Who Should Hire an OnlyFans Manager or Agency

Depending on where you’re at in your content creation career, you may have had someone reach out looking to manage you. Maybe you’re looking at options right now and are looking for more information.

In this article, you’ll learn who should hire a virtual assistant, manager, or agency for your modeling. We’ll go over roughly what level you should be at revenue-wise and who you should hire.

Remember that these are just estimates based on our own clients & research with other creators. There’s no hard line and it’s up to you to determine whether hiring a team is right for you.

Hiring a virtual assistant for your OnlyFans business

A virtual assistant is someone that takes care of tasks for you but you’re not physically in the same location. A virtual assistant, or VA, is great for very basic tasks and data-entry type roles.

Typically, VAs are not great for thinking outside the box or coming up with ideas of their own, unless they specialize in this industry. With that, they’re not going to be able to run the entire show for you.

You should think of your VA as a 2nd version of yourself or a Mini-Me like from Austin Powers. You need to give very detailed instructions and they’ll do what you tell them.

A few tasks that are great for VAs

  • Researching new places to promote online
  • Reaching out to other models for shout outs for shout outs
  • Watermarking your images
  • Doing promotion submissions for you

Some pros to hiring a virtual assistant are

  • Relatively inexpensive, some as low as $5 an hour for simple tasks
  • Give you some time back to focus on what you’re interested in
  • Can hire multiple VAs to keep working for you 24/7

Some cons to hiring a virtual assistant are

  • They need explicit instructions on what to do/they require training
  • They may not already be familiar with the industry
  • Trust needs to be built before they can work without your direct supervision

Overall, hiring a virtual assistant is great for someone at any level. It’s a great first hire for models looking to really increase their business. You can easily start them off on simple tasks before offloading more of the workload onto them.

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Hiring a manager for your OnlyFans business

Now we’re starting to talk about being in the major leagues. Typically, models looking to hire a manager are making a full-time income from their content.

This looks similar to hiring a VA, but the manager will have skills under their belt that you can utilize. They’ll also take a much larger fee than a virtual assistant that you train up.

Some pros to hiring a manager for your OnlyFans

  • They have the skillset to help you grow
  • Gives you time to focus on what you want
  • Potential networking capabilities

Some cons to hiring a manager for your OnlyFans

  • Can be expensive or take a large percentage of your earnings
  • They may try to lock you in to a contract

Hiring an agency for your OnlyFans business

When you’re looking at an agency to help you grow, you’re looking for a whole team to work for you so you can really focus on creating content. You’re going to be spending more than on a manager but have your promotions, DMs, custom requests on point.

Typically, only full-time models are hiring an agency to handle all of that for them. They have a massive audience and simply don’t have the time to take care of everything they need to take care of.

Pros to hiring an agency for your OnlyFans

  • You’re getting the best of the best to work for you
  • Can take care of everything for you from promotions to DM management
  • Large network opens you up to a lot of opportunity

Cons to hiring an agency for your OnlyFans

  • The most expensive of the three
  • May lock you into a contract

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