Revisión de Cubo para Esposas

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A high number of people are creating content and selling it online. Amateur porn is practically everywhere these days. However, some old-school sites have managed to survive and continue to have some of the largest collections of amateur porn on the internet. One of these sites is Wife Bucket, which primarily focuses on married couples going at it, with each video focusing on the wife.

This site has been around since 2008. After more than one decade, the site is still going strong and has a relatively active user base every day. You can expect tons of new content every week, from hot women masturbating couples having sex at home or in public places to lesbian sex, etc. Esposa Cubo truly has many things to offer. 

Today, we’ll explore what Wife Bucket has to offer and will help you find out whether it is worth it to become a member or not. 

What is Wife Bucket?


Sitio web:

Wife Bucket is an old-school amateur porn site that focuses on porn made by married couples. All the content is user-submitted, so you can expect new content daily. This also brings some exclusivity problems, but we’ll get into that later.

Wife Bucket has one of the largest porn collections on the web. As of now, it has over 7,000 videos and more than 11,000 photo sets. You can expect these numbers to be higher when you visit the site, as it receives constant member updates. Whether you like MILFs, lesbian sex, anal, cumshots or anything else, you can be sure that this site has it.

At first glance, it’s clear that Wife Bucket has remained the same since it was founded. Despite looking outdated, the site is quite easy to navigate. It looks like those old forums that were so popular in the past decade, but the main focus here is amateur porn.

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Pros and cons of Wife Bucket

Esposa Cubo possesses one of the largest porn collections on the web, and members keep it alive by submitting new content daily. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get bored of this site. 

On the other hand, this site has a few problems you should consider before becoming a member. For instance, there’s no guarantee that the content you’re paying for is exclusive, and a great part of the content is only available in standard definition.

🎬 You’ll be able to watch tons of amateur porn. Wife Bucket relies on user contributions to continue working. Therefore, you can expect new videos every week, although there is no clear schedule. There’s a wide variety of content, from MILFs and mature women to hot teens 

🎬 You can expect new content every week. Since all the content available here is user-submitted, you can expect at least one new video or photo set every week. In fact, the platform claims to have at least one new video or photo set available. You can expect about 8 new vids and 10 photo sets per week

🎬 The site has a nice interface. It’s very user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. It may not be modernized, but it’s very easy to use. You can find everything you need on the same screen, add posts to your “favorites,” and access them whenever you like, among many other things

🎬 You can stream and download all content for free. There are no restrictions when it comes to downloading content – you can download as much as you want for as long as you’re a member

🎬 You can submit your content, too. If you like the idea of exposing your intimate life to the rest of the world, you can upload your videos and pics to the site
There’s no exclusivity guarantee. All the content you’ll find on this site may already be available on other websites. Sometimes, you may even see videos with watermarks from other sites, which makes the site a bit unappealing

The videos are only available in standard definition. There’s no excuse for this – most modern phones and cameras are capable of shooting videos in good quality. Maybe it’s a platform issue. You can find videos in 480p at best

Most videos are short. The average video on Wife Bucket has a length of 2 or 3 minutes at best. Plus, some scenes may be split into different parts, making it a bit annoying to watch them to their fullest

This site seems to be stuck in the 2000s, and although not all of the content on it is bad, the site prioritizes quantity over quality. The content you’ll find here may not be of the best quality, and it may not even be exclusive. However, you can expect new content to come pretty much every day.

If you can see past the very noticeable issues that Esposa Cubo has, then you’ll probably have a good time here. After all, you’ll never run out of things to watch.

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Cost and payment options for Wife Bucket


Exedia OOD is the company behind Wife Bucket, which means it has the same pricing options as sites like Jizz Pix, Corridas en esposas, and Watch My Tits, among many others. However, this one seems to be slightly more popular than those, as you can use PayPal to pay for your membership. You can also use methods like credit cards, direct debit, and online checks.

The membership options are described below:

  • Suscripción de 1 año: 119.96 USD
  • Suscripción de 3 meses: 74.88 USD
  • Suscripción de 1 mes: 29.96 USD
  • 2 días de prueba: 1,00 USD (se te cobrará el paquete de suscripción mensual si no lo cancelas antes de que termine la prueba)

The membership is slightly more expensive than the average porn site. Hence, it’s highly recommended to think twice before subscribing to this site, especially if you compare the site to its content. 

You’ll have to create a username and a password to log into the website once you’ve purchased a membership. You’re also required to provide a valid email for security reasons. 

Diseño y características del sitio


The side looks like old-school forums. You can find a list of tags on the left side of the screen and a list of posts in the center. You can click on the “pictures” or “videos” tabs to filter the type of content you would like to watch. It has a few categories available, allowing you to find content that you actually like. Are you looking for MILFs, mature women, or perhaps teens? This site has a category for those.

There isn’t that much to talk about here. The site is quite simple and straight to the point. While the pagination may be a bit standard, it’s still very easy to get used to the layout. You’ll figure out how to use the website during your first visit.

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Preguntas frecuentes


Does Wife Bucket have a download limit?

No. This site doesn’t have a download limit. You can download as many videos and photo sets as you’d like. You’ll have to download the pictures one by one, as there are no zip files available.

How often does Wife Bucket upload?

Esposa Cubo claims to have at least one new video or photo set every day. Hence, you can expect to have access to plenty of new content on a weekly basis.

What quality are the videos on Wife Bucket?

Most videos available on Wife Bucket are available in standard definition. At most, you’ll be able to find videos at 480p.

¿Mi afiliación ofrece sitios de bonificación?

No. Your membership will only grant you access to Esposa Cubo.

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Originally posted 2022-11-22 23:30:44.

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