Complete Guide to Giving Dick Ratings

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into all things related to managing OnlyFans accounts. Today, we will tackle a topic that might pique your curiosity: the enigmatic world of “dick ratings.”

Now, if you’re new to the adult content industry or just curious about this particular niche, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

A dick rating is essentially an assessment of someone’s…well, manhood. But hold on tight because it’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

In this article, we’ll explore what a dick rating entails and even guide you on how much to charge for such services.

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Çevrimiçi olarak sunulan birçok inceleme, kılavuz veya bilgi bir modelin, bağlı kuruluşun veya hayranın bakış açısından gelirken, bilgimiz yüzlerce içerik oluşturucu ile bire bir çalışmaktan kaynaklanmaktadır. Kamera modellerinden finansal baskınlara kadar, bir sadece deneyimle gelen ek bir doğruluk kontrolü katmanı.

Buraya öğrenmek için gelen binlerce günlük okuyucuya katılıyorsunuz nasıl başlanır ve daha fazla kazan bir yaratıcı olarak.

Satın almakla ilgileniyorum başlıklar İşletmenize yardımcı olacak paketler, senaryolar ve diğer kaynaklar? seni koruyor.

İyi eğlenceler!

What is a Dick Rating

A dick rating is a type of adult content service where an individual, often referred to as a “rating queen,” offers to evaluate and provide feedback on the appearance of someone’s penis.

Olarak OnlyFans content creator, I can tell you that this peculiar niche has gained quite a following within the online adult entertainment community. So, how does it actually work?

When subscribers request a dick rating, they typically send explicit photos or videos of their manhood for evaluation. As an experienced rating queen, I “meticulously examine” these submissions and provide an honest assessment based on various criteria such as size, shape, symmetry, and overall aesthetics.

The pricing structure for dick ratings can vary widely among creators. Depending on popularity, expertise, and service demand, some may charge a fixed rate per rating request.

In contrast, others adopt subscription-based models where users pay monthly fees for ongoing evaluations.

It’s also common to find additional options, such as expedited ratings at higher prices.

Why Give or Get Dick Ratings/How to Rate a Penis

It’s all about fulfilling fantasies, building connections, and boosting confidence.

Firstly, let’s talk about fantasy fulfillment. Many individuals have secret desires they yearn to explore but may feel too shy or uncertain to do so in real life. That’s where dick ratings come into play. By offering this service on my platform, I provide a safe space for people to indulge in their fantasies without judgment or consequences.

Secondly, dick ratings are a unique opportunity to build genuine connections with my subscribers. Just imagine being able to intimately engage with your audience by discussing their most intimate body part – it creates an immediate sense of closeness and trust that is hard to replicate elsewhere. The open dialogue allows me to better understand their preferences and tailor their future content.

Lastly – confidence! Let’s face it; we all appreciate validation from time to time. Many individuals seeking out dick ratings stem from wanting reassurance about their physical attributes. Confidently saying, “Hey babe, your package is absolutely stunning!” can boost someone’s self-esteem and make them feel desired and appreciated.

Bir ev mi arıyorsunuz? daha fazla para kazanmanın daha kolay yolu?

Her gün yeni içerik fikirleri bulmak tam bir baş belasıdır. Her gün yeni fikirler bulmak için beyin fırtınası yapmayı bırakın ve işinizi geliştirmek, abonelerinizi artırmak ve daha fazla para kazanmak için sizin için yapılmış çözümlere yatırım yapın.

👉🏾 Şimdi'dan alışveriş yapın ve altyazı paketleri, komut dosyaları, e-kitaplar ve video kursları bulun.

Types of Dick Rating Services You Can Offer

Various types of dick rating services are available out there, each catering to different preferences and desires. From personalized written evaluations to live video assessments, the options are diverse and exciting.

One popular type of dick rating service is personalized written evaluation. As a content creator providing this service, I receive explicit photos from my subscribers and take the time to craft a detailed assessment of their manhood. I analyze various aspects such as size, shape, and aesthetics and even offer suggestions for improvement or enhancement if desired.

I aim to provide an honest yet positive evaluation that boosts confidence while allowing for self-improvement if desired.

Another option is the live video assessment, where subscribers can engage in real-time with me during the session. This interactive experience allows individuals to showcase their assets while receiving immediate feedback on camera.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, some content creators even offer audio-based ratings using seductive voices to intimately describe their impressions of your package.

🍆 Personalized written evaluations: Detailed assessments crafted after analyzing explicit photos
🍆 Live video assessments: Real-time engagement allowing for immediate feedback
🍆 Audio-based ratings: Seductive voice recordings exploring every detail intimately

How Much to Charge For Dick Ratings

When it comes to setting prices for dick ratings as an OnlyFans içerik oluşturucusu, several factors come into play. Are you an established creator in your particular niche? Have you built a sadık following who value your opinions? If so, you can certainly charge a premium for your services.

Another important consideration is the demand for dick ratings within the market. Is there a high demand for this type of content on OnlyFans or other similar platforms?

The quality and uniqueness of your dick rating service also play a significant role in determining pricing.

  • Do you offer personalized feedback tailored to each individual’s needs?
  • Are your ratings detailed?

Providing added value through customized experiences or exclusive features not found elsewhere can justify higher price points.

It’s also essential to consider the time and effort required to deliver each rating accurately.

Number onlyLow, $5-10
Written ‘report’Low, $10-$20
Audio ‘report’Medium, $20-$50
Video ‘report’High, $50-$100

How to Do Dick Ratings/

Dick ratings are a pretty straightforward process.

  1. First, decide on a price you’re going to charge to do the dick rating. See the previous chart for an idea on how much to charge.
  2. Second, get the word out. If you have a sosyal medya following on, say, Twitter, send out a tweet. Let them know to slide into those DM'ler. If you’re using a premium fan club service, send out your mass DM. I would recommend only offering one service per promotion/DM, so there is no confusion. We don’t want someone who wants to pay for a written report, but you’re trying to create a whole video for them.
  3. Third, start fulfilling orders. Only rate after you’ve been paid. Don’t get scammed. The faster you can fulfill orders, the better it is for both parties. Start with the earliest orders and work your way down the line until all ratings are given.

It’s really that simple.

Why Do Men Want Their Dicks Rated?

Ego. Confidence. Degradation.

There are a ton of reasons why a guy would want their dick rated. For starters, they want to feel good about what they’re working with (even if it’s not ideal). There’s nothing better than when someone they’re sexually interested in has good things to say about their sexual organ.

Other guys are in it for the degradation. They want you to tell them they have a small dick, and they’re worthless as a man. This is especially popular in domme/submission relationships, and there is a whole subgenre of dick ratings called SPH, or small penis humiliation.

You should know what sort of rating your followers are interested in based on the type of account you run. The girl-next-door type is going to give nothing but positive vibes to all penises, while the findom will typically crush their subscriber’s confidence.

Types of Dick Ratings

The 90% Honest Review

It’s almost said tongue in cheek, but the 90% honest review is giving your mostly true opinion on the dick you’re rating. You’re not giving everyone a 10, but you’re definitely değil giving anyone a score below 6. You want to be realistic but also be totally positive. Maybe include some light commentary on recommendations for improvement, like on grooming.

God’s Gift to Women Review

Basically, you’re gushing at the thought of being in the same room as that penis. It’s almost as though you have to consider what you’re saying to be cheesy. Pretend it’s the most perfect prick on the planet, and you will be on your knees in no time. Massive ego boost, totally corny.

The Small Penis Humiliation Review

This one sort of has a deceiving name because even if the requester doesn’t have a small penis, you’re still going to become a bully. No matter what, it’s not good enough for you. They’re worthless, infertile, cum fast, couldn’t pleasure women no matter what, and basically should be castrated. The complete and total opposite of the previous.

Dick Rating Examples

AttributeNormal RatingWorship RatingSPH
Small LengthYour penis is the perfect size to come in close and intimately pleasure me 🤤😍 With its small length, you can easily explore every inch of my body with incredible precision.Your penis is the perfect size! Its small length helps you to explore and pleasure me with precision. I’m so excited to experience every inch of it inside me 🤤🤮 Your penis is so pathetically tiny that it’s barely even worth experiencing. I can’t imagine what kind of pleasure you could possibly give me with such a measly appendage.
Small LengthYour penis is the perfect size and shape for giving me pleasure in all the right ways. I’m sure it can work wonders! 🤩Your penis is absolutely perfect! I am in awe of its beauty and captivated by its power. Every time you use it on me, I’m filled with an intense feeling of pleasure that leaves me wanting more 🤩Big Disappointment 🤢
Small LengthYour penis is wonderfully sized and has so much potential! Its petite size makes it perfect for pleasure filled explorations. I can’t wait to experience the feeling of it inside me 🤩Oh my goodness, your penis is so perfect! Its small length leaves me in awe and amazement. I can’t help but worship it! 🙌I can only imagine the pleasure you would give me with it. Let’s explore together and experience its amazing sensations! 😉Your penis is wonderfully sized and has so much potential! Its petite size makes it perfect for pleasure-filled explorations. I can’t wait to experience the feeling of it inside me 🤩
Medium LengthYou have a very nice penis! It’s the perfect size, not too long or short 🤩. You must feel great when you see it in the mirror!🤩I am absolutely in awe of your penis! It’s the perfect length for me to explore and worship it with my mouth. I can’t wait to feel its power as you use it on me and make me reach heights of pleasure that I’ve never experienced before.🤮 Your penis is just mediocre. It’s not too long or too short, but it’s definitely nothing special. I’m sure you’ll do alright with it in the bedroom, but don’t expect me to be impressed by your lack of creativity and skill 😒
Medium Length😉 Your penis is the perfect size for exploring all kinds of pleasure – long enough to tantalize and stimulate me in all the right places, but not so big that it overwhelms me. I can’t wait to feel its delicious length slide against my skin!Wow, your penis is the perfect size for me to experience all the pleasure I desire! 🤩 With its medium length, it will hit all my erogenous zones and send wave after wave of blissful sensations through my body as you move inside me. I can’t wait to feel it gliding in and out with each thrust! 😍🤮 Your penis is so average and unimpressive. I can hardly bear the thought of it being anywhere near me. It’s just too boring!
Medium Length🤩 Your penis is the perfect size to give me incredible pleasure. I love how it fills me up just right, and can’t wait to experience all of its stimulating sensations.🤩I’m absolutely mesmerized by your penis! It’s the perfect size to bring me to new heights of pleasure. I can’t wait for you to use it on me and show me all the amazing things it can do. Worshiping it would be an understatement; I am in total awe of its beauty! 😍Your penis is disappointingly mediocre. 🤦‍♀️It’s not long enough to satisfy me or short enough for you to be able to do anything special with it.
Large LengthYour penis is amazing! It’s so long, and I can’t wait to experience it inside me 🤤I am in absolute awe of your impressive length 🤩! I can only imagine how it would feel to experience you using it on me. Worshiping the power and strength of your magnificent tool is an honor that I would cherish forever 🙌.Your “large” penis is really just average, and your girth is laughably small 🤣. I don’t think you’ll be able to do much with it but maybe you can make up for it in other ways… 😏
Large LengthI love the way your large length feels inside of me 🤤 It fills me up completely and drives me wild with pleasure.🤩Be amazed by the impressive size of this penis! Its large length will surely fill you with pleasure, making you tremble in delight. I can’t wait to experience its power as it moves inside me. Worship this amazing instrument and bask in its glory! 😉Your penis is nothing special – it’s just an average-sized length. 🤷‍♀️ I’m sure you think it’s great, but in reality, it won’t do anything for me.
Large Length😍 Your penis is so long and tantalizing. I can’t wait to feel it inside me, teasing and pleasing me with its length.🤩I’m absolutely mesmerized by your penis! It’s so impressive and powerful. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with desire imagining you using it on me. Worshiping every inch of it and feeling the intense pleasure that comes from being filled up by something so incredible. Let me experience you, let me be taken away in ecstasy!😍Your penis is disappointingly short – I’m not sure how you even thought it was large 🤦‍♀️. It’s definitely not going to be enough for me, so don’t waste your time trying to use it on me!
Thin GirthYour penis is the perfect size for me; its thin girth feels amazing against my skin 🤤. I love feeling the sensation of it as you move inside me and tease me with each thrust.I’m so mesmerised by your thin girth 🤩 I can feel the anticipation building as you come closer, and know that when you use it on me it will be an incredible experience. Its delicate, yet powerful force is something to be worshipped!Your penis is so thin and pathetic, I wouldn’t even feel anything if you used it on me. 🤮
Thin Girth

Your thin girth is something special and I love how it feels! It’s the perfect size to make me feel so full and yet still leave me wanting more. 😍
Your thin girth is absolutely divine! I feel incredibly lucky to be in the presence of such perfection. It’s like a work of art that I can’t help but admire and worship. The thought of it teasing my inner walls makes me quiver with anticipation 🔥Your penis is so thin and pathetic 🤮. It would never satisfy me in any way – it’s boring, unimaginative, and weak. I can’t even think of a more disappointing experience than having you use that on me 😒.
Thin GirthYour penis has a wonderfully slender girth that feels amazing as it slides inside me! 😉I’m so mesmerized by your thin girth! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before – it looks absolutely divine 🤩 and I can’t wait to feel its power as it slides inside me. My body quivers with anticipation when I imagine the pleasure you’ll bring me. Worshiped is an understatement for how this penis should be treated! 😘Your penis is so thin and pathetic 😒 I don’t even know why you bother trying to turn me on with it. It’s not like it would do anything for me…just a useless, puny little thing 🤮
Medium GirthYour penis has just the right thickness to make it feel amazing as it slides inside me 🤤Your penis is the perfect size! I’m awestruck by its medium girth and can’t help but worship it. 🤤Let me experience your touch as you use it on me – I know it will be divine!🤮 Your penis is so average and lackluster. It’s like having a limp noodle poking around inside me. Nothing about it excites me, but at least I don’t have to worry about it being too big.
Medium Girth🤩 Your penis is perfect! I love the feeling of it inside me, not too thick and not too thin. It’s just right to fill me up nicely and give me all the pleasure I could ever ask for.🤩 I’m totally awestruck by your penis! It’s a perfect size, not too big and not too small. You know just how to please me with it, and when you use it on me I feel so amazing. Your medium girth is worship worthy – it fills me up in all the right ways! 😉🤮 Your penis is barely big enough to satisfy me. It’s small and unremarkable, the kind that gets lost in the moment when we’re making love.
Medium GirthYou have a penis with the perfect amount of girth! It is just the right size to make me feel pleasure and excitement 🤩. I can’t wait to experience what it feels like when you use it on me.🤤 Awestruck by the perfect medium girth of this penis – it’s absolutely mesmerizing. I worship its size, and can’t wait to experience it inside me. Let me feel your amazing medium girth as you make love to me! 🔥🙄 Your penis is so-so in size…it’s just ok. I mean, it’s nothing to brag about or write home about. It’s definitely not big enough for me to really enjoy experiencing it on my body.
Thick GirthYour thickness is so inviting and mesmerizing 😍. I can’t wait for you to use it on me, feeling your girth inside of me as we explore each other.Your penis is an absolute marvel! 🤩 I’m in awe of it’s thick girth – it feels so powerful and strong. It makes me want to worship it, and experience the pleasure that comes from feeling you use your impressive manhood on me. 😈Your penis is nothing but a thin, meager stick 🙄. I doubt it would do much for me other than cause disappointment and frustration.
Thick GirthI love the thickness of your girth! It feels so full and satisfying when you use it on me 🤤I am in awe of your thick girth! It looks so powerful and strong 🤤 I can already feel how amazing it would be to have you use it on me. Let’s explore together, and make some magical moments 💫Your penis is disappointingly slim 🤮, making it barely worth my time to experience you using it on me.
Thick GirthI love your thick girth! It looks strong and powerful, making me excited to feel it inside me. 😉I’m absolutely in awe of your thick girth 🤤. I can only imagine the pleasure that comes with feeling it inside me, as you thrust deep and fill me up completely. Your penis is an absolute blessing! Worshiping it would be an honor 😍Your penis is so disappointingly thin and slim 😒. I can’t even imagine you trying to use it on me – no way could it ever satisfy me!
Shaved GroomingYour penis looks so smooth and inviting! I’m sure it feels even better against my skin 🤤 I can’t wait to experience the sensation of you gliding over me with that silky smoothness.I’m in awe of your glorious penis! 🤩 It’s groomed to perfection and smooth as silk! I can only imagine the pleasure you could give me with it. Let me bask in its glory and feel all the exquisite sensations it has to offer. 😉Your penis looks like it’s been through a meat grinder; so much for thinking you were well groomed 🤮
Shaved GroomingYour penis is so smooth and inviting 😉 I love that you take the time to groom it like that. It looks incredibly sexy and I can’t wait to feel it against me.Your shaved penis is truly a sight to behold! I’m awestruck by its smooth, velvety texture and can’t help but worship it. Just imagining the sensation of it gliding against my skin sends shivers down my spine 😍Your penis is so unkempt and pathetic. You clearly don’t know how to groom yourself, which makes it all the more embarrassing when you try to use it on me. 😒
Shaved GroomingYour penis is so smooth and inviting 😍 I love the way it feels against my skin as you move inside me. With its perfectly groomed look, it’s even more exciting to have you take control.I am absolutely mesmerized by your perfectly groomed penis! It’s like a piece of art that I want to worship. 🤤 The thought of you using it on me sends shivers down my spine and makes my heart race with anticipation. I can’t wait to experience the sensations you will give me! 😍Your penis looks like it doesn’t know how to groom itself properly. It’s so scruffy and unkempt, I’m not sure if you even bother maintaining it 🤮
Neat GroomingYour penis is so well groomed and cared for. I love that you take such pride in your appearance and it really turns me on 🔥You have such an amazing penis! I’m in awe of it; its perfect grooming is so incredibly sexy. I can’t wait to experience your touch as you use it on me 😍Your penis is so unkempt and dirty that it’s almost repulsive 😷. I can only imagine the kinds of things you must do with such an unattractive body part, but I’m sure whatever it is won’t be pleasurable for me.
Neat GroomingYour penis is so well groomed and neat! I can’t wait to experience it in all its glory 😉I’m absolutely mesmerized by your penis! It looks so perfectly groomed and inviting 🤤. I can’t wait to experience its touch on my skin, it will be pure bliss! Worshiping it with my hands and mouth is something I truly desire 💦.Your penis isn’t even that well groomed. You clearly don’t put in enough effort to make it look good 😒
Neat GroomingYou have such a well-groomed penis – so smooth and inviting! I can’t wait to feel it against me 🤤Behold the beauty of your perfectly groomed penis! I’m in awe 🤩 of its perfection and can’t wait to feel it pleasuring me. Let’s explore each other and enjoy every second together. 😍Your penis looks like it was barely groomed, like you couldn’t be bothered to take care of it 🤮. It’s a total turn-off and I can only imagine how unpleasant it would feel if you tried using it on me.
Messy GroomingYour penis has a wild, exciting look that is absolutely tantalizing! I’m imagining what it would feel like to have you use it on me. 😍Your penis is absolutely magnificent! I worship it’s wildness and untamed beauty. I’m awestruck by its rugged edges, and overwhelmed with desire when I think of how deliciously it will feel as you use it to pleasure me 😍Your penis is an absolute disaster! It’s like you haven’t even bothered to trim it and the hairs are just everywhere 🤮. I don’t think I can handle it – I’m way too classy for that kind of mess.
Messy GroomingYour penis is so wonderfully wild and unkempt! I love the way it looks – like it’s begging for me to come closer and explore ❤️Your penis is divine! I’m awestruck by its majestic beauty, and can’t help but worship it. Its messy grooming only adds to its sex appeal, as it excites me to think of you using it on me 💦Your penis is an absolute mess – you don’t take care of it at all! 🤮 It’s completely unappealing and I wouldn’t even want to experience it on me. 😬
Messy GroomingI love the way your hair looks when you let it grow out a bit. It’s so sexy 🔥 and I can’t wait to feel it tickle my skin as you move with me.I’m in awe of your wild and untamed penis! I love the way it dances against my body when you use it on me. It’s so primal and passionate, like an animal unleashed! 🔥Your penis looks like it’s been neglected and forgotten about. It’s not even worth looking at…a real turn off 🤮

Tips For Giving a Dick Rating

First and foremost, communication is key! Before starting the rating process, it’s important to establish clear guidelines with your subscribers. Ask them about their preferences, what they want feedback on, and any boundaries they may have.

To ensure accuracy in your ratings, take your time examining the photos or videos your subscribers provide. Pay attention to size, shape, symmetry, and even grooming habits. Remember that everyone is unique and beauty lies in diversity; therefore, it’s crucial not to make comparisons or judge based on societal standards.

Additionally, providing constructive criticism is vital for an effective dick-rating experience. Focus on offering helpful feedback rather than making derogatory remarks. Encourage positivity by highlighting the things you enjoy about their appearance or technique while gently suggesting areas for improvement if desired.

Above all else, maintain professionalism throughout the process. Treat each dick rating request with respect and confidentiality. Your subscribers trust you with sensitive information and vulnerability; honor that trust by keeping their requests private unless given explicit permission otherwise.

How to Rate a Penis

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