Is Fansly Legit? Should you trust the platform?

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Fansly is similar to social media and is a content creator site. You can create content to target both high-budget and low-budget fans. Fans pay you to see the photos and video content that you post. You might wonder if Fansly is legit.

Fansly’s legitimacy is ambiguous. While the website is registered and has a domain name, it is not fully legit, according to reviews. There’s a possibility of credit card information stealing and a lot of fake profiles. The site is made to look a lot like OnlyFans.

Let’s dive into what Fansly is and why it is called a scam in detail.

What Is Fansly?

Fansly is a content creator site. When OnlyFans changed its rules banning adult content, Fansly grew popular due to its features and the freedom it offers content creators.

This content creator site lets you search for a creator and view their photos, videos, and any other content they offer. It’s a subscription-based platform with tiered charging.

When you want to view a creator’s content, you have to subscribe to it. However, Fansly lets you follow content creators for free for a limited period before you subscribe.

Another thing to note is, as a creator, you give a 20 percent cut to Fansly when you get a subscription. So, you pay money to make money on this platform.

Who Owns Fansly?

Fansly is an American website operated and owned by Select Media LLC. They are registered in Baltimore, Maryland. The moment OnlyFans banned sexually explicit content, Fansly claimed to receive over 4,000 content creator applications per hour.

Fansly garnered popularity amidst the pandemic. Its owner, Select Media, owns over 341 companies and generates over $253.83 million in sales.

Fansly was established in 2020 and had over 2.1 million users despite its ambiguous legitimacy.

Reviews Of Fansly

According to the reviews on WhichFanSite, Fansly has mixed reviews. As per the latest review, a user found Fansly disappointing because of the hidden charges, lack of content, and lack of care for the models on its site. 

In contrast, an earlier review on the same site found Fansly to be a good alternative for OnlyFans. The user found Fansly user-friendly, easy to control, and freedom to control access and visibility features helpful.

Pros And Cons Of Fansly

It might help you to know the overall pros and cons of Fansly before you decide to use this ambiguously legitimate site.


  • User-friendly for content creators
  • More freedom of control for content creators
  • Different subscription rates for users
  • Follow content for free before subscribing


  • Lacking content
  • Ambiguous legitimacy


Fansly is a new website established in 2020 similar to OnlyFans. You can sign up to create content or merely subscribe to content creators and view their exclusive videos and photos.

Our research shows that Fansly’s legitimacy is ambiguous. They are owned by Select Media and are registered, plus they have a domain name. However, they steal your credit card information and have random hidden charges and ingenuine content.

So, should you use this site, tread with caution.

Models: sign up for Fansly today by clicking here.

Fans: sign up for Fansly by clicking here.

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