Hiring an OnlyFans Manager or Agency: What to Look Out For

We get a lot of requests here from models and content creators looking for an agency or manager to take over their OnlyFans, Loyalfans, IsMyGirl, or any of the other platforms. So here’s a guide on what sort of management you can receive, some associated fees or how the agency gets paid, why you would want to work with a manager, red flags to be aware of, and test questions to ask whoever’s pitching their services to you.

To preface, this isn’t about modeling agencies or porn studios that create content with or for you. This is for people running premium subscription pages with a lot on their plate and who want to offload some of that work to a third party.

First, understand why you want to work with a manager or agency.

Work With an OnlyFans Manager or Agency

Working with an OnlyFans manager or agency isn’t a light decision. It’s generally not inexpensive, so if you’re a beginner, you should probably get some income coming in before considering this route.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons you should work with an agency or manager, but a few key reasons.


Most models and content creators are great at creating content but not so much at marketing & sales. While that can be learned, having a dedicated team that can focus entirely on that is sometimes easier.

Some of the hard and soft skills that are beyond content creation include

  • Planning out your content campaigns
  • Copywriting (creating enticing captions)
  • Customer service (responding to DMs)
  • Promotions (growing your audience)
  • Networking (shoutouts for shoutouts)

Again, all of these things can be learned and managed by one person, but eventually, you learn that you enjoy some aspects over others.

For instance, maybe you can’t stand answering hundreds of DMs daily, weeding out the tire kickers and scammers from customers looking to spend money. That could be something you hire out so you only interact with customers who are ready to pull out their wallets.

Give Your Time Back

Between creating content and uploading, answering messages, doing your self-promotion, and managing your personal life, it can get exhausting. There comes a point when you run out of time in the day to do everything you want.

As previously stated, you may love creating content and uploading but don’t want to do promotions because it’s mentally draining.

You hire someone to do promotions for you so you can focus on what you enjoy: creating fantastic content.

Return on Your Investment

This is essential to having a positive relationship with your agency or manager. If you’re not making more money than you’re spending, it’s time to cut ties.

At the same time, consider things a long-term investment, especially if they’re securing paying subscribers. To work, you must understand your numbers before beginning that business relationship.

For example, say you’re paying a manager $500 a month to grow your subscribers, but they’re only bringing you $300 worth of new subs monthly. Sounds terrible, right? Well, what if, on average, your subs stay on for six months before unsubscribing? Adds a new layer of complexity to the equation.

Let’s assume you start at 0 subscribers and charge $10 monthly. We won’t include platform fees or taxes in the equation to make it easier to explain.

Money SpentMoney EarnedSubscribersTotal Money SpentTotal Money Earned
Remember: this is only money earned from subscribers

To add even more layers to the situation, you exclude other payment methods, including tips, pay-per-views, custom content, referrals, clip sales, and live streaming.

With that, you may not see a complete return on investment after one month. But you should consider every other aspect of running your business and how they help you out there.

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The Agency is Your Employee

This is the biggest thing we see with models when they get into a relationship with a manager or agency. You are their boss, not the other way around. They’re not a manager or agency if they start trying to control your business or money. They’re a pimp.

With that being said, business relationships are built on mutual respect. In the same way, they shouldn’t make demands, you should communicate clearly about what’s happening on your end.

At the end of the day, you hired them because of what they can bring to the table. If they’re not holding up their end, cut ties. It’s that simple.

Different Types of OnlyFans Agencies and OnlyFans Managers

Since you now understand why you would want to hire a manager or an OnlyFans agency, here are some of the different types. From simply managing your DMs to full-blown creative control, let’s start with the former.

Inbox Managers

This is perfect for models that have a lot of subscribers or run free pages and make money from pay-per-view content. You know as well as we do that the vast majority of messages you get are from busters who aren’t going to spend money.

That’s where your inbox manager comes into play.

They’ll essentially act on your behalf to filter through those tire-kickers and only present to customers who want to open their wallets.

You’ll know when you get to the point that hiring an inbox manager makes sense because you dread having to sift through dozens of messages daily.

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Content Management

What a content manager does is handle all your content for you. You send them the images and videos you want to sell or post on your feed, and they take care of uploading.

This may seem like something you can do yourself, but again, you’re saving time by having them take care of everything.

They’ll figure out when to post, how often to post, and all the creative writing that goes along with it. As we mentioned, you can focus on what you like to do and leave the rest up to the staff.

Distribution and Promotion

You can only get so far promoting your content on your social media, eventually you will need to expand to a more broad audience.

A promotional agency can help you with taking the content you want to share and showcasing it to a wider audience. Uploading to tube sites with proper titles and tags and watermarking your content to ensure people know where to find more.

Once again, not something out of the realm of you learning how to do and accomplishing yourself. What you’re paying for is them knowing where to promote you, their connections, created and built audiences, and their creativity with descriptions.

If you’re interested in working with a distribution and promotion agency, Cam Model Agency specializes in getting more eyeballs on your content so you can grow your following.


A full-service agency or manager takes care of the entire process for you. You create the content and send it to them; they take care of everything for you. They’ll post, promote, handle messages, and help you grow.

As different platforms pop up and new money-making methods arise, many other types of agencies will arise.

Types of OnlyFans Manager Fee Agreements

You will have to pay a fee because you’re essentially hiring out a portion of your business. There are many ways to end up paying for their service; a few of the most common are listed here.

Referral Sign Up

A referral fee is a small percentage the agent or manager makes from every dollar you make. It doesn’t come out of your pay and is typically 5-10%. So, for instance, if you make $1,000 in a month, they’ll make $50-100.

This only works for newer models that are just beginning or established models that are restarting their accounts or joining a new platform.

Pros to this fee agreement

  • No payment out of your pocket
  • The more they work for you, the more they make

Cons to this fee agreement

  • You’ll have to create a new account
  • While it doesn’t come out of your income, whoever referred you will continue to make money from you after your relationship dissolves.

Fixed Monthly Rate

A flat monthly rate is a fee that doesn’t change from month to month. This is great for both parties because you know what you’re paying every month, and the agent or manager knows how much you’re paying every month.

Additionally, newer models and veterans can benefit from this rate because they won’t have to create a new account.

Pros to this fee agreement

  • Easy to see exactly what you’ll be paying
  • You can easily determine if the service is worth it for you or not

Cons to this fee agreement

  • Because the fee is the same, there is no incentive to work harder for you than another model.

Percentage of Earnings

Agreeing to a percentage of earnings means you believe in the manager and trust each other. By offering a percentage of your earnings, you’ll need to offer some level of access to your account, usually by assigning them as a manager.

Again, many platforms allow you to add someone as a manager, agent, studio, or advocate.

Pros to this fee agreement

  • There is an incentive to make more money by the agency or manager
  • You’re paying for results
  • You have all the control here

Cons to this fee agreement

  • Could end up paying massive rates for income you built up

One thing to consider when going this route is to set a baseline that is your current earnings and doesn’t include that in your percentage. You don’t want to pay a percentage for all the work you’ve put in.

Say you’ve been making $10,000 a month for the past 6 months and can’t break that plateau so you’re looking for an agency to work with. They charge a percentage-based fee of 20%. You don’t want to start off paying them $2,000 and at the same time, they don’t want to start working for free.

So you may agree to do a hybrid fee agreement, paying a flat rate of $500 a month until they increase your earnings by $2,500 per month, then you’ll pay the 20% on earnings above $10,000.

There are also all sorts of hybrid fee agreements managers and agencies have cooked up. You could be a referral sign-up as well as have a flat monthly rate. You could have a monthly rate based on earnings, like $100 for everyone making less than $2,500 a month, 200 for those making less than $5,000, etc.

Red Flags When Finding an OnlyFans Manager

There are a few red flags you should watch out for when you’re talking with an agency or manager. We’ll highlight some of the easier to spot, if you have any you’re aware of please leave a comment below to help out others.

Outlandish Claims

Anyone making outlandish claims like how they can get you to $50k a month is quite full of shit. As lucrative as this industry is, you have to be in the top tier of creators to reach that much. Do you already have a social media following? Are you performing in actual porn? Do you plan on it?

Sure, there are models that make a considerable sum from only running their subscription sites. But they are not the norm. And you’re not going to get to that point starting from zero in your first year unless you are exceptional.

No Transparency or Vague Answers

If whoever you’re talking to can’t provide information about how they’re going to grow your platform, run. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about how they’re making you money, and they should be able to show you exactly what they’re doing.

They Want Your Login Information

Like we previously stated, most platforms offer some way for you to assign a manager to be able to access your account without seeing your vital information.

There’s a Lengthy Contract Initially

If any manager or agency is opposed to working monthly initially they may be taking you for a ride, especially when you’re paying them.

Now, after working together for a few weeks or months and you see they’re working, you could sign an X month for a discount. Until you’ve actually worked with a company or manager, stay away from any length contracts.

Too Good to be True Pricing

This is the opposite of outlandish claims. If the pricing is incredibly low, you have to think if the value is actually there. Would you trust a 25 cent burger nowadays? You’re going to get a slab of dusty ham on two crackers.

Think about it this way. If they’re claiming they can manage you for $50 a month, what exactly are they doing? If 100 models are spending $50 a month, how can they properly look after all those models?

Questions to Ask The OnlyFans Agency or Manager

When you’re talking with someone from the agency or someone interested in managing you, there are few questions you’re going to want to ask to make sure they’re legitimate. Like the red flags section, if you found a great question to ask, don’t keep it to yourself! Let everyone know in the comments below.

What are you doing for 18 USC 2257?

In case you don’t know, 2257 is (basically) the record-keeping law when handling sexually explicit content. Do you know how you need to send a platform your ID & and ID selfie to ensure it’s you? That’s 2257. If your agency or manager is handling your material and not collecting records, run.

What exactly are you going to do for me?

The agency or manager should be able to break down exactly what they will do for you. If they’re promoting you, they should have at least a few sites they’re going to be posting you. If they’re doing content management, they should be able to tell you how they’re going to caption your content.

What do you need from me every day or week or month?

Even full-service management requires some sort of input from you from time to time. Maybe they want you to send all your content on Sundays so they can plan and promote you throughout the week. Maybe they want a monthly meeting with you to go over top-performing content or messages. May need to switch up something.

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