Koliko denarja zaslužijo modeli Chaturbate | Odgovorjeno!

  • Chaturbate is a popular camming website where individuals over 18 can perform and make money.
  • The average model on Chaturbate earns about $20 to $60 per hour, depending on their performance and the number of viewers.
  • Top models can earn up to $50-60 per hour, and a well-positioned cam girl can make about $7200 each month by spending 3-4 hours a day on the site.
  • The earnings depend on various factors, such as the number of hours spent performing, the size of the fan base, and the quality of the shows.
  • Female models generally earn more than male models, and couples can earn significantly.
  • With a good internet connection, models can decide their schedules and work from anywhere.
  • Chaturbate offers different options for withdrawing earnings, and models can get paid twice a month or as often as daily.
  • Chaturbate uses a token system for viewers to pay the models.
  • Chaturbate provides a geoblock feature for privacy, allowing models to block specific cities, states, and countries.
  • The platform is considered a reliable source of income for many, and it offers the opportunity to earn money while having fun and being one’s boss.
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chaturbatebecome a cam modelsign up & make moneywork from homebe your own bossdiscreet account managementtwice monthly payments

Chaturbate has become one of the largest cam sites around the world. Everyone older than 18 can start performing and making money quickly with shows for thousands of users online. Many people come here because it’s straightforward to get started; however, many aren’t informed about how much money Chaturbate models make.

The average model on Chaturbate earns about $20 and $60, depending on how good they are and how much people watch their shows when they’re performing. The previous two factors are essential, but the most important thing you should remember is that you will earn more depending on the hours you decide to go live.

a chaturbate model in a red bikini laying on here blue bed

Postati izvajalec Chaturbate ni zapleteno. Je brez napora. Svojo kariero lahko začnete dobesedno kadar koli, če imate pravo opremo (kamero, dobro internetno povezavo in računalnik, včasih pa tudi telefon).

If you read this article, you’re probably considering becoming a Chaturbate model. We’ve already told you that getting started is very simple, but you should consider the factors we’re going to mention below to make the most of your webcam-performing career from the start.


Vemo, kaj se dogaja v industriji ustvarjalcev!

Medtem ko veliko pregledov, vodnikov ali informacij, predstavljenih na spletu, izhaja iz perspektive enega modela, partnerja ali oboževalca, naše znanje izhaja iz sodelovanja ena na ena z več sto ustvarjalci. Od cam modelov do finančnih dominantov, imamo dodaten nivo preverjanja dejstev, ki ga prinesejo šele izkušnje..

Pridružili se boste tisočim bralcem, ki se dnevno prihajajo učit kako začeti in . zaslužite več kot ustvarjalec.

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Making Money as a Chaturbate Model

an advertisement for becoming a cam model on chaturbate. text reads chaturbatebecome a cam modelsign up & make moneywork from homebe your own bossdiscreet account managementtwice monthly payments

Models can earn a lot while performing on Chaturbate, but just like every other business you start, it will be a long journey before you start having a great income source. Every model differs in many ways (schedule, fan base, etc.), meaning most earn different amounts of money.

It’s impossible to tell you how much an average cam girl can earn in Chaturbate. However, we can tell you that the top models usually earn a lot of money for performing a few hours. For example, the highest-paid female models on Chaturbate earn up to and over 1200 tokens an hour, which is about $50-60 per hour (yep, that’s a lot). We’ll explain how tokens work on Chaturbate later in the article.

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How Much You Can Make on Chaturbate

Again, a well-positioned cam girl makes about $60 an hour. If they spend at least 3 or 4 hours a day, they will earn $240, making $7200 monthly.

Of course, this will depend on how much you work to increase your viewers and improve your shows. Many people drop their regular jobs to pursue a webcam modeling career, and that’s okay, but they often do it without enough information about the matter. Yes, a well-established cam model can earn a lot of money monthly, so this is a perfect side hustle.

The best part is that you’re earning money while having fun, and you’re also your boss. No one will tell you when to perform, but we’ll give you some excellent advice so you can start on the right foot in your webcam model career.

How Much Girls and Guys Earn on Chaturbate

While you’re a guy, becoming a webcam model is not a bad idea, but you should know that you won’t make as much money as a girl would. Girls are more profitable in the camming business, and many guys turn down a webcam modeling career because they will perform mostly to an audience made entirely of gay men.

This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re a guy and want to earn money, you need to start opening your mind and thinking about different possibilities.

Kliknite tukaj za prijavo na Chaturbate!

If you’re a guy and want to start working as a webcam performer, you can also consider doing so as a couple. Couples can earn a significant sum, too, so it’s better to consider all the possibilities you have before deciding.

Guys can still earn extra money by the end of the month if they become popular performers. You can earn between $300 and $1000 on average while performing on Chaturbate.

a chaturbate model in red lingerie laying on a white bed in a white room

Deciding Your Camming Schedule on Chaturbate

When you’re a cam model, you decide how many hours you will spend doing it. Of course, you’ll perform better when you spend more hours, but that depends on each individual. Average webcam performers spend around 3 hours per day on their shows, meaning you can make at least $100 after you’ve gathered a zvesta občinstvo.

Some people spend more hours on cam, but that depends on how much free time you have or how much you want to spend. Cam girls are doing long shows (about 8 hours a day, imagine that), but that can easily become extremely overwhelming if you don’t know how to please an audience for that long time.

We recommend that you dedicate between 3 and 5 hours to this each day to have a great start on Chaturbate. You’re going to earn more money than you would with a part-time job. For example, many girls use camming as a side hustle to pay for their studies.

One thing that will get you zvesti oboževalci quickly is deciding on a schedule, too. You should perform when you know people will see you, for example, during the night. That depends solely on you, and it will take some time to figure out which hours are more profitable for you to perform.

After discovering which hours work best, you should keep constancy and only perform during that established schedule. It will help greatly because your viewers will know exactly when to find you!

Iščete lažji način, kako zaslužiti več denarja?

Vsakodnevno snovanje novih idej za vsebino je naporno. Prenehajte vsakodnevno snovati nove ideje in vlagajte v že pripravljene rešitve, s katerimi boste izboljšali svoje poslovanje, povečali število naročnikov in zaslužili več denarja.

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Learn About Chaturbate Tokens

First, most Chaturbate viewers look for “freemium” shows. A freemium show is a public livestream where you perform, and people give you tokens or tips so you can perform different things on camera. Viewers purchase tokens from Chaturbate and then use them for the models they like.

For a viewer, each token costs roughly $0.10 and goes down the larger the package they purchase. For the model, each token is worth $0.05. Consider this when determining your tip menu, ticket show costs, and private show’s cost per minute.

Imamo priročen kalkulator žetonov, ki ga najdete tukaj..

Withdrawing Your Chaturbate Earnings

Chaturbate offers different options for you to withdraw your earnings. Deposits are made automatically twice a month, or you can request payments at any time for a small fee.

Your payment options are as follows (updated December 26th, 2023)

  • Check sent by mail (no fee)
  • Payment via direct deposit (no fee, only available in the USA)
  • Check sent by Fed Ex ($40 processing fee in the USA, $80 for international mail)
  • Payment via wire transfer ($45 processing fee)
  • Paxum ($0.50 processing fee)
  • COSMO Pay ($1.00 processing fee)
  • Skrill (1.25% processing fee up to $25)
  • Bitcoin (0.0008 Bitcoin network fee)
  • Canadian EFT ($8.95 processing fee)

E-wallets like PayPal aren’t friendly with adult websites, so you can’t use them.

Performing on Chaturbate as a Career

Obstaja veliko razlogov za kariero modela spletne kamere. Če iščete načine za dodaten zaslužek, vendar nimate sreče, je to verjetno odgovor na vaše težave. Čas je, da pustite vse svoje negotovosti za seboj in razmislite o vseh možnostih, ki jih lahko imate, če postanete izvajalec spletnih kamer. Na splošno boste imeli te prednosti:

  • Delate lahko od koderkoli želite. – Yes, you can perform anywhere you are as long as you have a good internet connection and the right tools. As a tip, you should get some spolne igrače sometimes after you’ve started to perform on Chaturbate. Chaturbate prodaja igrače on their website; some keep things interesting for you and the performers.
  • Vi ste svoj šef – No one will tell you what to do and when to do it. Many young cam girls know how to handle their business exceptionally, but this can be a con. Tons of responsibilities come with being your own boss, so be careful!
  • Plačilo prejmete dvakrat na mesec - Kot smo vam že povedali, lahko svoj zaslužek dvignete vsaka dva tedna. Chaturbate je zanesljiva spletna stran in pravočasno vam bodo izplačali, kar bi morali dobiti. Ne bo nobenih zamud ali česa podobnega; vaš denar bo vedno na vašem računu, ko se boste odločili za izplačilo.
  • Imate popoln nadzor nad svojo zasebnostjo - Če vas skrbi zasebnost, morate vedeti, da ima Chaturbate funkcijo geografske blokade, ki vam omogoča blokiranje določenih mest, držav in celo držav. Nihče v vašem rojstnem mestu ne sme vedeti za vašo kariero modela spletne kamere! To je tudi funkcija, ki jo ima večina spletnih mest s spletnimi kamerami. To je odlična prednost!

Ste se že odločili za začetek?

Kliknite tukaj za prijavo na Chaturbate!

Če ste se odločili in želite začeti kariero nastopača pred spletno kamero, potem so to stvari, ki jih boste potrebovali kot novinec:

  1. Računalniška naprava z odlično internetno povezavo, da lahko brez težav pretakate. Veliko ljudi zavrača zakasnele prenose, vendar lahko to težavo hitro rešite pozneje, ko začnete.
  2. Dober fotoaparat. Yes, this is called “webcam performing,” but a high-definition camera works best since those things are outdated as of now.
  3. Nekaj odlične oblekeali pa se lahko slečete do golega. Zaradi tega se ne bomo pritoževali!
chaturbatebecome a cam modelsign up & make moneywork from homebe your own bossdiscreet account managementtwice monthly payments

Če potrebujete več informacij o Chaturbate, imamo celoten pregled modela, ki ga najdete tukaj.

Če želite izvedeti več o Chaturbate in prebrati celoten pregled in pregled platforme, kliknite tukaj. Če se želite pridružiti Chaturbate, kliknite tukaj za prijavo in začnite zaslužiti denar še danes.

Več informacij o Chaturbate:


Chaturbate je ena izmed vodilnih spletnih strani za kamere na internetu. Ima vse, kar si lahko vsak model, oboževalec ali partner želi, vključno z odličnim prometom, uporabnimi funkcijami in visokim deležem prihodkov. Ima odlično skupnost in vsak dan je mogoče videti nove modele, ki začnejo delati.






  • Eden od, če ne celo najboljši najbolj priljubljen spletne kamere
  • Na spletnem mestu lahko nastopajo vsi, ki so starejši od 18 let.
  • Ogledate si lahko brezplačne kamere, modeli lahko z oboževalci sodelujejo tudi zasebno
  • Aplikacije in roboti, s katerimi lahko modeli izboljšajo svojo izkušnjo v sobi

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