Frisk.Chat vs Loyalfans: What Should You Use

When it comes to starting a premium fan club, the platform is everything. From how much you get paid & how often you get paid to what sort of content you can upload, it’s important to know what each platform has to offer. and Loyalfans are two of the biggest names in subscription sites. We’ll compare and contrast the two platforms in this article and give you a recommendation at the end.

But first, let’s learn more about each website. is a premium fan club platform that was created by and is run by sex workers with over 25 years of industry experience. Because they have an amazing team that knows and works in the industry, every feature and benefit is created and implemented with you in mind. at 80% payout percentage, has one of the highest in the industry.

Loyalfans is one of the newer premium social media platforms online after a rebranding and new website launch in early 2020. Loyalfanโ€™s features and tools include customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, audio recording, video and photo sharing, and more. The platform has a great payout structure at 80%. It has referral bonuses for model referrals and fan referrals, allowing models to earn when one of their fans subscribes to another model!

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two platforms so you can get a clear idea of which one would work for you. By the end of the article, you will know exactly which premium social media platform will help you grow a fan base, gain dedicated subscribers, and make a lot of money.

Ways models make money on and Loyalfans

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a platform to start uploading content on is how you’re able to make money. You don’t want to be committed to one and realize you can’t create a certain type of content or something. and Loyalfans both offer their unique blend of sales opportunities. offers multiple ways for content creators to make money including

  • Monthly subscription fee is from $4.99 to $44.99 with a built-in limited discount offer option
  • Pay per message up to $44.99
  • Getting paid for videos, pictures, and picture sets
  • Getting tipped
  • Referral program

how to make money on frisk

There are many ways models and influencers can earn from their content on LoyalFans, including

  • Monthly subscriptions between $1 and $50
  • Pay per message between $0.10 and $1,000
  • Single pictures & picture sets between $1 and $1,000
  • Single videos between $1 and $1,000
  • Voice messages between $1 and $1,000
  • A clip store where users can find their videos ๐Ÿค‘
  • Shoutouts where customers can request personalized videos video
  • Users can live stream with their fans
  • Phone calls ๐Ÿ“ž through the platform for security
  • Post tips for all their posts
  • Post scheduling to plan out their wall in advance
  • One of the best referral programs we’ve seen

how to earn money on loyalfans

Both platforms are great in their own right. They both offer standard options like subscriptions and pay per message. With a lower monthly subscription, Loyalfans is perfect for new models that may not have a large fan base that’s ready to pull their wallets out.

Payout rates & frequency for and Loyalfans

Easily the second most important aspect when choosing a platform is how much and how often you get paid. and Loyalfans both have top tier pay out rates, but how often differs between the two. Let’s see which one makes more sense for you. pays out 80% to its content creators with the other 20% going towards server costs, payment processing, customer support, research and development, and paying staff.

frisk payout percentage pays out on Mondays and you’re required to request a withdrawal before Monday in order to get paid. Your earnings will roll over week to week so you can build up your bank before making a withdrawal.

The minimum required to make a withdrawal is $100 and there is a 7-day window for the funds to clear before you can withdraw that amount.

when to get paid on frisk

LoyalFans pays out 80% to its content creators with the other 20% going towards regular website maintenance, paying staff, payment processing expenses, and any other business expenses.

loyalfans payout percentage

LoyalFans pays out twice per month with payment periods being the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through to the end of the month. All payouts will be delivered within 7 working days from the end of the payment period.

The minimum payout depends on your payout method:

  • ACH/Direct Deposit (U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada): $50
  • Paxum: $50
  • SEPA: $100
  • Wire Transfer: $150

loyalfans payout frequency

As you can see, Loyalfans pays on a consistent 1st and 15th as long as you meet he minimum requirements. Frisk allows you weekly payouts if you meet their higher minimum with the option to let the amount build up before taking a withdrawal.

If you have a large following and can easily clear the weekly minimums, Frisk is great if you want to get paid more often. Loyalfans has a lower minimum depending on the payment method but you can’t control when you get that money. Both options are great and it really depends on your following and how often you want to get paid.

Which platform helps models get more fans

For new models, joining a platform that helps you gain followers can really jump start your new revenue source. If you have a great following, some platforms have promotional methods that can skyrocket you to serious income. and Loyalfans both have ways of getting you more fans, let’s see which one makes sense for you. has one of the most functional searches we’ve seen, with the option to tag your profile with various features like tattooed, feet, BBW, or any other option you can think of. Users can sort by the newest models on the platform as well as filter by gender or couples.

The tag function can be edited in your settings and really allows for fans to find new models that fit what they’re looking for.

Once you reach 50 pieces of content on (a mix of photos and videos), you can reach out to and they’ll create a promotion video for you to share on social media. If you’re exclusive on they’ll add that in as well.

frisk promotion help

LoyalFans has a prominent “Top Creator” button on the menu bar that filters into a new section where fans can scroll infinitely through the newest members of the site.

They have a new “Video Store” button next to the “Top Creator” button where users can easily browse all clips for sale.

Their social media accounts are growing daily and they regularly promote their models and influencers. Because they’re a platform that is adult-friendly, they consistently showcase the hottest and highest performing models on the platform.

loyalfans promotional help’s search function and tag system is really powerful, especially when you set it up properly and really hit a niche’s needs. Both platforms allow users to browse the newest models on a platform as well, which has the potential to help new models out.

Which referral program is better

If you have a lot of friends that are looking to get into the industry, you could make a bit of money by referring them to either or Loyalfans. Let’s see which makes more sense for you.

The referral program offers you 5% of the subscription earnings of any model you have signed up for on the platform.

frisk referral program

The LoyalFans referral program is one of the best in the business. You receive 5% for every creator that you refer to Loyalfans (which doesn’t come from the model’s 80%). This lasts for the lifetime of a model.

In addition to the 5% for every creator you refer, you will also receive 5% for every customer you have signed up for and they spend on another model. This is one of the few fan club platforms that allows you to earn from fans that spend money on other content creators.

Making money from fans spending on other models while I sleep!

loyalfans referral program

As you can see, Loyalfans’ referral program is absolutely amazing in all aspects. Not only do you make 5% for every friend you refer, but for every fan you bring to the platform you’ll make money from them if they purchase any other model’s content. That is clutch once you start bringing people in and you can make money doing nothing!

Which should you use or Loyalfans

If you are a new model,’s search functionality could help you get discovered by your new fans. The payout frequency is great once you start earning regularly.

Loyalfans’ fan referral program is easily the best in the business. Once you start gaining fans regularly you’ll make money regardless of what you’re doing. That’s fantastic.

To learn more about and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining, click here to sign up, and start making money today.

For more information about

To learn more about Loyalfans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining Loyalfans, click here to sign up and start getting paid for your content today.

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