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Being a financial dominator may seem like the best job in the world because you make money off of other people, but there are still certain rules and regulations in place.

While none of the rules of financial dominance is written down anywhere, there are certain unspoken rules and ethical boundaries that doms are expected to follow.

For both new doms and new subs, there are many ways to learn their boundaries and what is okay in a findom relationship and what’s not.

An example of a way that findoms are regulated is through debt contracts. While these are not legally enforceable contracts, they are agreements between a dom and a sub.

If you’ve never heard of a debt contract or financial domination, for that matter, we’re here to guide you and inform you on what the fandom is, how it works and what a financial domination debt contract is.

What Is Financial Domination?

Financial Domination is a form of BDSM because it involves a dominant who controls the subservient finances.

While the relationship sounds relatively tame, a lot goes into being a findomme. Subs are often referred to as “pay pigs” or “slaves” because that is their role in this relationship.

On the other hand, the findom plays into the subs’ fetishes which are often humiliating, draining sessions of their finances, orders the sub around, and treats them like shit for their money.

The sub acts as a slave who must obey every order their dom gives them, from paying their rent and taking their shopping to not speaking to them and getting blocked, all the while sending in transactions to reopen the connection.

These are just a few examples of the kind of financial domination expected from doms because subs get off being controlled, and money doesn’t always mean much to them but rather the feeling of being controlled by someone else.

The good thing about findom is that there is rarely, if ever, any physical contact between the dom and the sub, and if there ever is, it is always upon the demand of the dom and not the sub.

This makes the manipulation and money-draining that much more rewarding for the subs and that much easier for the doms, but there are still many ways to play with the relationship without physical contact.

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What Is A Debt Contract?

A debt contract is similar to a blackmail contract in that it is not enforceable. Essentially, the findom is creating fictitious loan paperwork.

Many Doms and enslaved people are entering into debt arrangements. They are essentially high-interest loans in which Doms make the rules, and subs are forced to obey them.

These contracts frequently begin with a retweet game or some other action resulting in a sub owing a Dom a rather big sum of money they cannot pay all at once.

What You Need

Get essential information such as your subs name, country of residence with address, their marital or relationship status, their occupation, their monthly salary along with itemized costs and expenses, etc.

Once you have received the information above and the $50+ tribute (you decide), you may create your own findom contract.

It will be personal and will make use of your own financial information. Long-term and short-term contracts are available.

The more debt you have and the more you pay, the more engagement the sub has with their dom. Many enslaved people like their findom contracts so much that they pay even more than the required sum.

How to Get Started

Consider the following or equivalent processes when creating a debt contract:

Calculate the amount owed to determine the interest rate and payment schedule (if applicable). Make it clear what penalties would be imposed for non- or late payments.

Finally, make it clear if there will be any incentives for paying off debt early. If a sub approaches you about doing a debt contract, keep a few things in mind.

Be wary of subs who want to chat about debt for hours yet aren’t fast to pay. Subs frequently discuss debt when they are hot, and they frequently avoid discussing it when they are not, and you’re not out here to provide community service.

Debt is a dream for many subs. Determine how you will respond if subcontractors breach their contracts and when the moment occurs, don’t do something dumb like completely cutting your sub off.

Debt contracts are only part of the Findom experience; they are not legally enforceable. Only use reliable pay pigs for your debt contracts.


Keep in mind that there are many various contracts available to you. You may create a contract around any shady issue you can think of.

They can lead to fans who serve or pay you in various ways. The most important thing you must do is monetize your contracts! It may be tempting to offer a free contract.

Consider it: a fan’s method to indicate interest in helping you and paying you. So you would wonder, why not give it away for free to gain more paying fans and subscribers?

There is a very excellent reason why you should not do this. Contracts essentially serve as a session for many of your followers. They even jerk off when it comes to filling them out and reading them.

Many of them do not have a genuine desire to help! They are more interested in filling out a contract and scoffing at the prospect of being your slave.

They frequently get enamored with the prospect of you owning or using them. They eventually get around to completing the contract, and then they’re through in.

Consider this: If you want them to assist you financially, they must demonstrate that purpose early on. As a result, you must ensure that fans always pay to gain access to your contracts or applications.

If they truly want to compensate you, they may do it upfront. Even if they aren’t genuine and are just looking for contacts, you should still be able to profit from your efforts.

A debt contract is an excellent illustration of something they should pay for before signing. It doesn’t even have to be a large sum, but that is all up to you.

Many people sign debt contracts because it is a turn-on. They have no plans to live up to it. To them, it’s more like a fun findom game.

As a result, you must receive some compensation for the experience you are offering. Some fans and finsubs, on the other hand, will be genuine. This is fantastic! In any case, you must be compensated.

Just keep in mind that it will be real for some fans/subscribers, while for others, it will be a game. This is not a negative thing because both are opportunities to generate money.

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Contracts are an excellent method to earn money while also selling content to your audience. They can assist you in meeting and even screening new people.

These are ways for a sub to express their desire to serve you. It’s one of the best methods to figure out what they’re up to and who they are. It might be an excellent approach to gain new followers.

In this manner, you may bring in fresh potential employees who would not have served or found you otherwise. Then you may decide whether or not you are interested.

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