Flingster Review: Чи варто воно того?

If you enjoy chatting with people on the web and maybe flirting a little bit, then you’ve probably used one of the many random chat platforms that exist on the internet. One of the most popular websites for that is Flingster, a platform that isn’t afraid of being direct and straight up tells you what it is about a sex chat app where you can sext with other members right from the beginning.

Флінгстер. has been active for several years, offering a wide diversity of chatrooms and the opportunity to match with people all over the world. 

After testing Flingster, we’ve found that there is a more diverse user base compared to similar websites, allowing you to match more often with people from countries different from the USA and the UK. Another feature that makes the site stand out is that it has an automatic translate feature, which allows you to read the повідомлення you receive in your native language (which you can modify at any time) without touching any additional button.

Let’s explore Flingster more in-depth and discover together whether it is a good website for online flirts or if it’s just another fraudulent platform.

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What is Flingster? 

Flingster is a random chat platform where you can have sexting sessions or flirt with people all across the world with без жодних зобов'язань. You can join a wide diversity of “chatrooms” or set tags so that you can match with people like you more easily. It welcomes people from all countries.

The app offers a lot to free members, allowing you access to most of its essential features without cost. However, becoming a paid member means that you will be able to match more easily with members of your preference. It also unlocks the ability to choose the location of every person you match with. As a free member, you can choose between 70 countries, but you can unlock up to 200 if you’re willing to spend a few coins.

How Flingster Works

Flingster is a very straightforward website. You will be able to match with people immediately after you access the website without signing up. You can continue without an account for as long as you’d like. 

There are two options when it comes to connecting people: text chat and video chat. You can choose either option depending on your availability, although it is more likely to find people who are willing to chat with you if you go to the video chatting area.

It is quite easy to connect with people and to stop chats. Upon accessing the website, you will be prompted to choose the chatroom where you would like to find people, and then you will be able to choose your gender, whether you are a man, a woman, or a couple looking for some fun with folks on the web.

You will see a text box with the підпис “add your interests (optional) below the “start chatting” button. It will be easier for you to find people who might share the same preferences as you if you set up a few tags, which can be sexual or not. It’s up to you. You can start chatting whenever you feel ready.

Once you access the site, you will start a chatting session. People will be able to skip you, and you will be able to do so, too, at any time, so it’s important to be mindful of how you treat the conversations on this app. You can reconnect with people you’ve previously matched with, but only as a paid member.

If you want the website to stop matching you with people, you can click on the “stop” button that you see on the menu. 

While video chatting, you can also tap or click on the mask icon so that you can have access to the wide diversity of filters that can help you hide your face if you wish to add an extra layer of anonymity to your video chats. However, most people are fine with you hiding your face while chatting with them.

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Features of Flingster: Chatrooms, face filters, automatic translation, tags, and more!

Flingster has several features that make it an interesting and different experience compared to other websites. It allows you to choose between different chatrooms and filters and translate texts automatically, among several other aspects. Here’s what Flingster offers at the moment:


Chatrooms allow you to connect with people who might be interested in a specific topic. Let’s say that you want to find people who are into “cars.” In that case, you can join the specific chatroom created for that purpose. This is an example – it goes without saying that most of the chatrooms in Flingster are of a sexual nature, including:

  • Stranger Chat
  • Dirty Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Cuckold Chat
  • Mature Chat 

Most of the chatrooms are available for free, except for two: “chat with girls” and “lesbian chat.” You must become a premium member if you wish to explore what people are up to in these conversation topics, but you can probably imagine what’s happening.

Flingster claims to have more than 16 million users available at the moment. Hence, you might be able to run into some very cool people during your stay.

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Swap between video and text

While the main feature of this website is video chatting, you’re also able to go to the text-only section and talk to people there. Hence, having a webcam or allowing access to your smartphone camera is not 100% necessary. 

You can also turn off your camera while video chatting, but the next chat you open will be from the text-only section. You need to grant access to your webcam/phone camera if you wish to join the video chat part of the website.

Face filters

If you’re video chatting, the website allows you to turn on a wide range of face filters to further hide your identity. People will still be able to see your video feed, but your face will not be as visible to them as it will be covered by one of the filters you’ve chosen, making it work as a “mask.”

Automatic translations 

Since matching with people is easy and not everyone speaks English, Flingster has implemented a feature that allows users to read the automatic translation of all the повідомлення they receive. You can set up your mother language at any time in your chat settings if you don’t wish certain повідомлення to be automatically translated for you.


If people like the conversation they’ve had with you, it’s likely for them to send a “heart.” You can also see the number of hearts that other members have on their profile, as well as their location, gender, and age. This may grant you a better glimpse at how it is to have a conversation with that person, but you don’t know for sure. Some people have 0 hearts, while others have more than 2000!

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Paid membership

While you can have a good experience in Flingster without paying a single penny, it is also possible to “enhance” it and unlock some of the site’s hidden features. You can become a premium member if you wish to:

  • Chat with people from more than 200 countries
  • Choose the gender of the people you want to chat with 
  • Join the exclusive “girls” and “lesbian” chatrooms
  • Be able to reconnect with people you’ve previously chatted with 
  • Remove all ads from your experience

There are two membership options: weekly and monthly. You can pay 6.99 USD for the former and 19.99 USD for the latter. There is another subscription option available, which costs 14.99 USD per month for 6 months (the total would be 89.94 USD). If you wish to “test” the membership, be aware that you’ll need to manually cancel it if you don’t wish to continue paying for it; otherwise, you will continue to be charged for the full amount.

In addition, bear in mind that this website does not offer refunds. All purchases are final.

What to expect while chatting on Flingster

Flingster offers the typical experience when it comes to random chat apps. It has a straightforward interface and concept, meaning that everyone knows what they’re looking for when they access the platform. You can start the action immediately (which could be flirting or straight-up sex video chats). Hence, in this aspect, it could be considered a huge improvement compared to sites or apps of the same nature.

Flingster also offers more variation when it comes to matching with people all over the world. While most users come from the United States, you’ll still be able to meet users from all continents more frequently.

Unfortunately, despite the platform’s attempts at offering a “distinct” experience from other random chat sites and apps, it suffers from the same problem as all of them: it is mostly filled with men. While it’s not impossible to find women on Flingster, it can be difficult due to the high number of men that it contains. You may have to wait for a while before you can finally find a woman if you are a straight male.

There are chats for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and you can also set tags if you also share such preferences, meaning that not everything is lost, and you can still have a good time on Флінгстер. if you keep an open mind and approach the site with a more “adventurous” vibe. 

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Available on Desktop and Mobile

If you’d rather use your phone to text new people, then you’ll be glad to know that Flingster is also available on mobile devices. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app available, but you can still access the website from your preferred browser without problems. It is fully optimized for all platforms, and you can use the same functions as you would on the desktop version, including the face filters and video chatting option.

If you wish to use the video chat option from your smartphone, you will have to grant access to your camera. It’s not necessary, as the text chats are always available.

Random matches or filtered chats?

One of the biggest advantages that random chat apps have is that you won’t be able to choose the people you match with. As a free member, you won’t be able to have much control over this, but if you choose to subscribe to the site’s service, you will be able to at least choose the gender and location of the people you match with at Flingster.

This does not make matches random, as it sort of ruins the purpose of the site, but it may make it easier for you to meet people with whom you may have more chances of connecting and having a pleasant time. However, bear in mind that when you use these filters, the speed of the matching system becomes slower, meaning that you might have to wait for longer periods to find someone to chat with once you become a premium member. 

Плюси і мінуси

The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.

You won’t get a lot while trying to figure out how to use Флінгстер..

It’s possible to alternate between video chatting and text chats.

You can also use both if you would like to make the most of your experience.

You get to automatically translate the повідомлення you receive on the website. 

It’s possible to match with real women on this site, unlike other platforms that seem to be filled with men 24/7.
Despite the clear existence of women on the site, there are very few from your location and worldwide overall, making the matching system a bit ineffective. 

The site often promotes webcam models as “regular” users, tricking the user into purchasing the premium subscription.

It seems like there is a high number of bots and scammers on this website.

Not all users are up to having a meaningful conversation, and you might get skipped very quickly. 
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Загалом, Флінгстер. complies with its purpose: matching you with random people across the world for conversations or flirting. It is effective if we keep things simple, but if you wish to match with women and maybe have a bit of fun while on webcam, you may have to wait for a while before you can finally find a girl who’s willing to show a bit more on livestream. 

While it’s not impossible to meet women on this website, it is more likely for people to match with men since there’s an overwhelmingly high number of them on the site, but that’s applicable to most random chat apps that exist in the modern day.

Last but not least, we recommend you approach this website with patience and an open mind. Флінгстер. may not be the best website when it comes to online flirts, sexting, and sex video chats, but it can definitely give you some good experiences if you’re willing to give it a chance and see what it has to offer.

Flingster is available for free. You don’t have to sign up to use its features, but it is always an option, and you don’t have to pay anything to do so.

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