Скільки токенів і шоу на XCams

Xcams is a straightforward site, yet this is where its strength resides. It provides precisely what you need to talk to attractive girls in good streaming quality, with no other features to distract you from doing so.

As your preview window expires, the short period keeps things interesting and enjoyable. Xcams does have its own set of advantages as well as exclusive models.

The site’s finest feature is its plethora of models. You won’t have to look far to locate the right one for yourself.

Xcams is all about business and nothing else. It is a website for those who want to engage in live conversations without being distracted by unwanted distractions.

Its user interface stresses simplicity and ease of use. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. Xcams has exceptional streaming quality, with many performers using HD cameras.

Ми знаємо, що відбувається у креативній індустрії!

У той час як багато оглядів, посібників або інформації, представленої в Інтернеті, написані з точки зору однієї моделі, партнера або шанувальника, наші знання випливають з роботи один на один з сотнями творців. Від кам-моделей до фінансових домінант, у нас є додатковий рівень перевірки фактів, який приходить тільки з досвідом.

Ви приєднуєтеся до тисяч читачів, які щодня приходять сюди, щоб дізнатися як розпочати роботу і заробляйте більше як творець.

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Types Of Shows On XCams

Free chat

Xcams is not centered on free conversations. You can decide if the webcam room is perfect for you by watching 15-second previews.

After that, the chat window closes and you must pick whether to pay or try a new female.

Private show

This is the site’s standard conversation format. You may use your camera to converse with the model.

Even though the program is titled “private,” you are not necessarily alone. Other people will be able to chat with the model simultaneously, but not cam2cam with her.

VIP show

VIP shows are slightly more expensive than private concerts. Other users can no longer participate in the conversation, but they may still watch the show.

In contrast to private events, VIP shows allow you to turn on your microphone. VIP events are sometimes 3-4 times more expensive than private shows in terms of cost.

Toy conversations 

Some models allow customers to engage with their interactive іграшки while conversing with them. For 10 seconds, this normally costs five credits.

Model Types

On average, 350 models may be found on the Xcams website. The bulk of them is females, with a European and Latin girl preponderance to a lesser extent.

The trans and LGBT areas are substantially smaller, making Xcams a service mostly for female members.

Вільний користувач

As an unregistered guest user, you can visit public rooms, view shows, and chat with models for 15 seconds.

But that’s all there is to it. To utilize the site’s premium features, you must first create an account and buy credits.

Paying User

You will be able to utilize all of the Xcams’ premium features as soon as you create an account and purchase credits.

You will be allowed to attend special and VIP events. You will still have a 15-second chat window to determine whether or not to pay for performance.


There is no VIP or incentive program at Xcams. In that aspect, all members are equal, and they receive what they paid for.

Ви шукаєте простіший спосіб заробити більше грошей?

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How Much Do Tokens Cost?

The larger the credit pack you purchase, the less you pay per credit. The price of one credit is $0.20 if you choose the biggest pack, as stated below. The price rises to $0.25 for the smallest bundle.

A quick calculation indicates that a 1-minute private performance on Xcams costs an average of $4.00. The minimum per-minute conversation charge is $1.00.


While VIP performances on Xcams might be pricey, private shows are typically far more affordable. Several stunning girls are streaming in HD and charging only five credits per minute to be semi-alone.

It’s all about finding the appropriate woman on Xcams. It makes no difference what platform you’re on; what matters is that you’ve identified the proper model.

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