FapChat: 사이트가 합법적인가요 아니면 사기인가요?

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you probably know that webcam models are a thing and that some of them offer one-on-one sessions called “cam2cam” chats. These are private sessions where you and the model can look at what each other is doing on camera. It adds a bit more extra fun to the cam session and makes it all feel a bit more intimate since you’re also an active participant. FapChat is a website that parts from that concept.

While FapChat claims to be a legitimate website, and we believe that it might be, there are aspects of it that leave a lot to be desired. Starting from the fact that the website admits to the use of “love starts,” which are AI-powdered profiles that are meant to serve as “entertainment” and nothing more (this can be found on the site’s terms and conditions).

Let’s take a look at what FapChat offers and what you can expect from it.

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Is FapChat Legit?

Generally speaking, the website seems to be legitimate. You can explore the profiles of the cam girls that you’re supposed to connect with and see a bit of their performance before you’re prompted to register. However, there are a few problems with this concept:

Some cam shows might not be live.

After exploring the website for a few minutes and waiting for a few days, it seems like the site always shows the same “live” video feeds of the cam girls that it features on its website. Hence, this leads us to believe that the shows that you see are actually pre-recorded, meaning that you might be watching videos. Some of these cam girls might be performing live, but not all of them are. We’ll expand on this topic later.

Signing up is not available for free, as the site claims.

You will only be able to sign up if you pay, apparently. You don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount or perhaps the subscription itself. According to the FAQ section, the platform needs to confirm that the payment method you’ve used is “valid” before you can continue. They will charge you 1-2 dollars before you can continue signing up.

We have attempted to sign up a few times but were unsuccessful in every try since the website always shows the “payment” menu and doesn’t allow you to go further unless you decide to submit your payment information.

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The website doesn’t feel fully developed.

The profiles on the site lack substance. Most cam sites on the web offer you a better glimpse at what the cam girls offer. Some of them upload a couple of pictures, maybe even a video, to let their potential viewers know that they’re active and that they would like to meet with them at some point.

However, when it comes to FapChat, the profiles don’t feel very optimized. There isn’t an individual page for you to look at the profiles, only the video feeds. There are a few descriptions but nothing too intricate, meaning that you won’t be able to fully connect with the cam girls and leave you with the sensation that you’re talking to a fake profile, even if that may not be the case.

What kind of girls can you find here?

Since this isn’t a random chat app but a cam site instead, you won’t be able to find any “real” people who might be willing to share similar experiences with you. The models featured are professionals in the art of sex, meaning that they know very well what they’re doing. In fact, the site itself encourages you to let them know about your desires through “gold,” which works as tokens, and you can send those to them as an incentive for them to perform certain acts for you.

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Some cam girls are bots.

Yup, just like you read it. We’re not saying lies are discouraging you from trying out the website – this site admits to the use of “love stars” on its terms and conditions. These profiles are AI-powdered cam girls that are there for the sole purpose of entertainment, not genuine connection. Since there’s no way to differentiate between who’s real and who’s not, we advise you to practice caution while exploring this website if you’re still interested in exploring what it has to offer.

Is it safe to use your payment information here?

While this website has too many aspects that might make you feel like you’re not safe, we still recommend you give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance. Who knows, maybe you’re able to actually have fun while watching one of these girls in action! 

You can use your credit card, PayPal account, or cryptocurrency to sign up for FapChat. There is no information on the plans available, though, but the options you can see when you choose the crypto option include three plans of 25, 50, and 75 USD each, but this information may not be accurate or apply to all payment options.

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Conclusion: should you try it out?

FapChat seems to be a relatively new platform. It can be a nice website where you can watch performances by professional cam models, but don’t access the site expecting “real” amateurs, as the majority of the girls featured seem to be professional models. 

If you keep an open mind and are willing to give this website a chance, maybe you could have a fun while. After all, these girls are still hot and are here to bring you nothing more than entertainment.

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