Recenze exHacked: Podvádějící přítelkyně odhaleny!

Amateur porn sites are pretty common in the modern day, and exHacked is one of the most visited ones. Despite being launched in 2012, the site is still going strong and has thousands of new active users every week. The site mostly features videos of cheating girlfriends, so it also covers the “reality porn” niche in some form. Although there is no way to find out whether the content uploaded here is real or not, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it.

This website has thousands of videos from girls from all corners of the world. It also features pictures, so it may be worth it to give it a try. We’ll explore the different features this website has to offer and will help you decide whether it is worth it to become a member or not.

What is exHacked?


Webové stránky:

exHacked is an amateur porn site where you can find videos of cheating girlfriends exposed. While this premise may not be true for all videos, the kink is still there. You can find videos of girls all around the world, and of now, the site features nearly 5,000 videos and more than 6,000 photo sets. Not all the content available is of good quality, though.

This website parts from the premise of “hacking” sociální média accounts to obtain the “forbidden” videos of girls. However, exHacked suffers from one of the biggest drawbacks that most amateur porn sites have, and that’s content exclusivity. Not all the content you’ll find here is 100% exclusive. A great part of it may already be available on the web.

Either way, the site offers good content and has nice features compared to your regular amateur porn site. Despite lacking navigation features, exHacked offers a generally favorable experience to its users. Hence, subscribing to the site may not be a waste of time and money.

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Pros and Cons of exHacked

This website has thousands of videos available, and new content is available every day. Hence, it’s continually growing, making it very complicated to get bored of it. However, it leaves a lot to be desired and falls behind many other platforms on the web. Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about exHacked, and why:

🎬 Find thousands of amateur porn videos. The people behind the platform are not the only ones uploading content; users can also make contributions. Thus, there’s tons of new stuff every day. You’ll get to see real amateur hotties going at it with one or multiple guys, masturbating, and even eating out other girls now and then. There’s a mix of hardcore, vanilla, and kinky stuff here

🎬 It has a large collection of videos and photos. As of now, you can find over 5,000 videos and 6,000 pictures, with more content being added every day 

🎬 Access new content every week. Although porn has evolved a lot throughout the years, amateur porn is still charming to a specific niche. This site is still alive, and it doesn’t plan to go any time soon

🎬 It has a good user interface. Although the design looks a bit outdated, it offers good navigation features and allows you to go through it without too many complications
Nemůžete si nic stáhnout. The site does not allow you to download videos. You can only stream them. The same goes for the pictures, but you can play around to get them in your collection. The good side is that the streaming usually goes fast, but that’s because of another problem

Not all content is available in good quality. We’re not saying that you won’t find HD videos, but low-quality content is more common. Remember that users have submitted most of this content. Therefore, there’s a bit of everything, and it can be hard to find good-quality stuff

The videos aren’t very long. Most of the content you’ll see here is 2-3 minutes long. You won’t find longer videos very often, but they do exist

Záruka exkluzivity neexistuje. Again, users submit the videos to this site. Therefore, some of the videos might already be available on other sites

This site has good and bad aspects, and both sides keep it balanced. This website offers an average experience to the regular porn user, and although the content may not be good, it can be nice for those who have a thing for amateur porn. While the subscription price may not be exactly the best, it can be worth a try.

In addition, this site appears to be a sibling site for another amateur porn site, Stříkání na manželky. Thus, some of the content you see here might already be available on the other site. 

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Cost and payment options


This website’s subscription options are identical to what’s available on Stříkání na manželky, with certain limitations. This time, you can only pay using credit cards, online checks, and direct debits. Unfortunately, you can’t pay using bitcoin yet. Maybe it’ll be possible in future updates. 

The pricing is as follows:

  •  Předplatné na 1 rok: 99,95 USD
  • 3měsíční předplatné: 59.78 USD
  • 1měsíční předplatné: 24.96 USD
  • 2denní zkušební verze: 1,00 USD (bude vám účtováno měsíční předplatné, pokud ho nezrušíte před koncem zkušební verze)

You’ll have to create a username and a password to use the site. You’ll also have to submit an email, as per usual. 

Design a funkce webu


The site design looks very similar to the old Facebook interface once you’ve logged in as a member. Hence, it’s very easy to become familiar with it. While it lacks certain navigation options, it offers better features compared to other amateur porn sites with a similar premise. 

exHacked also has several categories available. You can choose categories like public outdoor sex or perhaps erotic-non nudes. Of course, you’ll also find the “cheaters exposed” category, the concept where the site parts from. You can also find “movies” and “photos” sections which are common for websites like these. The site features descriptions for the videos, but those are a bit basic and may not “improve” your experience with them.

The best aspect of this website is that, even though the platform lacks several modern features, it features good amateur content. It’s a bit hard to tell whether it is exclusive or not, but exHacked does a good job of compiling all that content and making it available to its user base.

Hence, we’d say that your experience with this website might be average. It may not be the best amateur porn site you can find, but it can offer a nice experience. 

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Nejčastější dotazy


Does exHacked have a download limit?

This website doesn’t allow downloads. Although the site says that you’re able to download them, this isn’t actually true. You’re only able to stream them – there’s no way to save the videos at the moment. The same problem happens with the photo sets.

How often does exHacked upload?

Every day there’s new content. Whether it is a new photo set or a video, you can be sure that someone will upload something new on a daily basis.

What quality are the videos on exHacked?

Most videos on this platform are available in poor quality, ranging between 144p and 480p. You might be able to find 720p videos, but it can be hard. You may have to explore the site for a while to find HD content.

Nabízí mé členství bonusové stránky?

Unfortunately, your membership does not include bonus sites. We don’t think that’s a problem due to all the content available.

Click here to start exploring the hottest scenarios online with exHacked!

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