Koliko zaslužijo modeli Fansly

Fansly je družbeni mediji platform for content creators, models, artists, and more. You can post a variety of content, including adult content. Content creators and models can post photos, videos, GIFs, and more on their profiles to get fans, followers, and subscriptions. You might wonder how much do Fansly models make.

On average, a Fansly model can make more than $20,000 or more in a year. Such models receive a W9 or other tax forms from Fansly when they receive such income. Plus, models can make income by making their profile subscription-based or having paid photos and posts.

You might wonder how to make money and understand how much the Fansly model makes further. Read ahead and widen your eyes at the riches a Fansly model earns.

Kaj je Fansly?

Fansly is a digital content creator and model’s paradise for posting videos and photos. It became famous when OnlyFans banned sexually explicit content.

Fansly is owned by Select Media LLC and was established in 2020 amidst the pandemic. The site lets content creators and models mint money through subscriptions, tips, and exclusive paid photos.

Users of Fansly can view their favorite model’s photos and videos either through subscriptions or by merely following them. Fansly is a user and creator-friendly platform for posting content.

How Do Fansly Models Make Money?

You might wonder how Fansly models make more than $20,000 a year. They have several methods to make money on Fansly:

  • Fansly models can set up a paid account. In such situations, models can earn money by getting fans to pay them monthly for exclusive photos, posts, and profiles.
  • They can create a pay-per-view post at a higher price for their followers. Alternatively, models can earn a one-off fee for the exclusive photo, post, or video. This is popular amongst models with a free profile.
  • Fansly models can receive tips from fans on their neposredno sporočilo platform in monetary value.

Essentially, a Fansly model makes more money if they have many subscribers, views, and tips. So, Fansly models must promote themselves extensively on various platforms.

How to Set Up a Fansly Account

To earn money on Fansly, a model needs to create an account. Fansly models follow these steps to make an account and mint money:

  • They first sign-up on Fansly after ensuring they are above the age of 18
  • Government-issued identification like passport, driver’s license, ID card, or social security card is needed. Plus, banking details are required to get the money.
  • After the model’s application is approved within days, they choose a profile price- free or monthly subscription-based to earn money.
  • Then they get started on creating their profile with usernames, display names, cover photos, družbeni mediji links, profile pictures, and about themselves to make their profile unique and identifiable.
  • Once the profile is created, models post content that varies from NSFW to SFW posts of high quality and resolution.
  • Then comes the extensive promotion on various platforms like Subreddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Shout-outs, Cam or Tube Sites, and more. They curate appealing, unique, and insightful sporočila to promote their content on various platforms.

Setting up a Fansly account kickstarts a model’s earning capacity. They can lure more subscribers, fans, and followers with discounts, high-quality content, displaying plenty of information about themselves, and other tips.

How Can Fansly Models Make Money Consistently?

It might help you know the tips and tricks Fansly models undertake to earn more than $20,000 a year. Here are some of the tricks:

  • Fansly models are consistent, patient and continuously promote themselves and post content regularly.
  • They are organized and use the Fansly calendar to schedule their posts. Plus, Fansly models engage with their fans and earn monetary tips.
  • Fansly models ensure they select their niche and post only relevant content. You’ll find models posting photos and videos with themes, creativity, and more. This helps to promote themselves in private groups on družbeni mediji platforms, subreddits, and more.
  • You’ll find Fansly models earning more money by indulging unique custom requests on their DMs for their exclusive fans and followers.
  • Fansly models ensure they post high-quality pictures with no pixelation or blurs. They take flawless photos and videos with great backgrounds, angles, make-up, clothes, and more. Plus, their profiles look professional and are descriptive.
  • Fansly models don’t dive into paid promotions without first exploring organic promotions and advertising for their Fansly profiles.
  • Confidence is the key to making more money using a Fansly profile.

So, making money on Fansly is fairly easy if you know how to promote yourself and create quality content.

Fansly Tiers That Models Can Apply to Their Subscriptions

Now that you know how Fansly models make money, you might want to see a sample of how they can apply tiers to their subscription.

According to a subreddit one model, u/Hazeleva,  has applied the following tiers to their profile to make money:

  • They made fully clothed photos free for followers to view. Otherwise, followers have to pay to view individual posts.
  • Bronze Tier: Users pay $5 to unlock all NSFW photos.
  • Silver Tier: Users pay $10 to unlock all photos and 3-minute videos.
  • Gold Tier: Users pay $25 to unlock all content except diamond exclusives and a chat with the model option.
  • Diamond Tier: Users pay $50 to access all content, chat with the model, and a diamond exclusive 1-3 minutes video daily.

Another model, smallfeetsweetie, has two tiers- gold and silver. Gold subscribers pay $14.99/$8.99 for all content, including exclusive bonus content and renewal rewards. Silver subscribers get access to chats, renewal rewards, and PPV at discounted rates when they pay $9.99/$4.99. Followers can see SFW selfies and pay to unlock all pictures at higher prices and chat with tips.

This tier system lets models control what they share to which followers to protect themselves and earn more money. It’s no wonder models on Fansly can make more than $20,000.

Nekaj OnlyFans models were able to earn $1 million a year by garnering more subscribers. Fansly models can also earn millions by extensively promoting themselves and getting more subscribers and fans.

Is Fansly Legit?

Medtem ko Fansly models can make a lot of money and go from rags to riches in a year, is Fansly legit?

The answer to this is marred by ambiguity. While Fansly is registered and owned by a reputable company, there have been several negative reviews. There have been claims that Fansly has hidden charges, and the screening process for the content creators and models is unclear.

Plus, other reviews have claimed several fake profiles with low to zero content even after paying money. Some reviewers also felt that Fansly stole credit card and banking information. 

So, while models have earned more than $20,000 from Fansly, the site’s legitimacy is still debatable from the fan’s point of view. As long as you’re actively posting content, you will be good to go.

Končne opombe

Fansly models make a lot of money. There have been claims that some models with numerous subscribers can earn $1 million. However, on average, a Fansly model can earn more than $20,000 per year. They receive a W9 form when they earn that much.

Fansly models make their money through subscriptions or one-off payments on posts and photos or tips. They have the freedom to decide who can see what content by having a tier-based subscription system. So, how much Fansly models make turned out to be a startling revelation, didn’t it?

Modeli: še danes se prijavite za Fansly tako, da kliknite tukaj.

Ventilatorji: prijavite se za Fansly tako, da kliknite tukaj.

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