an established fan base, you can invite them to register at and earn up to 15% lifetime revenue from their purchases on the website.

Thus, this website has an excellent payout system that allows you to earn about 85% of your revenue if you know how to keep your fans interested in your shows and attract a larger audience.

As of now, you need at least $50 in earnings to be able to request a payout at You can request ACH through Segpay if you are a USA-based model, or you can choose Paxum if you are from a different country.

Táto stránka s kamerami je jednou z mála, ktorá vám umožňuje vyberať zárobky v kryptomene vrátane nasledujúcich:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT (BEP20)
  • USDT (TRC20)

Peniaze tak môžete získať rôznymi spôsobmi takmer okamžite, čo vám umožní mať plnú kontrolu nad svojimi zárobkami bez ohľadu na to, kde sa nachádzate.

Náklady na token

This website has several ways for members to become paid customers. Primarily, it has a token system. You can choose to pay via SegPay, Epoch, Wire Transfer, or even crypto (the same ones listed above). The packages and their prices may vary. For instance, the basic tokens package includes 100 tokens and costs around $9.99.

Here are all the packages available at

  • $9,99 - 100 žetónov
  • $19,99 - 210 žetónov
  • $99,99 - 1 150 žetónov

Všetky platby v kryptomenách sa spracúvajú prostredníctvom platieb. Ceny, s ktorými sa členovia môžu stretnúť, závisia od modelu, ktorý ste si vybrali na sledovanie, pretože plne kontrolujú, čo zarobia. Niektoré modelky vám napríklad môžu umožniť ovládať ich interaktívnu hračku približne 3 sekundy výmenou za jeden token.

Klub Cherry

Klub Cherry is a subscription-based service that grants you several perks, including 200 tokens and 1,600 instant XP as a one-time offer. You will get an experience boost, special gifts, the ability to send private správy to your favorite models, and many other special privileges that free members do not get. It can be a great way to make your experience more immersive on the site.

Is Cherry.TV Legit & Safe To Use? is a safe platform where models can make good money, especially if they are already-established models on other platforms. It has an excellent security system and a customer support team that is available for members and models 24/7. Thus, if you ever find a bug or any other problem with the platform, make sure to contact the platform at

In addition, the website has a secure server that processes both private and public shows, ensuring that both fans and models have a safe experience while interacting with each other. is a new platform, but it takes the safety of its customers seriously. Therefore, you can be sure that your information and persona will be safe while you are performing or interacting with a model on this website. We recommend you go through the terms and conditions and zásady ochrany osobných údajov pages to ensure you know how the website works.

Cherry. TV Affiliate Program má k dispozícii partnerský program, ako to robí väčšina kamier. Do konceptu však vkladá niekoľko rôznych vecí, aby sa líšil od toho, čo môžete nájsť na väčšine webových stránok. Napríklad "gamifikuje" celý koncept affiliate a integruje sociálne mechanizmy, vďaka čomu je registrácia do programu ešte zábavnejšia.

Odteraz môžete prostredníctvom programu odporúčaní zarábať peniaze rôznymi spôsobmi:

  • Získate doživotný podiel na príjmoch 25% zo všetkých predajov, ktoré používatelia, na ktorých ste odkázali, uskutočnia na webovej lokalite.
  • Zakaždým, keď na stránke nakúpi nový používateľ, získate určité percento. Táto ponuka je k dispozícii len pre niektorých partnerov
  • Dostanete 5% z toho, čo iní webmasteri zarobia na stránke, ak ste ich odporučili

The website accepts applications at any time. If the offer sounds attractive to you, you can použiť now or perhaps get in touch with the customer support team – there is also a FAQ section that we recommend you read before signing up on the website.

Majte tiež na pamäti, že výplatu budete môcť získať len vtedy, ak nazbierate minimálne 100 USD. Všetky platby pre partnerský program sa uskutočňujú na konci mesiaca. Ak nedosiahnete minimálnu sumu, vaša platba sa presunie do ďalšieho mesiaca. allows you to get paid through different methods, including PayPal, Crypto (the same ones mentioned above), and Wire Transfers.

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