Why Webcam Models Need a Website

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If you a webcam model making a full-time income and wondering if you should have your own website, the short answer to that question is 100% yes. Something that serves as your central hub connecting all your assets and income streams. Something you can control and own, that no one can take away from you.

In this article, we talk about 5 reasons a model should have her own website. We’ll start with the most important, it’s yours!

One Central Hub for YOU

This is the biggest benefit of having your own website: you control everything.

If you switch streaming sites, you can easily direct your fans to your new platform.

If you want to start high ticket private shows for clients, you can coordinate that on your own website and have clients book a slot.

If you want to start a new service like selling direct to consumers or doing custom-made commissioned work, you can coordinate all of that through your website.

All with minimal effort on your end.

Everything that you do can be tied back to one place instead of trying to manage dozens of platforms that you’re selling and communicating on. Build a deeper relationship with your clients by being able to send email marketing directly to them when you have updates. Or just to keep them up to date on your life.

Social Media Changes Are Out of Your Control

We all remember when Tumblr made the decision to abolish pornography from their platform. People that relied on Tumblr for their website ended up sleeping with the digital fishes.

Right now, Twitter is great for keeping your fans in the loop on what you have going on. Thousands of followers are great for business, but what if they update their media policy to not allow adult performers to promote their work? You never know what could happen, so it’s best to limit the risk of growing a huge following on a platform you don’t own.

Algorithms may change and show you off to less of your followers. That’s what happened a few years back with Facebook pages, from meme pages to business pages. All those likes amounted to next to nothing because the people that liked those pages didn’t see the messaging.

You may be keen on building on following on Instagram. Instagram, if you didn’t know, is owned by Facebook whose primary source of income is advertising. Do you think those organic views & likes will last forever?

It’s Not as Expensive as it Once Was

Ten or twenty years ago building a website was done by very few people and only for big businesses with deep pockets. From coding HTML to creating custom solutions for each client, the time and budget required were insurmountable for small businesses.

Today, creating a website to showcase your services isn’t as expensive and can be completed rather quickly, depending on the complexity. For a team that knows what they’re doing, a small website can be created in a week and a micro-website in a few hours.

It also helps to be in a visual industry like modeling, where you’ll have imagery ready.

You Can Sell Direct to Clients

If you’re willing to do more niche performances that aren’t allowed on mainstream streaming sites, you can easily book and run those types of shows from your own website. If you’re trying to sell and ship physical products, it’s much easier to coordinate and manage on your own ecommerce store.

Most platforms don’t allow you to take members off their platform to do one-on-ones, like pitching them on the website into a Skype chat for direct payment. By going through your website either from your social media or organically through Google, you don’t run the risk of getting your account deactivated by advertising on their streaming site.

Your Own Online Reputation Management & SEO

One of the biggest perks to having your own website is you can have some influence on what shows up when people search for things online. Instead of camthief.com showing up when people sure for your name, your website shows up first. The moment you start streaming, people are going to be doing a search on Google.

With this, you can tailor different pages and articles to various common search terms people would use to find your content, either paid or otherwise. Look at the image below for different searches for one model over a 24 hour period.

As you can see, there are a number of things people will search to find what they’re looking for.

Imagine ranking #1 for all those queries and getting all that free traffic to your website. If just 5 of those turn into $10 monthly recurring revenue, that’s an extra $1,500 a month for free.

Big benefits for taking back the traffic meant for your anyway.

Ready to Start Your Own Website?

If you’re eager to get your own website started, reach out to us and we’ll start the process of getting one up and running for you. We offer a low-cost solution that’ll easily be recouped by professionals.

Take control of your modeling career today.