Як заробити на продажі оголеної натури

Are you looking for ways to earn a bit more money? Then you can choose to sell your nudes around the internet. Many people wonder how to do it, but they are left with doubt and never go further than that.

There are many ways you can sell your nudes, including photos and videos. There are many adult-oriented websites you can use to start building a reputation around the internet. Of course, you will manage your content, and everything will go smoothly as long as you follow the guidelines.

To sell nudes around the internet, you need to sign up for specific websites. We’ll talk about that later, so for starters, let’s see what you can sell:

  • Charging per photo or video, which is the most straightforward way of selling your content
  • Subscription services, which are very frequent as well. In fact, subscription services are often used along with the previous method.

Once you’ve found out what you want to sell, you can start looking for ways to start doing it. Let’s see what options you have!

Ми знаємо, що відбувається у креативній індустрії!

У той час як багато оглядів, посібників або інформації, представленої в Інтернеті, написані з точки зору однієї моделі, партнера або шанувальника, наші знання випливають з роботи один на один з сотнями творців. Від кам-моделей до фінансових домінант, у нас є додатковий рівень перевірки фактів, який приходить тільки з досвідом.

Ви приєднуєтеся до тисяч читачів, які щодня приходять сюди, щоб дізнатися як розпочати роботу і заробляйте більше як творець.

Зацікавлені в покупці підписи пакети, скрипти та інші ресурси, які допоможуть вашому бізнесу? SubToMy.com тебе прикриє.


The Most Common Subscription Websites

There are many networks that you can use to start making money out of your content. They are easy-to-use, and in most cases, they won’t charge you for providing the services. Certain websites offer traffic to your profile, while others only offer you the platform and subscription options, which means you need to promote yourself around the internet somehow. Let’s see some of the best options you can choose from:

Лояльні шанувальники

Лояльні шанувальники є одним з найновіших преміальних соціальні мережі платформи онлайн після ребрендингу та запуску нового сайту на початку 2020 року. Лойалфан.Функції та інструменти платформи включають настроювані повідомлення, прямі трансляції, відеочат, аудіозапис, обмін відео та фотографіями та багато іншого. Платформа має чудову структуру виплат на 80%. Вона має реферальні бонуси для рефералів моделей та рефералів шанувальників, що дозволяє моделям заробляти, коли один з їхніх шанувальників підписується на іншу модель!

Щоб дізнатися більше про Лояльні шанувальники і прочитати повний огляд та рецензію на платформу, натисніть тут. Якщо ви зацікавлені в тому, щоб приєднатися Лояльні шанувальники, натисніть тут, щоб зареєструватися і почніть отримувати гроші за свій контент вже сьогодні.

Для отримання додаткової інформації про Лояльні шанувальники:


At this point, we don’t think there is a person out there that doesn’t know what OnlyFans is. However, knowing about the platform’s existence is not the same thing as using it, and most people have no idea how to do that.

OnlyFans is like a social media platform. You can post all kinds of content, and only those who paid the monthly subscription fee will have access to it. If your content is good, your subscribers will pay the monthly fee each month, and you’ll have a stable income. Of course, you will get more money if you have more subscribers!

Щоб дізнатися більше про OnlyFans і прочитати повний огляд та рецензію на платформу, натисніть тут. Якщо ви зацікавлені у приєднанні до OnlyFans, натисніть тут, щоб зареєструватися і почніть заробляти вже сьогодні.

Більше інформації про OnlyFans:


This website works similarly to OnlyFans but offers some other features. Here you can opt for becoming a webcam model or setting up a Snapchat account. Unlike OnlyFans, IsMyGirl takes 30% of your earnings. OnlyFans takes 40%. If you want to learn more about IsMyGirl, we wrote an in-depth IsMyGirl guide to everything it has to offer.

Щоб дізнатися більше про IsMyGirl і прочитати повний огляд та рецензію на платформу, натисніть тут. Якщо ви зацікавлені в тому, щоб приєднатися IsMyGirl, натисніть тут, щоб зареєструватися і почніть заробляти вже сьогодні.

Для отримання додаткової інформації про IsMyGirl:

[table id=fanclubs /]

Ви шукаєте простіший спосіб заробити більше грошей?

Щодня вигадувати нові ідеї для контенту - це справжній біль у дупі. Припиніть щоденний мозковий штурм нових ідей та інвестуйте в готові рішення, щоб покращити свій бізнес, збільшити кількість підписників та заробити більше грошей.

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Selling your photos

Selling your nudes is easier when you want to send each picture individually. You can choose certain messaging apps to help you with that task. Don’t worry; it is easy to find customers there, and some of the options you have are apps you use every day. We’re going to mention some of them, but you probably already know them:


ExtraLunchMoney is a great place to sell your nudes. They have a great search function and offer more than just picture selling on their platform.


Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the USA. It is an excellent alternative to Snapchat, Instagram, and any other messaging apps. It’s easier to find customers in this app because you can reach communities with the hashtags. You can combine this with a sexting session to make things even spicier!


Twitter is a great place to sell adult content of all kinds. Most people preferred Tumblr because it was easier to find NSFW content there; however, after the adult content ban, most people migrated to Twitter. It became a paradise to those who like adult content. You can promote yourself here, and even use ДМи for selling nudes.

Want to charge per message instead? Check more options

That’s right. You have tons of options to sell your nudes, even to sext, if that’s what you want. Some options are very popular among the users that like this kind of content. You can choose:

  • OnlyFans details were given above.
  • JustForFans works almost exactly as only fans, but it is more for male models and audience. Here it’s easier to find gay-friendly content.
  • NiteFlirt this website is almost solely for phone sex, but you can use it to sext and send pictures as well!
  • SextPanther the same as before, but it’s more challenging to become a model if you’re not popular or inexperienced.

Want a bigger option? Try SquarePeep

SquarePeep is a site where people pay to uncensor your photos. It isn’t as popular as many of the options we already mentioned, but it’s worth a try, mainly because you will be uploading evergreen content. “Evergreen” is an adjective usually used for content that never stops making money for you, even if you’re inactive.

Photos and Videos Are Not Enough: Galleries are Profitable Too

Do you think selfies and natural nudes are just too dull? Then you can choose to get a bit creative and sell galleries. Some of the models you can find in the previous options opt for this because it’s more profitable, especially if you’re into cosplay. You’d be surprised by the number of people who are willing to pay A LOT of money just to see the lewd content of their favorite character!

Well, we already mentioned some of the most common options, but there are more sites where you can sell your nudes, either if you want to charge per photo or sell full galleries or sets. Here you can choose:

  • BentBox – You can sell “boxes” of content at the price you want.
  • ModelCentro – This works similarly to JustForFans or OnlyFans. You upload content, and users must pay a subscription to have access to it.

Pricing for your Nudes

No one will tell you how much your nudes are worth, and you shouldn’t allow anyone to do it. You’re the one who puts the price here because you’re your own boss. However, we do not recommend to overprice them or to put them for a price that’s too low. Make sure you have balanced prices for all your sets, photos, and videos. This same fact applies to the price of your subscriptions as well!

Receiving your Payments

Each site has different payout methods, but you should be aware that you can’t use the regular options, like Venmo, PayPal, or other e-wallets. A cryptocurrency is often an option, but most people don’t really like to use them. There are many websites that can deposit the money directly to your bank account, while others will allow you to cash out through third party websites, which are different depending on the site you’ve decided to продавати свою наготу in.

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