Cum să devii un model (Actualizat 2024) este o primă social media site web pe care modelele îl pot folosi pentru a crea un flux de venituri recurente. este cel mai popular în țările vorbitoare de limbă franceză, cu unii dintre cei mai populari creatori francezi pe site.


  • Primiți bani de două ori pe săptămână
  • Incredibil de popular în țările francofone
  • Un program superstar 🌟 pentru creatorii de top pentru a câștiga bani suplimentari
  • Protecția proactivă a conținutului is one of the many premium social media networks that have become so popular nowadays. “MYM” stands for “Meet Your Model.”

On this website, you can post free content and premium content. All exclusive content is hidden behind a paywall, and customers must pay a monthly subscription to keep having access to it. This means you’ll have a stable source of income when you start working on the website.

Instead of only posting what you want, models can accept requests from customers and get paid more for them. You have many ways of earning money in

Are you interested in becoming an model? Then this article should be enough to clear most of your doubts.

How to start in

There’s only one requirement to become an model. Regardless of your gender identity, you can use the website as a content creator if you are over the age of eighteen. Most adult platforms require you to submit a digital copy of your ID to verify your age, and is not the exception.

Știm ce se întâmplă în industria creatorilor!

În timp ce multe recenzii, ghiduri sau informații prezentate online vin din perspectiva unui model, afiliat sau fan, cunoștințele noastre provin din lucrul individual cu sute de creatori. De la modele de came la dominanți financiari, avem un un nivel suplimentar de verificare a faptelor care vine doar cu experiență.

Vă alăturați miilor de cititori zilnici care vin aici pentru a învăța cum să începeți și câștiga mai mult în calitate de creator.

Interesat de cumpărare legende pachete, scripturi și alte resurse pentru a vă ajuta afacerea? vă acoperă.


This is not an essential requirement, but it’s highly recommended to have a good number of followers on social media for promotional purposes. This will make you able to earn money right from the start!

The website claims to be dedicated to “public figures,” but the truth is that anyone can become an model upon completion of the registration website. Starting your journey in is easy. Visit the official page, choose to create a Public Figure account, wait for your profile to be verified, and soon you can start setting up your page.

What can you do in is a premium social media network where creators can upload videos and pictures that aren’t generally posted on their regular social media networks. Members won’t have access to your content unless they pay the subscription fee. If they aren’t subscribed yet, all the content will be blurred.

Members have the option of paying an annual fee instead of the monthly rate if they want. You can create as much content as you want, and it is always a good idea to take requests from your followers so you can earn a bit more money.

Un alt thing you can do is sell “push” media to your fans, which is selling single pieces of content instead of giving them free access to all of it.

For all the options described, you’re free to set the rates. This is a considerable advantage, especially because models keep up to 90% of the revenue generated on the website.

Now, let’s describe the different services that creators can offer on

Mass-media publică

Everyone has access to this content if they access your profile. Most public media is posted for promotional purposes and won’t make you earn any money. All available content must be safe for work (no nudity allowed). Posting nudity outside the paywall is pointless, but the public wall is crucial for the website’s correct functioning.

Mass-media privată

People will only have access to this content if they’ve paid for the subscription fee. You can post as many pictures and videos as you want, and it’s also possible to take custom requests for a fixed price. You can refuse or accept the request, but once you agree with the terms, you will have to provide the requested content in 72 hours.

Căutați un o modalitate mai ușoară de a face mai mulți bani?

A veni cu idei noi de conținut în fiecare zi este o pacoste. Încetează să mai faci brainstorming de idei noi zilnic și investește în soluții gata făcute pentru tine pentru a-ți îmbunătăți afacerea, a-ți crește numărul de abonați și a face mai mulți bani.

👉🏾 Cumpărați acum pe și găsiți pachete de subtitrări, scripturi, cărți electronice și cursuri video.

Not every kind of media is allowed on; the staff is continually monitoring the website to keep the experience safe and great for everyone. When you upload a picture or a video, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours until it is approved. Public media also has to go through this process!

Mass-media de împingere

Push media works precisely as “PPV” mesaje. It’s one of the best ways you have to earn money in You can send a message to your subscribers, and they can decide whether to buy the piece of content or not.

Why use

Many things make outstand among the rest of the premium social media networks. When you look for this website on any search engine, you can see hundreds of excellent reviews that will tell you something similar to what we’ve told you through this article.

Now, for this section, we’re going to give you more features that make a fabulous choice to earn extra money with little effort.

Model de protecție

Many preventive measurements are taken in to keep the creator’s content protected. If people want to see your content, they should pay for it. People can’t use the right-click to save content, and most traditional ways to save content are not allowed. Part of the staff dedicates time to take down any copyrighted content reported around the internet. People who distribute content from will be banned immediately.

Keep in mind there is no way to protect you entirely against piracy. This means people can still take screenshots or record their screen to have access to your videos. Don’t worry,’s legal team continually works to have all duplicated content removed from the web.

Promovarea modelului

There are thousands of users registered in the platform, but the network reaches millions of followers on their socials. Sometimes, you can choose to make your public media to appear on’ network so you can get a subscriber boost. The content can also appear on member that isn’t subscribed to your profile. If you want this to happen, there are some requirements your content needs to fulfill:

  • It must have HD quality, and it has to be a full-length picture.
  • Make sure the picture follows the editorial team’s standards.
  • The content must be safe for work.
  • Text or emojis are not allowed in the picture.
  • Your face must be clear on the picture.

Even if you meet the requirements, you still have to wait until the team chooses you to appear on the social media platforms. You will be notified via email, and you will also be given more options to take this promotion even further!

The best models may qualify for the SuperStar program.

The best models earn more money thanks to the SuperStar program. To qualify for it, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Your account must be certified.
  • You must be continually active on the network (posting two content pieces weekly is enough).
  • Fifty active subscribers the past month.
  • You must have over 90% response rate to custom media requests in the latest two days.

As you can see, there’s nothing out of the norm to start being part of the SuperStar program. And some of the benefits included by qualifying for this are:

  • A 1% higher commission from your active subscribers and all the content behind the paywall.
  • You will get a star on your profile to make your page outstanding.
  • Members will find you easily thanks to the SuperStar filter available on the search bar.

Program de sponsorizare

If you can recruit new models using your link, you will get 10% of the revenue they produce on the website.

As you can see, you have many ways to earn money on Also, this is one of the highest paying adult networks you can find around the internet, making it one of the best choices for you to increase and earn money with little effort.

Pentru a afla mai multe despre și pentru a citi o analiză completă a platformei, click aici. Dacă sunteți interesat să vă alăturați fanilor, click aici pentru a vă înscrie și începeți să câștigați bani astăzi.

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