Streamate Review for Models

Sometimes, looking for a side hustle can become a challenging task. There are too many options, and choosing one can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure about your abilities. Not so many people think about becoming webcam performers, so this time, we’re going to give you some good reasons why you should consider becoming one.

There are many cam sites where you can start proliferating. However, not many of them offer so many perks and control over your privacy like Streamate does. This is truly a unique website for those interested in becoming webcam models, so this is why we totally recommend trying it out.

Through this article, we’ll tell you all the great reasons why Streamate is a good choice to start your webcam modeling career. The website has tons of fantastic features any model can take advantage of. The website is easy-to-use and welcomes almost everyone to become models. Let’s get to know more about Streamate!

What is Streamate?

Streamate is a new website where you can increase if you know how to keep the audience entertained. This is a camming site; therefore, almost all your income will come from webcam shows. There are not too many public shows options, so this website is perfect for those that prefer going private.

There isn’t much required to become a Streamate model. Getting started is super easy and won’t take you too long. However, your application to the website may take some time to be approved because each one is evaluated manually to verify all people registered are over the age of 18.

Streamate has developed a good community over the years. Even if they do not have as much traffic as other websites, you don’t have to think about it as a bad thing. In fact, this can be a perk because, without high competition, you have more probabilities of becoming a top model in little time.

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Who can become a model on Streamate?

Like we said previously, anyone over the age of 18 can quickly become a model. So the website’s staff has everything sorted out, they will require you to submit a digital copy of your ID for further verification. Some people have complained about how long the application process takes, so this will very likely take a while to be processed. However, after that’s done, you’ll be all set up and ready to start modifying your profile as much as you want and performing.

On Streamate, anyone can become a model. This includes girls, boys, and trans people. We want to note that boys seem to have more success on this website than in others; there are tons of cam boys earning ample amounts of money each month. It’s not that hard to get started on Streamate, and in the next section, we give you all that’s necessary in order to become a cam model on Streamate.

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What is required to become a model on Streamate?

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We’ve already told you what is the first thing you should have at hand is a digital copy of your ID. The most vital requirement is being of legal age. After that, you’ll only need a few things for equipment so you can broadcast with no problems. The full equipment list is right here:

A computer

A computer will be necessary at all times because it is currently the only way you have to broadcast webcam shows. There are some specifications for the laptop or desktop you’ll use for it, though. You need to ensure your computing device has at least 4 GB of RAM, a Quad-Core processor or better, and Windows or Mac OS X.

A webcam

Most laptops nowadays have a webcam integrated; however, we highly recommend getting an HD webcam so you can deliver shows with higher quality. Also, try to buy a webcam with a built-in microphone! It will make things easier for you. People are more likely to stay if the quality of the stream is high.

A good internet connection

A high-speed internet connection will be necessary, especially if you’re looking forward to cam-splitting (see below for more information about this feature). Your upload speed must be of a minimum of 2 Mbps, but most internet plans nowadays have better connections, so this will not be a problem often. However, keep in mind that streaming in multiple websites at the same time requires a lot of resources, so make sure you have an internet connection well enough to stream in both sites with no interruptions.

Extra but not required stuff

Many models like to make their shows a bit more interesting by using sex toys. Some people dare to use cosplay, and people with specific fetishes in mind have particular outfits they wear during their shows. This stuff is optional, but we highly encourage you to get some interactive sex toys. These toys make things spicier for you and your viewers, and will make you earn more money in the long run!

How much can you earn on Streamate?

It’s no use telling you that you’ll earn about 3,000 dollars after becoming an average model on the website, mostly because that’s not the whole truth. On camming sites, everything is performance-based, meaning that you’ll earn money the more you perform. Also, unlike many other camming sites, Streamate does not use a token system. All the shows are charged by the minute, and you set the price for it.

Streamate makes it so much easier to make money as a webcam performer; however, they take a lot of your earnings in exchange. Streamate pays their models ONLY 30% of the revenue generated by their shows. The website claims they give 50%, but that’s because they allow you to sell clips on the website. For those clips, you get 50% of the rev share.

Payment methods available on Streamate

Models are allowed to request payouts once a week. You can only cash out if you have $20 available in your account; otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next week. The payment methods include:

  • Checks
  • Wire Transfer
  • Firstchoice Pay
  • Paxum

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Making money on Streamate

In Streamate, most of your income will come from adult webcam shows. You can do some other things to increase your revenue percentage, and here’s the list with everything you can do to increase your earnings on this website:

Adult Webcam Shows

Adult webcam shows are the standard way of earning money on Streamate. Unlike most cam sites, all shows here are paid, and you get to decide if your shows will be premium or exclusive.

A premium show is available for all members so that anyone can join. This is not similar to public shows because everyone entering your room will be charged by the minute. Once everyone leaves the room, the show will be over.

An exclusive show is available only for the person requesting it. This makes them able to gain full attention from their favorite model, and this is beneficial because you’ll earn more than in premium shows. Most people on Streamate prefer this shows, but others have more adjusted budgets, so they stick with premium ones.

Besides premium and exclusive, there is another sub-category of shows you should know about. Let’s see:

Pay-per-minute shows

All shows on Streamate are paid by the minute. The client pays you as long as they stay in your room. As we said, you get to set the prices, but keep in mind that Streamate only pays their models 30% of the revenue generated by the content they sell on the website.

Block Sessions

Block sessions are nothing more, but time limits you set for people to get discounted rates for any service you provide on the website.

Gold Shows

Gold shows are only available for qualified models. Everyone who comes to a gold show must pay the entrance price, meaning that they must pay if they want to see you perform.

Sell Videos

Performing is not the only profitable thing on Streamate. Actually, many models also sell their videos on the website. You can put videos for free for promotional purposes, and premium videos, so people purchase each piece. Unlike webcam shows, Streamate pays its models 50% of the revenue generated by their videos.

Referral Program

You can get referrals from the moment you begin your journey on Streamate. Cammodels is the website affiliated with Streamate’s referral program, but don’t worry, the same company runs them. Actually, you can find your profile on Cammodels. If someone comes to Streamate using your Cammodels link, you will get 25% of the revenue share of whatever they spend money on the website!

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Streamate has more incredible things waiting for you

There are more features that make Streamate a good experience for webcam models. These include:

Kiiro: Interactive Sex Toys

Kiiro is the sex toy manufacturer working with Streamate. These sex toys make the show more exciting for everyone, so it is highly recommended to get one as soon as possible. Interactive shows are charged more.

Get customers from Pornhub.

Streamate works with the famous porn site Pornhub, so yeah, it’s easy to gain followers if you sign up for Pornhub’s Verified Amateur Program using your Streamate username. Once your profile is processed, your Streamate information will be shown on Pornhub. Everyone will be able to see you on that website, meaning that you’ll have more opportunities to get customers.

More privacy settings than any other cam site

If geo-blocking wasn’t enough for you, there’s another thing you can do on Streamate to ensure your privacy: making your profile ONLY available for paid members!

Advantages and Drawbacks of choosing Streamate

So, Streamate sounds very good. Let’s summarize all the information we’ve gathered until now so you can have a better idea of what it is like to be on Streamate. Advantages of Streamate

  • It’s easy to grow because there isn’t too much competition.
  • You have many privacy settings available to make sure no uncomfortable surprises happen.
  • You set your own schedule, become your boss, and only work when you decide.
  • You have a high earning potential.
  • Since there aren’t too many people registered, it is possible to become a top model in little time.
  • It’s not hard to find customers willing to pay for private sessions. The website was built with the intention of providing private services for the customers.
  • Chargeback problems will not be a problem when working with Streamate. They will take care of it for you.
  • Cam-splitting is a feature prominent in websites that allow public camming, but this one is available on Streamate as well.

Disadvantages of Streamate

  • Even if there is no competition, it’s hard to get yourself known because people will likely prefer watching top models.
  • People using VPNs will be able to surpass Streamate’s geo-blocking feature.
  • It’s possible for you to meet unpleasant people now and then. This is something that happens in many cam sites.
  • The revenue share percentage is low compared to most cam sites. The standard rev share percentage is about 50% on most websites.

Work simultaneously with ModelCentro and Streamate.

ModelCentro is a website that allows you to build your own website with no effort by giving you all the necessary tools for you to do it. ModelCentro works similarly to a subscription website, where members must pay a monthly fee in order to keep having access to the content.

When you work together with ModelCentro and Streamate, you’ll be able to broadcast on the first website so your subscribers can watch the stream.

Working with ModelCentro is one of the best things you can do to increase your earning on Streamate. The revenue percentage on this website is meager, so if you choose it as your leading site, It’s better if you look for more ways to earn extra money.

ModelCentro allows you to sell Fanclub memberships, photos, videos, and many other things. Once you start working with this company, a link to your profile will be displayed on your Streamate page.

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