How to Search for People on OnlyFans

One of the most difficult parts of using OnlyFans is there not being any sort of discovery element on the platform. There’s no way to find new models, no way to find models similar to ones you follow, no random options, nothing.

That’s kind of a pain a major pain in the ass for both new models and fans looking to find new models. Not only does it not help new models get discovered but fans have to manually find new models to follow.

Since there is no great way to find people on OnlyFans, here are other options you can explore to find models.

Use a model directory

A model directory is a place that you can search for models based on what you’re looking for. Usually, users are able to filter based on categories or tags. Categories could be gender or what site they’re on. Tags are more like the models’ features or attributes that make them unique. Think something like tattoos, stacked, black or white, or BBW.

Cam Model Agency has its own model directory that’s ever-expanding and includes models from OnlyFans, Loyalfans, IsMyGirl, AVN Stars, and many other platforms.

Search for models right now by clicking here.

If you’re a model and want to be submitted to the directory, you can submit your information to our model submission page. We update the directory daily for all appropriate submissions.

Why would you want to submit yourself to a directory? Being discovered!

By entering your bio, image, and link into a model directory you have a chance to find new fans on autopilot outside of your already dedicated audience. Usually an OnlyFans model directory is free to submit your information into. Options to pay can come from being featured or showing up first on any list. If any directory makes you pay just for being listed, do some research before paying. They may be a scam.

Find a link on their social media

If the person you’re looking for is very public about their OnlyFans account, you can probably find a direct link on their social media profile. Instagram, Twitter, wherever they’re posting their spicy but safe for work content.

This is great if you know the model is open with their content.

If you’re a model, you should consider using something like Linktree or another external link tool. That way, you can use that link in all your bios across the internet and only need to change one place instead of your Instagram, Twitter, AVN Stars, Tik Tok, VSCO, or any other social media you use.

Use another website to follow models

If you aren’t looking for a specific model in mind, other platforms help out immensely if you’re looking for content. From actually showcasing their models to having explore pages to allowing you to search via tags, other platforms have model discovery down to a science.

One of those websites that we recommend is Loyalfans. There are perks for both fans and models, so check it out for sure.

Let’s be honest, the OnlyFans discoverability for models is atrocious.

One of the biggest complaints about OnlyFans is that there is no way for accounts to be browsed. If you’re not driving traffic to your page, you’re not being discovered. This can be a major blow to brand new models that may not already have a large social media following.

But we do have good news for you! You may opt to use our own promotion service where you can promote your page on. Just visit to get started!

If you’re set on using OnlyFans, consider entering your information into a directory. If you have just started, there are plenty of alternatives that could work better for you.

To learn more about OnlyFans and read a full overview and review of the platform, click here. If you’re interested in joining OnlyFans, click here to sign up and start earning money today.

More information about OnlyFans:

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