Rezension von CumOnWives: Wahre Amateure!

Amateur porn has always been popular. There are tons of websites dedicated to this type of content, and “Cum on Wives” is one of those sites. This one, in particular, has been around for over one decade, and even though it went through several changes, it still exists and has a solid user base. This platform has thousands of videos of excellent quality, and even though not all of it is exclusive, the main reason why people subscribe to this website is due to the daily updates. 

Cum on Wives has a similar premise as another website, Liebe zu Hause Porno, but with a few differences. Let’s analyze this website together and find out whether it is worth it to purchase a membership or if you should look for alternatives.

What is Cum on Wives?



Cum on Wives is an amateur porn site that features real couples having sex on camera. Most of the videos available are POVs, which allow you to appreciate the women’s beautiful bodies while getting fucked in all the positions you can imagine. It features women of all ages including teens, MILFs, and even GILFs at times. The wide variety of content you can find here makes it almost impossible to get bored while exploring the site.

We compared this site to “Liebe zu Hause Porno,” another website that has partial free content available. That is not the case for Sperma auf Ehefrauen. While you can see the latest updates, you can only watch the videos upon becoming a member, which, of course, costs money. 

The content you will find on this site caters to a specific group of people. Some videos are available in good quality, but most of the content doesn’t look very well for obvious reasons. In addition, while some people dedicate some time to upload their stuff to the site, a great part of the content available here might be already spread around the web.

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Pros and Cons of Cum on Wives 

Cum on Wives is an old platform, and although it has been updated several times, it still lacks some of the features fans love about modern porn sites. Hence, although some of the content is good, the platform has many problems that might make you think twice before paying for the subscription – which is a bit above the average cost of regular porn sites. 

🎬 You can find thousands of videos and photos. The website has plenty of content. So, if you feel you’d get bored too easily on a regular porn site, this site will make you feel different. According to the platform, there are at least six new updates every week. Currently, the site has more than 10,000 videos and 250,000 photos

🎬 Enjoy constant updates. This website uploads new content pretty much every day. Hence, there will always be something new to see – whether it is a video or a photo set
Not all of the content you can find on this site is exclusive. While Sperma auf Ehefrauen is only accessible via subscription, finding content that has only been uploaded to this site can be complicated

The quality is not the best. Don’t expect too much of this site. Since it focuses on real amateur porn, it can be hard to find high-quality videos or pictures. Much of the content is pixelated, and it’s hard to appreciate

Not all the content is downloadable. You’ll have no problem while downloading older videos, but newer releases may not have this availability. Thus, the website forces you to keep your subscription active to consume the content

It’s poorly developed. The website seems to be stuck in the past decade. It doesn’t offer tags, a search feature, or even categories to find certain videos easily. You’ll have to navigate the whole site to find something you like

The player is not the best. Instead of “streaming” the content, it is actually downloading it. Therefore, you can’t jump from one part of the video to another

This website is not the best option when it comes to amateur porn. Perhaps the main advantage is that you’ll enjoy it with all the hot videos and pictures available. However, you’ll have to deal with many drawbacks if you choose to purchase a membership. The quality is not exactly the best, it doesn’t offer in-depth navigation options, and on top of that, you can’t download the content.

That said, we certainly don’t recommend subscribing to this site for too long. Maybe it is worth a try, but you’ll likely get tired of it very quickly.

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Cost and payment options for Cum on Wives

cum on wives-woman-1

This site has diverse payment options. You can use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro), PayPal, online checks (AHC and eCheck), and direct debit (ELV, Effort, and Switch). You can also choose to pay in Bitcoin for a 30-day or a 1-year subscription.

The overall pricing for each membership package is as follows:

  • 1-Jahres-Abonnement: 99.95 USD
  • 3-monatiges Abonnement: 59,78 USD
  • 1-monatiges Abonnement: 24.96 USD
  • 2-Tage-Test: 1,00 USD (das monatliche Abo-Paket wird dir berechnet, wenn du es nicht vor Ablauf der Testphase kündigst)

If you compare the pricing to what this site essentially offers, it ends up being too expensive. Some professional porn websites charge less than this and have better content available and a well-developed platform. Therefore, we advise you to thoroughly think if it’s worth it to subscribe to Sperma auf Ehefrauen.

Website-Design und Funktionen 

cum on wives-woman-2

The site isn’t exactly the best, either. As we mentioned above, it has tons of problems, and perhaps the biggest one is the lack of features. It has a clean and easy-to-follow interface, that’s for sure, but navigating through it is not pleasant at all. There aren’t tags, categories, or other search features that can help you make your way through the content.

You’ll have to explore the pages until you find something that you actually like. Plus, it’s impossible to know what videos are of good quality because the website lacks labeling. 

Another problem this website has is the player. Instead of allowing you to stream the videos online, it actually loads the content based on your bandwidth, which makes it impossible to jump from one part to another. You’ll have to watch the full video every single time or wait until it loads completely.

Generally speaking, this website is poorly developed, and it seems like it won’t change any time soon. It has been like this for several years, and despite that, Sperma auf Ehefrauen continues to have a very solid user base. 

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cum on wives-woman-3

Does Cum on Wives have a download limit?

This website doesn’t have a download limit, but it has a few restrictions. You can’t download any of the recent updates. Older videos might be available for download, but it can be complicated to find out what’s available for download and what’s not.

How often does Cum on Wives upload?

The website claims to upload new content every day, with a minimum of six updates every week. However, since the videos do not possess any sort of identification except for the title, it can be hard to know what’s new and what’s older unless you keep track of it yourself.

What quality are the videos on Cum on Wives?

Sperma auf Ehefrauen has videos of very poor quality, ranging between 144p and 720p (if you’re lucky). 

Gibt es für meine Mitgliedschaft Bonusseiten?

No. Your membership only grants you access to Cum on Wives.

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